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    Look, I'm not going to sit here and pretend that my lack of patience with this teams offense over the past 5 years isn't leading me to want Young #1 overall or Doncic, we need an initator, but if I were more patient and put that aside and through the scope of Isaacs defense since he's come back, one could do a lot worse than drafting JJJ. If JI is a mold, JJJ fits that mold as well and I'd enjoy watching every moment of those two develop. He's not a media darling and you've got to be a real basketball head to sell yourself on him cause his stats aren't through the roof but neither were Isaacs. Defensively you'd have a windmill on the perimeter and one in the paint with the ability for either to switch out. Pair them with AG, who I see as a 2/3rd option scoring wise on an elite team. I see his potential as a secondary ball handler taking over the role that Evan has. So I'm here scouting these guys and it's exciting imagining building this team but eventually you have to drop an engine in youe car, the piece that will get the vehicle running right and every piece optimal. We NEED an offensive initiator and elite 3 point scoring threat. We NEED a player that warps the floor and has so much gravity that a coach should be able to draw up simple and effective plays. Doncic maybe an elite offensive initator but he's not going to average more than 23 a night in his prime, not likely. I hate to cap young guys because I believe so much in the human will in general but for the sake of projections and arguments, that's my take. Ayton, Bamba, Bagley, JJJ someone has to give those guys the ball. Some people complain about Aaron's shot selection, imagine if he was playing to his strengths, getting easy buckets off back door cuts and constantly cutting baseline. Elfrid was not an elite passer or the most creative passer . He was decent at driving and kicking and could make the occasional lob from the top of the key but rarely was he making assists from the perimeter because the defender was always sagging and disrupting those lanes. Imagine a player that wouldn't be overwhelmed but double or triple teams and play calm and make passes to the open man in pressure situations. Imagine a guy that doesn't have to drive all the way to the freaking baseline before making the assist. Imagine this player also has elite handles and can get his shot off faster than almost anyone in the league and make them at a really really good clip. Having a player like that in your rebuild helps your style of play so much and make a so many guys that much more efficient. I'd take that guy over a guy who in a vacuum might be a better player but doesn't make his teammates better, more efficient or allow more flexibility with youe overall roster. That is why right now today in this draft I want Trae Young freshman point guard from Oklahoma. The first player to lead the NCAA in scoring and assists for the season. The same player who tied the single game record with 22 assists to players who Id be surprised if they ever made a summer league roster. a player who's upside is as high as anyone's in the draft, an initator who played like he was taking middle schoolers to the varsity game. People want to talk about how Steph Curry changed the NBA but the genesis of this style came with Steve Nash on the Phoenix suns in the 2000s. Young modeled his game after Nash, Lillard, and Curry. This new NBA style isn't something that just happened overnight, it's the flagship scheme for analytics departments around the league. The Portland Trail blazers roster is well known to be INFERIOR outside of Lillard and Mcculum but they can compete with other teams because they try to get everyone shooting the 3 ball. It's why guys like Allen Crabbe make decent money and why Otto Porter makes darn near max money. There's no reason in my mind not to take a shot on Trae Young. He doesn't have to be a curry to make this team a lot better, he just has to be himself. He's a similar engine type in a draft filled with diesels. I gotta swing for the outlier.
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    And we haven’t seen enough of Vuch and Biyombo to recognize that they aren’t our future either? Nor are they helping us much in the present. At least the Magic are a heck of a lot more fun to watch when they’re all feeding off Birch’s energy. And on offense, Birch is like Duncan when compared to Biyombo. Have you seen any of Biyombo’s line drive jumpers recently?
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    Frank, we need a play A what? A play, Frank. For offense. Oh, crap. Give it to Aaron. There's 3 guys on him. Give it to Aaron.
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    "what the hell ref? he was running so fast! call something!"
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    He probably owns Vuch and Simmons in his fantasy league.
