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    There is a guy on our team that is shooting 50% from 3 and over 90% at ft line. And seems to really have turned a corner mentally and plays the guard position. But for some inexplicable reason our brilliant coach has decided to hardly play the kid this year. SMDH. Free RJ !!!!!!!!!!!!
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    SGA instead of Bamba, Mitchell instead of Isaac. We passed on Kuzma, josh hart and Derrick white the 3 picks before we selected Iwundu. Gary Trent Jr was staring us in the face but we took Melvin Frazier who is worse version on Iwundu the second rounder the year before. Sold our second rounder to lakers in 2021, players like Herb Jones, Ayo dosumnu available at that pick. Sold the pick before we even had a clue who was gonna still be available. Instead we roll out two way players like Harris, Schofield, Brazdeikis, Gravett, Briscoe, bacon etc instead of having a swing on a second round prospect with some actual upside.
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    Banchero already ruled out for tonight. I’m gonna be honest y’all, I’m struggling this season. I’m not local to Orlando anymore so I spend up for league pass to be able to watch my lifelong team play. I try to tune in to as many games as I can, I’ve done it my whole life. But the team knowingly and willingly putting out an inferior product on the court time after time with no clarity is getting to disrespectful levels to the fanbase. Isaac hasn’t played in over 2 years, Fultz is being held out even though we’ve heard he’s healthy straight from the source, Paolo is the latest where he seemed to be progressing and practicing and now all of a sudden he can’t play. I understand that tanking has been our directive for years, but right now I feel as if we have the talent to compete, we’re just choosing not to. So incredibly frustrating.
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    How many games has our injured list looked better than our starters if they played each other? SMDH!
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    Can't actually believe we won this one. Franz is so good man, he's an All Star sooner than later. He's been kind of overlooked because of how generational Paolo has been right off the bat.
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    I see what you did--"reverse psychology". The Mavericks died at the hands of the Magic. hahaha!
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    I’m happy that offense doesn’t seem to be our issue anymore but I’m concerned these last few games about how bad our team defense has been. Our lineups are HUGE compared to others and we should be swarming on defense. Cant win games when we consistently give up 120+ PPG…
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    Breaking News on our mystery boys
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    That was the first full magic game that I've watched in 6 years. Whatan excellent showcase of new talent. Its unfortunate that we have burden of a corrupt medical staff, Adventhealth. If it comes down to a major injury, Magic players would take 3 -fifths of their contract to comeback from injury.
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    We have 1 PG in Fultz. With him out we have none. If we don't make a move to get some kind of PG help then it's obvious that we are tanking.
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    Are you kidding? This is the Magic we’re talking about. Every injury is a state secret.
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    Which still hasn’t translated to wins and we’ve had more injuries than any team in the league the past 2-3 seasons. So all of that means nothing if you aren’t winning basketball games and putting a competent product out on the floor that people are willing to watch play. How many lottery picks do we currently have on our team and yet we can’t even break 25 wins? That should tell you all you need to know…. I’m not denying we have some nice pieces but the way this FO is handling these injuries and all the secrecy behind it is laughable.
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    Getting the number one pick who is putting up Hall of Fame stats. Trading Vuch for Carter Jr, Wagner and another pick this year. By the way Chicago isn’t looking great so far. That pick looks really good today.
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    Could say the same thing for last 8 years. Our two way use has been horrific. This FO has to go.
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    My whole reason for not wanting banchero in the first place, was I did not think he was projected as a 3-point shooter... People pushed back and said look at his 32% three-point shot in college. If you looked at his game stats there were many games where he went 0-4 or 0-5 from three.. then there were games where he went 4-5 or 2-2... There were many more games where he had zero then Great games and that can just take you out of an offense in the NBA. It was my reasoning for backing jabari, though I'm glad to be wrong as a overall pick. I think jabari next to Franz and Wendel would have been a perfect spot of shooter for us. He definitely could have been a Rashard Lewis 19-20 point guy with basically threes in a couple driving... But looking back now in hindsight Paulo is the better pick.
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    We should win this game. Some of the Suns' key players are out--Chris Paul, J. Crowder, and C. Johnson
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    Good win! Strong defense on Luka. On to the next one
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    I didn't watch but been watching highlights and boxscore and stuff this morning. Baffling we won this game honestly. The Warriors absolutely torched us from 3 and we had 5 more turnovers than them. For the first time in such a long time getting to the FT line a bunch was the difference for this Magic team (even though we only shot them at 70%). Glad to see Suggs bounce back from his rough game. I stand by the statement that it seems improbable he won't be a winning basketball player in his career. Plays too damn hard, has a solid feel for the game. On nights like this when the jumper is falling you get the feeling that if he can do that consistently he's got at least 1 all star game in his future. Chuma Okeke's shooting is the difference between his next contract being for 6mil a season or 16mil a season. Hopefully this game gives him confidence. I like Kevon Harris. Paolo was 1 assist away from winning me a lot of money :( (I had Magic win + Paolo: over 20.5 points, over 7.5 rebounds, under 1.5 3 pointers and over 3.5 assists)
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    I was just wondering cause i cant help being a part of the problem. I sold tonights game and the Lakers in Dec, and i'm already a 1/4 of the way to renewal. If we keep competing and not looking like a bad team this year will hopefully end with me attending about 15-18 games and selling the other 23-26 and breaking even.
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    Suggs is feeling it on both ends!
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    Soul loves Bol Bol ❤️
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    Harris/Suggs/RJ/Chuma/Bamba It's probably the dumbest line up ever. And they cost us a 2-14 run. Ouch.