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    All young players seem like they have unlimited potential. I remember some of the very same sentiments 7-8 years ago when Gordon and Fourier and Harris were young. Players got better elsewhere after leaving the Magic because they had better teams to play with, and sometimes better coaching. You cannot fall into the trap of not making moves to better the team because of fear that one or another player that you trade away will become a star. That is a recipe for stagnation. There is no reason to believe that the current group of young players (excluding our draft picks, since we don’t know who they will be) will amount to something great or even good. All options need to be on the table if something good presents itself.
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    Bamba straight to work with Coach https://twitter.com/OrlandoMagic/status/1415345602582433796?s=20
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    9 days until the draft. It can't get here quick enough. You better believe that regardless of what I've said all year and even how I might react on draft night I will no doubt talk myself into whoever we pick by the end of the weekend after the draft.
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    I’m not sure I understand why taking Suggs at 5 in this stage of the rebuild means anything at all for the guard group in general. I heard skepticism about taking Suggs at 5 on a podcast this week and I don’t understand it. We don’t know anything about the long-term feasibility of Markelle, Cole, or RJ at this point. Kelle is coming back from a major injury, Cole could peak as a microwave guy, and RJ has an immense spectrum of outcomes. We are not even close to a point of passing on talent simply because we have other guys who play guard. If Suggs falls to 5, you draft him and evaluate the players over the coming years to decide who gets extended and who doesn’t.
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    Perhaps the greatest gift of this "rebuild" is not getting new players but a new coach. Time will tell...
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    I really like this answer, especially the part about playing with space and the pass. We have seen way too much one on one ball hogging leading to low percentage shots while the rest of the team stands around doing nothing. If he really means to put a stop to that, that’s a big step in the right direction from my standpoint.
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    Haha, I don’t doubt it. I’d bring Dwight and CP3 to Orlando next season just for the humor
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    Thrilled with this hire! I don't think we could have done any better. I wanna see him tell Le Bron to go F himself again!
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    Congrats to the Bucks! What a great series!
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    So at 5 and 8 we take two guys who are athletes and defensive standouts but not reliable scorers? That might work on a team that has some shooters but I don’t know that it would work well for us
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    I hate this from the NBA because honestly I think the Suns will lose tonight. But I really don't want to be talking about Scott Foster if it happens. Of course you could look at this the other way. Foster makes some questionable calls tonight in favour of the Suns. Its the perfect opportunity to discredit the idea that Foster has an agenda against Paul and on top of that the NBA gets that very lucrative game 7.
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    I don’t think I’ve been this excited for a head coaching hire since Stan Van Gundy. The more I read, I believe he’s exactly what we need and feels a lot like the early days of Doc Rivers.
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    I personally don’t have a problem of trading our “core” of the last several years, as I don’t believe they would have ever been truly competitive (even with Vooch as an “all-star”). I also have no issue playing young guys like Wagner over average guys like Bacon. What I DO have an issue with is letting the team play selfish and bad basketball without accountability (e.g. Anthony at times). Given all of the change, I give Cliff some grace, but he was responsible for the team culture. Edit - This is also the reason Atkinson would have been a good fit, as he found a way to inspire and develop young players in Brooklyn that needed a second chance.
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    Of course there is an answer. I agreed with the moves we made. Right afterwards we made efforts to be competitive and we played very well on a tough West Coast road trip. After that, at some point a decision was made to go in a different direction, play a lot of development league players, and not be competitive. This was done to avoid winning “meaningless” games as you and others called for constantly. That is tanking. In my opinion it hindered the development of our team. Players hopefully will never “phone it in” but they develop a mindset where they expect to lose and don’t trust their teammates. All of this is conducive to more losing basketball in the future. Tanking can easily beget more losing and more tanking, unless you get extremely lucky in the draft, and even that is far from a guarantee of turning things around. To develop a team properly, you need to try to win every single game. The “heart and hustle” team is a good example of how that approach can create the right foundation for winning in the future.
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    If I’m a new coach looking for an opportunity, a team that has had 4 different coaches in the past 5 years isn’t desirable
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    Someone may have posted this already but what are the wingspans of our coaching candidates?
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    Wonder if it's the same kind of 'serious candidate' as Penny or actually a serious candidate lol
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    We have to somehow break the mold of drafting people that we hope will learn to shoot. There are players out there that can already put the ball in the basket and we need some of those!
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    It bodes well for me. It means he has a serious chip on his shoulder. And is hungry to prove people who don't believe in him wrong.
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    I agree with this. Didn't he also say that "in a few years, he'd love to go to the NBA but it isn't now." Doesn't that just tell the people at Memphis...you're just a stepping stone? lol I'm super glad he's staying.
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    CP3 is not suddenly bad or in a slump, he only has pesky Holiday on him. Jrue stats could be MEH sometimes, but what he adds to the team is not only measured by that. A season ago a lot of people was surprised by the price paid by the Bucks for getting him, and was expectin an even larger package for Vuc... clearly the league and FO's has a different vision, one of those two players has incredible stats, All-Star appareances, but isn't going to make you win important games. The other one does.
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    I think this is a valid concern. With that said, I think the other side of the coin is equally legitimate. Meaning — there are only 30 NBA HC jobs with, generally, 2-5 openings each year (a couple more this year, admittedly). With that sort of scarcity, and no guarantee that the openings in the near future would be great jobs either — what if it’s Kings, Rockets, etc next year? — there is a case to be made that any job should be grabbed immediately in this league, if offered to you. Word on the street was that Clifford was counting on the Indy or Milwaukee job. Now he’s in the unemployment line waiting for his next big break. It is an interesting discussion. I can see validity on both sides. Edit: and you did qualify it with “those who might have other options”. That’s really the crux of the matter here, for sure. Some folks can likely safely wait, others should probably dive in.
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    Sabotaging your team for picks does not work. Even if you get the top pick, you have no support around him, and they leave off to greener pastures by the time the team is able to recover enough to be able to put any sort of help around them. Look at LeBron's original Cleveland run. Look at Anthony Davis. Look at literally any top pick over the past decades, and you see the same story. Team gets a high pick, has nothing to surround said pick with, if it's the rare generational changing player like AI or LeBron, *maybe* that player can carry the team to a grain of post-season relevance, but there isn't enough support around the player to get over the top, and they bail off where they can actually make a difference for a team that actually tried. Tanking doesn't work not because it's bad to have a high pick, but because in order to get the top pick, your team has to be completely void of any semblance of supporting talent. All tanking does it put the franchise into a Tracy McGrady style situation where it's one guy carrying the weight of an entire franchise until finally the weak foundation gives, the player leaves to a better situation, and the franchise is right back to where they started, with nothing to show for it except perhaps a fleeting window of a couple years where they were a playoff team. Championship teams are not built through tanking. Never have been, and never will be. You can make all the excuses you want for "small market" this, and "small market" that, but the fact remains, it does not work. It is a failing philosophy, and while down periods are a natural course of the ebbs and flows of professional sports, intentional sabotage of your own franchise in an attempt for a top pick is a philosophy that should never be attempted by any franchise that has any desire to ever be a competent franchise.