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    Just showing Terrence Ross some appreciation. The guy is legitimately one of the best shooters in the league
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    I want to tip my hat to Vuc tonight for actually playing defense. He finished with 3 blocks and I saw him leave the ground a handful of times which is very uncommon. Great overall team win!
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    This feels different. At no point in the previous 8 or so years would we have won that game. The bench really fought. Markelle was clutch in the 4th after being lackluster in the first half. MCW, Cole, Clarke, Birch. Those guys were all crucial tonight. EDIT: Also TRoss obviously.
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    Lets win this for Kelle and every single one of us send all the positive thoughts we can the young man!!
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    What have we done to deserve this. Now let’s just Trade for picks, play Bamba and Cole 30 mins a night. Why not
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    I'm glad you brought up Curry. He's the type of player we don't have and dream of having. Winning championships or scratching for an 8th seed he makes his team worth watching. And Curry's brother, despite being limited and having flaws is elite at something. And despite being cheap and moving from team to team, still a player the Magic cannot acquire. The truth is as we waited for that perfect draft pick, that savior franchise player to fall in our laps, we didn't do anything. We didn't even acquire medium level talent to help them. The original Dwight and JJ trades were very successful. We dodged a bullet the first draft by taking Oladipo, there were so many complete busts in that draft. The biggest problem was not getting even a middle of the road veteran point guard during the entire rebuild and not putting the right power forward next to Vooch. In my humble opinion the last time this franchise was on the right track was when Henny tried to get Paul Millsap but just missed out. At least that was a plan. He was very good the next four years, maybe they see a good base. Maybe they try to trade Elfrid,Evan,Gordon or picks for that star Point Guard. And this was just one of the mistakes.The other huge problem was not zagging when things went wrong. Everyone knows the Dipo trade and Biyombo signing were disasters.However the biggest mistake was not fully rebooting right then and there. We probably would have been just bad enough to draft one of the franchise altering players. By hanging on we were just good enough to look awful for half of every season, outside our hot streaks. It's maddening.
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    Curry is pure greatness... The best shooter EVER 62 Off 30 shots. Insane!!
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    Everyone take a deep breath. If we’re still playing like this around the deadline, I believe we’ll choose a direction and split this crew up.
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    For people who do not watch Magic games would think he is really great. But he is bad on defence, he either leaves his man open for a alley ops dunks or lets a guard to make easy layups, for most of the time he can’t guard pick and roll at all! He is constantly stuck in the middle guarding no one. And on offence when we need him he often misses open shots in the lane or open jumpers, free throws, like 6 in a row in the 4th vs Heat.
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    The magic double down on mistake after mistake after mistake. Tobias trade was a mistake. It's ok we really, really needed a point guard. Elfrid was a project and should have been protected by spending for a real interim, quality guard...16-18 million dollars per year. it happens, no problem. Trying to turn Oladipo into a point guard, mistake and relying on Ridnour and Watson, big mistake. Move forward, Marble,Napier,Smith...is this a joke? Drafting Mario, eh everyone does this. I still don't get it but like everyone else i feel like the entire franchise understands some busts are just busts. Moving forward to the big stuff. Look, nobody understands the Oladipo trade and the Biyombo signing. This is very unique, highly controversial stuff. We chose Evan, i get that, the trade with OKC was Likely and inside job, no need to include the pick. However still not ridiculous, until we include these facts. We did not sign Ibaka, why sign Biyombo? Ok still awful. Management screwed up. Why was Vucevic not traded? Awesome value at that time. Season played out and i guess some could say thank god we didn't trade Vucevic. Except if we did we surely would have be so awful the next two years to get one of those franchise players we coveted. Move forward. Isaac was a project but really was the best pick at the time. Gordon was no All-star, Vooch was Vooch, Evan was about to have his best year. Why the ***** did we draft Bamba? Because 75 out of 100 websites said we should? Let's go back in time. Yes we just missed out on a top 3 draft pick because of literally one win. The draft happens, we draft the third best center and if you want to project big men not centers, the fourth best projected big man. Meanwhile the entire fan base is hoping we draft a point guard. Yeah i get it we didn't get Trea. Turns out the next two point guards in the draft worked out. Why the ***** did we draft Bamba? Because we were looking for the next Shaq? He was already off the board or never on the board. We drafted Bamba because he was safe. Our gm's didn't pick him the consensus did! TL;DR ***** our non watching games, soft Gms's. This is the one year when everyone can see people in charge are not always competent.
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    Wouldn’t it have been better to just draft the guy and let him play for us? Oh wait... lol
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    Great to hear Vuc say they're not happy with how they played. That's important because they're going to have to play a lot better than that to get anything against the 76ers next time out.
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    Love your dedication. I’m in Florida and I’m thinking this 8pm tip is late haha.
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    Can safely say we have a top 3.. 6th man in the league with confidence. If not number 1
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    Don't let a hot streak cloud your judgement. Last year his TS% was 54.8%, which was good for #9 on the team and #133 in the league. The 54.8% was slightly above his career average of 54.3%. For comparison, Fournier's career TS% is 56.5%, Steph Curry is 62.3%, and Duncan Robinson is 67.7%.
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    And the best part is he chose to stay with us to finish what he started. Will always love T-Ross for what he has done and will continue to do. Would be nice to have a player retire from the Magic for a change instead of trading them away.
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    We need to start making individual game threads I think
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    Caught up with the game this morning. Markelle is awesome. Vuc rolls out of bed and puts up a double double. He wasn't particular great through most of the game and still had 22 and 17. Fun game. This is possibly the least I've ever worried about the development of a pair of rookies. Even Okeke who isn't putting up impressive numbers or doing anything that stands out I just think you can tell by the small things he does that he understands the game and when he catches on to the speed of the NBA I think he'll make big strides. And Cole just looks unshakable. He turns it over and misses shots but he just comes right back up the floor the next possession with the same belief and determination. Very exciting.
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    If Vuc shows up in the 4th we beat them...
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    Wow just read all the post's Fultz missing for season is going to end us. I like that we are play competitively at the moment but injuries are mounting up!
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    Look at the difference this half. Totally different player. Edit: 4 points, 6 assists, 0 turnovers by Fultz in the 3rd quarter.
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    This is such a bizarre game. It feels like we're going through the motions.
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    What a dreadful start. No energy. No effort.
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    Apparently if Vuc makes 9 baskets tonight he'll become the franchise all time leader in field goals made.