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    obvious best scenario for us is we get #1 the next two picks are the Minny, Houston then any team but chicago for #4 that way wherever they were on the scale based on record become ours anything from 5-14 - we just dont want them getting more losses - 10 is actually the best spot for us. they would have a slightly over 10% chance of getting a top 4 but if not giving us a decent chance to package #10 with our pick if we arent #1. Them at 8 is 25% chance for a top 4 and that is to much. I'm not a fan of this new revision to the draft. Your odds should be calculated for this season win loss and modified by the last 5 years of records (weighted) and weighted based on previous picks in the last 5 years (for ex a year you should have received the #1 pick but did not pick #1 and picked #3 that would be weighted higher then if you had picked #2 that year) This would eliminate a team having a super bad year after having gone to the finals, either because they traded away talent or had an injury, from being heavily favored from receiving #1 pick as it would take into account previous years. but it wouldnt preclude them either. it just would help reduce things like the SanAntonio/Duncan Draft or a few of the other weird things over the last few years.
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    Dare we say, you’d be Giddey about it?
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    Worst injury luck, most snakebit BS season ever. Don’t know what we did to deserve it, but this is out of control... thoughts out to DC, just not fair man... Also, shoutout to Mo.. the wherewithal and the compassion for his teammate to be there for him right away and to take off his jersey and shield Cannady from his open fracture shouldn’t go unnoticed.
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    Thursday, April 22, 2021 Amway Center - Orlando, FL TV: Bally Sports Florida 25-33, 4th in Southwest Div. | 18-40, 5th in Southeast Divi. TMF'S MESSAGE FROM THE TEAM TO US (THE FANS)
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    Nevermind.... they’re getting spanked in Cleveland (sounds like my bachelor party). 42-18 early in the 2nd
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    Hello all! I’ve been lurking since I got logged out of my account since like 2016, but I’m actually really excited enough with this fresh start to look up my password and get back in. I’m really liking these young guys. Hopefully this time we will keep enough competent veteran presence around to keep them on track, and have some lotto luck. Good to be back
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    In what is truly some kind of miracle Devin Cannady didn't break any bones or tear any ligaments. It was an open dislocation. That is... Unbelievable. Hopefully the recovery time for him won't be as long now.
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    WCJ is one of Zach Lowe's ten things this week: "Few young players have developed as unevenly as Carter did over parts of three seasons with the Chicago Bulls. Injuries and organizational chaos undid any progress. As one skill rose, another would inexplicably vanish. He played for three head coaches who asked wildly different things from him. But all along, he had the ingredients of a serviceable two-way starting center, and he looks reinvigorated with the Orlando Magic. Carter is averaging almost 14.5 points on 58% shooting -- up from 11 points and 51% with the Bulls -- but his disposition matters more than the numbers. Orlando Carter is aggressive. He's hoisting pick-and-pop jumpers when he should, and stepping into 3s with confidence. He has vowed to do that before, and it has rarely stuck. Perhaps it will now -- in a new place, under a new coach in Steve Clifford, and with no real stakes. He's hunting handoff opportunities, setting two, three, four rapid-fire screens within the same possession. Carter flashed some post-up brutality in Chicago, and has tapped into that more with the Magic. He's beasting switches, and even hammered a coast-to-coast dunk against the Hawks this week. Can this sustain? Skeptics in Chicago might say no. But consider this: Carter turned 22 last week."
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    I don’t mean this game specifically, I mean the disturbing trend of 30-40 point losses we’ve been having lately. Those add up. We don’t want to get stuck with the same loser mentality that sets us back another decade that the last guys had.
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    Don’t know how this is showing us any sort of lesson, all it’s doing is killing confidence. Nobody on a team improves from a game like this
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    Bulls lose, Raptors win, Wizards win, Kings/Wolves starts soon. Bulls pick sits at 8 right now. Seeing how everything is shaking out I don’t see anyway it doesn’t fall somewhere in the 7 - 11 range. They’re 3 games behind the Pacers to put it to 12 and 3 games ahead of the Cavs to put it to 6 with 14 games left to go. 12 of the Bulls last 14 games are against current playoff teams.