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    I read this last night and thought it was an interesting read: https://chicago.suntimes.com/sports/bulls-tanking-nba-history/ There are two main arguments. First, since the lottery was instated in 1985 only two teams have won the NBA championship with their number one pick: Spurs (David Robinson and Tim Duncan) and Cavaliers (LeBron James and Kyrie Irving). The second argument was that since 1985 teams have finished with 25 or fewer wins on 137 occasions. Of those teams only the Spurs (1997/1999 title), Heat (2003/2006), Celtics (2007/2008), Cavs (2011/2016) and Warriors (2012/2015) have turned it around and won a title within five years. He discounts the Celtics as draft related because theirs was more about the trades for Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. So since 1985 tanking has a 4-132-1 record. Ultimately he concludes that just because some organisations draft high doesn't mean they get it right or that they go on to have success, most don't. However, the good teams manage to find franchise changing talent regardless of where they are picking in the draft. Essentially it confirms what I have argued on here in recent weeks, that we shouldn't be obsessed about tanking to get the first overall or second overall pick. We should value the development of our younger players on this roster and if that results in a few wins that leaves us picking 4th or 5th or 6th - so be it. The best teams in this league don't tend to line up multiple 1st and 2nd overall draft selections. Besides, this year there isn't a LeBron James or Kevin Durant. There isn't even an Andrew Wiggins. So while I don't dispute the value of a top five pick in this year's draft, what I would say is that for our team to rebuild successfully we are going to need to do more than pick in the top few. The front office needs to be smarter in their scouting to ensure we get those franchise changing players wherever they pick. They also need to be smarter in free agency and with the trades they make. The coaching staff needs to be better at developing our young talent to make sure they achieve their potential. For me, rebuilding this team takes more than a top pick. It is not that simple. This team does need to continue to add talent, but that talent doesn't necessarily have to be the first or second guy off the board to change the direction of this team.
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    Will be there with my son. Celebrating his 6th birthday with a surprise Magic game!
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    I'm going to fully sell myself on any player we take in the top 10, I can't continue to worry about this draft...
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    What? And give up Vuch??
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    *We have the worst team in the league* Fixed.
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    Jordan played in an era when the east was actually good. His first title came through young ewing, Barkley, and tail end of his prime magic Johnson. The second title came through a really good Knicks team, a mark price Larry nance Cavs team, and a drexler blazers team. Third title came through a Dominique Wilkins, Willis, Blaylock hawks team, the Knicks, the Cavs, and Barkley phoenix team. Fourth was mourning heat, prime ewing, the Shaq penny magic, and the kemp Payton Sonics Fifth title went through the Howard Webber Strickland wizards, the heat, the hawks, and Malone Stockton Thats not nothing
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    The way I rate players nowadays is strictly based on a team context. I don't care about your stats if your teammates are miserable around you
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    The last player you praised ended up being shipped out so I hope that trend continues
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    Have YOU see him play? That is the main reason we need to play him more.. I am looking forward to see him playing next to Isaac and Gordon. See what we have with the trio defensively. Who knows, our transition offense can improve as well. I just want to see that. 2 years ago we had a very similar guy in our roster and we let him go. Birch is till 25 years old and think his potential is even greater. I am not saying he is a starting star quality Center but it is better to play him at this point than continue use Vuch and Biz. I do agree that Vuch is much better than him Offensively. But, again, I am intrigued and looking forward to see what we have in him playing next to Isaac and Gordon. Is that too much to ask? You keep bringing Mario Situation over and keep comparing players. But we were all in the same situation with Mario and his development and playing time. The reason with Mario was not playing was that, according to some, he needed to mature and slow down his game a little. Well, he did that with playing time. Now, he is likely gone next year. Birch is 25 and is mature enough to get some burn. We are failing him by not playing him. If he doesnt play to our expectetion, as long as he get enought consistent playing time, I will be the firs one her to accept his failure and we can move on. I just need to see it.
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    Birch vs Carter at Power Foward hahahahaha what a time to be alive......
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    Birch >> Biyombo >>>> Vuc Vuc is a net atrocity to this team.
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    We have that guy sitting at the end of the bench.
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    Yeah, but what do Lakers fans who watched last night's game think? Need their opinions first.
