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    To clarify, I understand that there might be pain at the end of this rebuild, but not trying to make moves would have been a million times worse as a fan.
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    Team and coach deserve a ton of credit for this one... if it was the last game in OTown for Evan and Aaron, I appreciate them going out playing hard until the end. Fun game and good win
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    I have prepared and posted a game thread for tonight's game. . .if interested. The game starts at 10 pm (est).
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    This will be a quick rebuild...this Front Office is different from past ones. They know what they are doing !!! RJ, Cole, Wendell and Bamba all 5 stars recruits. Chuma, 4 stars .Karim Mane, 5 stars. Plus 2 high lottery picks this year. Hopefully with the first overall....Cade. His comparable is none other than Grant Hill. Plus 3 more firsts, the following 2 years. Except for the Shaq / Penny era we have NOT seen something like this. We are in for a lot of thrills and wins. We might very well be one of the best teams of this decade. Two championships (at least) between 2025-2029?
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    I see Okeke has chosen to become the Franchise Player tonight haha
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    I find it funny listening to national media (NBA Radio) how you rarely hear mention of any of the Magic players and when they have been discussed it was always negative. Now after these trades it's like the Magic traded away the best players in the league, they got fleeced bla bla bla.. I liked the guys we traded because they were our guys but we weren't going anywhere with them. Would I have liked to have gotten a better return? Sure, but at least now we have some young players that we can hopefully develop into something more than a 35 win team.
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    I can't say that I am sorry to see Fournier gone - I'm just disappointed that all we got for him was 2 - 2nd round picks, a trade exception, and roster space. Hopefully we can use the exception and roster spot to make this seem less one-sided in Boston's favor? Vuc/Aminu for Wendell Carter, Jr., Otto Porter, Jr (expiring), and two protected firsts in 2021 and 2023 - I don't hate this deal, and it does clear up our cap a bit. No way we pay Porter his FA cap hold next summer, so this is probably just a waive/cap space over the summer. Gordon/Clark for Harris/Hampton and a protected 1st in 2025 - again, I am a little disappointed that this is all we got for Gordon, but this could be a sneaky good trade down the road. Remember Harris was a top FA a couple years ago before injuries, and Hampton was once a top-5 recruit out of high school a couple years ago. I can't say that I feel like management did a very good job with maximizing our return on existing assets. I am not entirely without hope, but this is definitely not what I would have expected to receive for what we gave up.
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    Best part of the Vucevic deal was getting out of Aminu’s contract. We’ll be in a nice spot to rebuild quickly through draft and free agency if we can actually convince players to come here.. it’s been awhile, but we’ve done it before
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    I like the 1st rounders. Credit where credit is due, at least the front office blew it up. No criticism from me for the next 3 to 4 years
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    TD Garden - Boston MA TV: Fox Sports Florida 20-21, 4th in Atlantic Division | 14-27, 5th in Southeast Division WE'VE GOT THIS . . . GO MAGIC!!!
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    Fournier might be the worst playoff player in Magic history. He wilts against physical defenders and also plays hero ball to the detriment of the team. One of the keys to establishing a new identity and create shots for others is to close the chapter on Fournier’s Magic tenure.
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    Friday, March 19th @ 8:00 P.M. Amway Center - Orlando, FL TV: Fox Sports FL 28-13, 1st in Atlantic Division | 13-27, 5th in Southeast Division ...BUT CHUMA OKEKE SAYS,
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    I have prepared a game thread for tonight's game, March 19th, against the Nets. . .if interested. The game is at the Amway Center and starts at 8 pm.
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    We all want player development. The question is how to best accomplish that. Throwing the young players out to be obliterated actually retards their development in my opinion. Playing a competitive game like last night while giving everyone some minutes is a much better approach.
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    We done messed up A-A-Ron Will buddy ball finally come to a close? What will the Magic do with 30 year old two time all star Nikola Vucevic? Will Frenchie walk for nothing? Post all trade deadline stuff, Magic and non in this guy! Strap on in!
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    Big Fella... I’m in tears... proud of the man and the ball player you became here and we’re gonna miss you in OTown. Good luck in the Windy City and thanks for being a professional and role model for your entire run here.
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    Vuc leaves the Magic: 4th in minutes played 1st in Field Goals Made 3rd in points 2nd in Total Rebounds 8th in Assists 6th in Steals 3rd in Blocks Tied 2nd in Triple Doubles 3rd in Total Win Shares He's a Magic Legend and I'm going to miss him.
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    With the trade of Vucevic and AG, we have now fully closed the book on the Rob Hennigan era. Not a single player from his tenure is left on the team.
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    Cade Cunningham better be on our team next season
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    I’m so thankful no one got hurt tonight.
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    Yes, we are all aware that you don't think AG is a good player. Apparently, a lot of GMs disagree, since he's got so many teams looking to trade for him. Exactly how those teams value him will be seen when we actually trade him. Of the things I said, some was opinion, some was fact, and some was simply what I would do in this situation. For the record, of the claims I made about Gordon himself: 1 - Gordon is indeed under contract through next year (that's just true, no ifs ands or buts); 2 - I have certainly never heard anything negative about his locker room presence, but if you have you're welcome to clarify how that part isn't true; 3 - Gordon being one of the most versatile players in the league is not really a hot take, considering the things he's done at an acceptable level since arriving in Orlando (defensive stopper and rebounder early on, then a decent third option offensively, then a sometimes point-forward, full-time defensive stopper), but you're welcome to disagree; 4 - he's shown this year he can be a better shooter and handle playing SF without dribbling the air out of the ball like he did when we tried him there years ago, so I'm not sure why he couldn't play with Isaac, especially since it worked well enough before he was shooting this well; 5 - he's been on the trading block basically since the current management got here, and there have been rumors every year that multiple teams want him, so why would next year be different? It's fine if you disagree with the crux of what I was saying, that we shouldn't trade Aaron Gordon for just a good 6th man. That's an opinion, and you're welcome to your own. Again, you've clearly had a negative opinion of Gordon since we drafted him, and you've been plenty vocal about it. That's fine. The Dude abides, and all that. But your comment seems to imply that the reasoning behind my opinion is not just bad opinion, but untrue. Again, at least one point isn't up for debate. The rest could still all be true and Gordon could still be on the trading block. Indeed, at least a good portion of that being true is probably why so many teams are interested. I didn't say he was an All-Star, or anything like that. Your comment just reads like petty sniping at Gordon (and by extension me, for valuing him more than a good 6th man), but that's nothing new. I guess one good thing about Gordon leaving will be not having to read these types of bizarre comments whenever Gordon is discussed on here.
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    Kemba would be the nail in our coffin if we traded for him. His contract is huge and grows each year. He is small, injury prone and gives up points on the other end. To put this into perspective, i'd rather have Cj McCollum. Guy has similar knocks against him, but at least he has that extra gear. Cj can go nuclear sometimes and definitely would be some teams leading scorer if he wasn't playing next to Dame. Kemba just doesn't have it anymore and was more a product of those bad Hornets teams. Yes,3 years ago i wished he was on the team, just not now and at 35 million plus a year. Hard pass.
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    Alex Martins only thinks in $$$ and is terrified of the financial ramifications of another rebuild.