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    Nobody is born a great shooter. And nobody is saying they learn how to shoot 10 years into their career. But plenty of players have developed as shooters over the first few years of their careers.
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    There’s a reason that no one seems to have a bad night against us anymore. We’re playing really bad defense. The lack of effort is evident with all the second chance points we’ve been giving up. It’s the kind of thing you see with a demoralized team and unfortunately it’s a steppingstone to developing losing habits.
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    This a great post, something is really wrong with the NBA. In theory, they did fix the lottery, the odds do not support long term losing. However so many teams are still really bad or trying to lose like OKC. Even in 2016,2017 the Magic were playing hard every night, we all saw the games. I want to apologize for any personal attacks in my previous posts. This season has just really made me dislike the sport at the moment. Not even watching the games, but i still have hope for the team and the NBA. I'll check in again around the playoffs. Go Magic.
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    The defensive potential of a starting lineup of Kelle/GH/Chuma/JI/WCJ is really really exciting. Also can’t wait to see how Wendell plays with a real point guard when Markelle gets back, he’s never had even average PG play before to unlock his potential
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    I’m here to give Carter Jr. mad props. I had virtually no expectations for that guy when we traded for him, but he’s proving to be fantastic. It’s crazy how competent he is on both ends of the floor... and he’s only 21-years-old! WeltHam fleeced Chicago in that trade, and I’m excited about our future.
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    If anyone listens to our local sports radio station,96.9,Marc Daniels made a great point yesterday. He was talking about the Suns. Obviously he mentioned how they traded for CP3 and they might end up with the best record this year. But he went back to how they were a bad team who drafted poorly except they finally hit on some picks. Four of them he mentioned. Ayton,Booker,Bridges and Johnson. He loved pointing out that the most important "hit" was also the lowest in the lottery, that was Booker at 13. I think his point is that wherever you are in the lottery you have to take a good player, that's it. Now Booker was a steal at 13 but the other 3 guys can play. Ayton is second in win shares from that draft right now to Luka. Is he a star? No, far from it but he does what they drafted him to do. Bridges and Johnson are still on rookie deals which allowed them to fit CP3. They also moved on from Bender and Josh Jackson when they realized they were mistakes.
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    I had no idea why you were asking me that and then I read back my post and now I understand because all the unconnected thoughts one after the other totally make it seem like I'm insane haha
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    Damn Miami are losing to the Bulls!
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    Exciting game! When I predicted a Chuma game before that 1-12 stinker against NO, this is the one I was actually talking about lol
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    Green could be the foundational piece for the Magic to build around, adding to an already stellar young core, and giving Orlando an identity and presence they’ve been desperately missing. He projects as a two-guard at the next level but at 6-foot-6 and sporting a wiry 180-pound frame currently, Green has the size to play the three for the Magic and will grow into his frame more as he gets older. With the ninth selection after they select Green in this scenario, I think Orlando would be wise to target Florida State forward Scottie Barnes, Michigan forward Franz Wagner, or even Duke forward Jalen Johnson. All three would address various needs and issues the Magic have currently, plus they all have the ability to be swing forwards in my opinion, and could be great compliments at the four next to Carter Jr. in potential small-ball lineups for Orlando. Both selections would also give the franchise more incentive and flexibility in moving on from Porter Jr. and Ennis III this summer. A draft-day haul of Green and any of the aforementioned three wing players would right the demons of the Magic’s recent draft blunders. https://sircharlesincharge.com/2021/04/23/orlando-magic-rebuild-different/
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    IMO a good start would be to draft players that can already shoot rather than ones with long wingspans that we hope we can teach to shoot.
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    What if you just dropped the teams with the worst two records to the G league? That might get their attention.
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