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    Coincidence or not? Loool
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    I like Trae Young but he has some things to work on---T/O being one of them, proving he can play NBA defense another What I like is he is a good shooter and he is aggressive to a fault. While he has 5.2 T/O per game he also has 8.9 assists per game. Simmons in college had 3.4 T/O per game on 4.8 assists per game. I do not think it is a bad team that is causing Young's T/O's but I think Young is probably trying to be too fancy, thread the needle, trying to make a play when it is not there when he should not do that I think it is easier to fix that than teach someone had to have higher assists IMHO.
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    What I don't understand and what I don't like is how the Magic are blamed for AG's development or current issues. I'm pretty sure I read back when we were trying him at SF that it was mostly him that wanted it because he thought he could be a legit 3. Now with all his step back jumpers and ISO's it's the Magic's fault it's happening? To me it looks like it's what Aaron wants, I think he see's himself as developing into this Melo type player (not saying he should, but that's what he's striving for, he said he wants to be great, I don't think setting a lower bar for himself is something he would do. He may end up being more of a Marion then Melo, but at this point of his career and this age I think AG wants to shoot for the stars.) And all this ball handling and step back jumpers are killing his career but for Oladipo they are what gave him the tools to become an all-star? Imagine how good AG would be if his handles improved and he could create for himself and become a real ISO threat? He'd be pretty special I think. He will never get there if he doesn't try though. He may never get there but I sure as hell won't be complaining about him trying when we are playing meaningless games to end this season. To say Dipo had natural abilities and looked better on the ball compared to AG at the same age, that's a given considering their natural position and height and amount of time in high school/college where they played on the ball. I think AG's growth potential is huge, higher than Dipo's, he may not get there but I have no issues with him learning from mistakes and opportunities on the ball compared to being asked to be an offensive rebounder and cutter only.
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    That's Deja Vu from a few games ago. Vuc stood and watch a guy go by, someone had to foul to stop a shot and Vuc stood there with his arms spread complaining that the player got continuation and the and 1. Totally useless on D.
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    I don't know, but he has been absolutely fantastic since coming back.
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    I agree but I want to add Birch on the equation. This is the time to put him out there so he can develop into a very much needed quality role player for use next year.
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    Always draft 30 year old players already in the NBA.
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    He ruined Atlanta which is literally his home
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    Maybe the recalibration is really the friends he made along the way
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    There's a lot to unpack here
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    Ainge is a lucky SOB. On top of winning most of his trades, trades that would have been bad (trading a bunch of picks for this guy, trading a bunch of picks for Winslow) the other team won't take it for some reason. Even when he is going to make a bad move he gets bailed out by other team's stupid decisions.
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    I wish we would move Mario into the starting lineup to replace Augustin. That’d be exciting.
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    Now you’re just trolling. Gordon had a great game tonight with 20/7/7 and led the team with a +7.
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    We think other teams haven’t seen enough of Vuch the past 6 years to know what he’s got?
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    Well said. I’ve certainly seen enough of Vuch putting up numbers while the other team gets to do a lay up drill against us.
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    Jimmer was averaging 4.5-5.0 apg that year, Trae is about double that.
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    First of all Simmons should be coming off the bench and Mario should be starting
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    That's why you don't watch basketball around sharp things
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    Had them losing to Villanova in the final...
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    I disagree. Look at Mario. He is a good example. He played several years oversea and took him 3 years to really develop. Birch is no different. He needs to have more time in the court to get the experience and see if he develops to more than a end of rotation type of player. This is the perfect timing. Lets truly see what we have ln him.
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    Its not really prudent to start a guy who's on a minutes restriction as he has to play the first 6 minutes then only 12 of the next 42.
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    Isaac's length is just crazy.....
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    I'm not sure how we're supposed to tank effectively. Can't sit Gordon in a contract year and risk him demanding a trade. Can't sit vets and play youth because i think we'd all agree it helps us win focusing on isaac, Gordon, Mario, iwundu, birch. Can't out tank Memphis or Atlanta based on roster construction and phoenix and Sacramento have rough schedules going forward while we're entering the easiest stretch of our schedule. So rather than manipulate success just try to develop winning habits. It'd be one thing if this was a one off season but some of these guys need something positive
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    Winning now would just ensure Vucevic and Fournier are still starters next year and we go through the same hell. I wouldn't mind winning every game until the end of the season if it was with Isaac, Hezonja and Gordon as the main players