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    The Gordon hater is here—to eat crow. Gordon has been the best player on our team this series and the 1 guy whose gone 110% on both ends every game. If only other players were elevating their playoff play on the big stage like he’s been doing. Oh well.
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    If this series makes us give up on Vuc then it will be worth it
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    Unless Oladipo was castrated, he would still be playing with more balls than Evan Fournier.
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    If Bamba doesn't like basketball that much, he should become a politician. His pre-draft interviews made it look like he wanted to be the next Hakeem Olajuwon -- And please, for the love of God, let these kids grow with heavy minutes. Isaac and Gordon have exciting potential, but they're still raw as hell and need reps and responsibility. I can't stress this enough
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    KEEP VUC ON THE BENCH. PLEASE!!!! At least this unit is showing some heart and hustle.
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    Vuch and Fournier are street trash. They’re soft pathetic frauds. I don’t want either on this team next year. If this playoffs were good for 1 thing it’s showing us who the duds officially are.
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    This comment is perfect!
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    Relying on development of the youngsters like Isaac, Gordon, fultz and bamba, a pick and a fa while setting you up with financial flexibility for the future is by far the best we can do the goal is not to be a perennial 8th seed. The goal is to build a real contender. You will not get that if you keep starting Fournier or pay vucevic long term crazy money
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    Damian Lillard's performance and game-winning shot is something straight outta Hollywood. If you saw somebody cap a 50 point performance in a movie with a shot like that, you'd laugh and say "I can't suspend my disbelief this much".
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    I swear if I have to watch Evan Fournier play another minute for this team I may blow my brains out
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    If Garland falls to us do we have a decent consensus that he should be the pick?
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    I've been thinking a lot about how we can trade Fournier and I think the only reasonable situations would be teams already so far over the cap that they won't be able to improve by anything but a trade. For example the TWolves already have 109million commited next season and are locked in long term to KAT, Wiggins, Covington and Dieng and will probably try and bring back Tyus Jones as well. Would they do Fournier for Jeff Teague? They get more shooting and a guy who'd make a good 5th man or bench scorer. We get out of paying Fournier in 20-21 and a stop gap starting PG who kind of matches what we're trying to do. They already have over 90 million committed to 4 guys in 20-21 so they probably won't be players in free agency that year anyway so the extra year isn't that bad for them. Just a thought *shrug*.
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    Time to ditch Vuch and Fournier and hand the keys to Gordon moving forward?
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    I like our young core and I'm glad we fought for the playoffs instead of tanking for another draft pick.
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    Vuc - I would be okay with a big 1+1 deal that allows him to go back into the market next summer is this year wasn't a fluke. He was annihilated this series but we don't make the playoffs without him. If he gets a bigger offer somewhere else you have to let him go. AG - He answered the call this series. I'm not sure what ceiling is left for him at 23 but we absolutely need to keep him. Isaac - He has 102 games under his belt. This series was awful for him but he still shows signs of being an excellent two way player. Fournier - I think we keep him as we transition to Fultz. He is asked to do too much for his limitations right now but he could be a 40% 3pt shooter with better PG play. DJ - Game 1 was amazing. They erased him after that. He will be valuable to have during the Fultz transition. He raises our floor but lowers our ceiling as a starter. Bamba - Some really nice flashes during overall bad play. Rookie Cs are bad, especially when they are physically overmatched. We may have to sink or swim with him if Vuc moves on. Birch - If Vuc stays he will probably move on, because he has proven he belongs in the NBA and can contribute. Martin - Probably not back Ross - He is a better fit for a modern NBA roster than Vuc. 6th man role is perfect for him, he isn't a starter. Hope he comes back but we can't break the bank for him. Iwundu - Love what he brings. Shot improved this year. Frazier - He is blocked for now but hopefully he keeps improving. Can't have enough of his type of player. MCW - He shot 34% and 16% from 3. If he plays for us next year it's because something went wrong with Fultz. Would rather bring back Briscoe. Fultz - Please be good. Please please please be good.
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    What sucks is that it’s only been lopsided against the starting lineup.
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    We are taking this to Game 7. Watch me tonight.
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    Not to worry. There are so many threads and posts and some times you don't have time to go back and catch up on comments previously made. Just wanted you to know that you are not alone in that assessment.
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    Absolutely not. Roll with Bamba. Core of Fultz, Isaac, Gordon and Bamba is the future.
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    Yeah I was going to get into that before I got into a Twitter argument about that and had to abandon the post. Vuc can't be on this team next year even if he signs for the minimum. Vuc is a crutch that raises our floor but limits our ceiling and having him on the roster actively hurts our development. The reason for this is because with vucevic we play a style of basketball that we will completely abandon as soon as he's gone. The same way Grant and subsequently MCW are bad players but necessary to create our style of play on defense we need a center that plays like we should play in the future even if it's a net negative in talent. If that can be Bamba, great. If he's not ready we need a stop gap that fills that role. But role is important.
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    I’ll eat all the crow and take all the “- 1”s for my previous post. The playoffs are hard....
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    Yes Ross is playing his best ball in a contract year. We decided to keep him and try to make a playoff push, which obviously we did. We lose that trade chip but gain playoff experience for half of our young core. Ross can catch fire but at his best he's a chucker thats turnover prone and has major lapses on defense.
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    Strong disagree. He's been arguably the best all-around player on the team (46% shooting and he's made 6 threes) while doing about a good a job as he can on Kawhi. Gordon's game really suffers if Vucevic isn't doing anything so for him to be kind of decent all things considered so far is amazing.
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    Evan was 1 for 12 tonight and 1 for 8 from 3 point range. End of discussion. Next please.