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    Don’t get too excited; they don’t play until tomorrow
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    Can we not start writing players off after two games. You guys are better than that.
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    If we’re gonna play a deep bench, give me Iwundu over MCW all day.
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    You really don't see athleticism and fluidity? Athleticism Fluidity Athleticism and fluidity Fluidity Athleticism Bonus: passing vision And I wish I had more clips of his passing because it's very likely he's the best passer on the team. He's got a quick first step and stop/start ability that creates a ton of space against defenders. And he's a good defensive player who does a really good job getting through screens. He's averaging 2 steals per game so far in the preseason. If we had to cut someone you'd cut MCW first. He's 28. He's a situational role player. We gave him a one year minimum contract for a reason. He's defense only and isn't likely to get better. Next you cut DJ because he's a 32 year old player on an expiring contract who doesn't fit our long term plans or our overall team building thesis. Fultz is 21 and would be an upgrade overall over MCW if all he can be is a backup and never got better than he is today. But he's also got the ingredients in his game that gives him franchise player upside and his ceiling is going to be dependent on his offensive efficiency.
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    (With my best Kevin Heart Voice, but dead serious.) Fultz let us reason... You are too good of a player. I rather you go 1 for 15 shooting. Shooting every open shot you get, than for you to pass up another open shot... The next time Trae Young or any player stands at the free throw line, about 5 feet away, your better pull that freakin trigger, or if I'm the coach, I am benching you. Don't let people disrespect you like that... You are a pro Fultz. You are too hard of a worker. You need to trust your game. You hear me. Remember you said kill everyone. Not me. Show them 23.2 ppg, .41% 3p%, 47% fg%. Dont piss me off. Kill everyone. Remember, who you are. Number one pick in the draft... straight up baller. You have been shooting your whole life. Dont play with me. I am not a pro - nowhere near one. I did not play in college. I did not train all summer. I did not work with shooting coaches. I did not put the work in you did. I did not harbor, for 2 years all the doubters and naysayers. But you know what, I am taking that open shot. I am making that open that shot, because that is what I do. And, IF I miss and I am open again. Smoke and fire, I am gunning. I promise you that, why, because I am freakin open. I am gunning all day long and I wish a n@#$%a would say something. Especially in pre freakin season. What in the hell are you doing Fultz? It is preseason. Get your rhyme. Jake up shots. (Particularly, after you initiated the offense and the ball swings your way again.) YOU BETTER take that shot - hands down... man down... Kill everyone.... Fultz. I need you to trust your work. I need you to trust the countless shoots you have taken. I need you to be a little selfish during preseason, because in the long run, it is better for the team. If you start hitting your shot. There is no stopping us in the east. The Pacers, the Heat, the Pistons, the clawless Raptors, and the Durantless Nets, can all kick rocks and go home this spring. But it starts now... today.... Not tomorrow... not next year.... right the HELL now.... With your shot. One shot at a time, one game at time, one minute at a time. I have faith in you... You are too dang good. Now if you go 1 for 50... Do not ever take another shot in your life, BUT I bet you hit more than that today. You have my permission in the PRESEASON to gun.... You can tell the coach, I gave you permission. Now go be Magic.... We watchin...
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    Comments like this make me laugh. A full season of play showed that he was indeed streaky. He shot the ball inefficently and hit the 3 ball at a clip of 32.4% this was on top of being statistically pretty much the worst player defensively in the entire NBA. Last season he had periods where he shot the ball really well and looked very very good, this then would drop off a cliff and he would have long stretches of taking poor shots, shooting poorly, turning the ball over, defending awfully etc etc. He threw up one of the most stupidiest 3 point shots in the 1st quarter in tonights game that I've seen for some time but sure, let's make judgements off a 2 game sample? He's one of those players that will most likely put up pretty decent scoring numbers in the regular season and have periods where he goes off and looks brilliant and other stretches where that drops off a cliff all while his team is losing most of those games. Unless he can become consistent and find other ways to affect the game if his shot isn't falling (taking more care with the ball as he is a good passer and becoming even a below average defender as right now he really is bad.) I think he struggles to be relevant. If he ever gets into a series of playoff games where the game slows down and opponents are able to scheme for him and defence ramps up then I think he becomes a huge liability and will get targeted. Ofc he is still young and can improve on some of those things and if he does I will be one of those to gladly say I was wrong about him. My takeaway from tonight after sleeping on it is we almost found a way to win this game on the road while having 7 of our 10 players play poorly, even then, it took a fluke bank shot and a player to have a 'career' night to give us a loss. Only players that came out of that game looking decent were Fournier, Fultz and MCW. I don't see us having many games where the entire starting line up makes only 1 3 point shot. We shoot the 3 at a paltry 25% we win that game last night. It's early season, weird things happen, Clippers lost to a Suns team that was missing 2 key players. I'll be concerned if this is still happening 10/15 games into the season.
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    Wednesday, October 23rd at 7:00 P.M. Amway Center - Orlando, Florida TV: Fox Sports FL
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    The only way he'll make them is if he shoots himself out of this. We have videos of him making them in practice. If he never shoots them the defense will drop down into the paint and help off him. But if he can even shoot 30% it will move the defense just a few feet closer to him off ball and change the geometry of the court. Plus there's a confidence component.
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    Oh, I agree, his shot’s rough. I just think you let him shoot through his struggles, as long as the shot selection is smart. We let Isaac and Gordon shoot through their struggles when their shots weren’t consistent, so I think you take the same approach here
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    This is what bothers me about the Magic. When was the last time we drafted a good scorer/shooter in the first round? I understand length and defense, but it’s frustrating how everyone we draft is a project on offense
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    At this point bamba needs to go to the g league and learn to play basketball.
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    I just read some of your posts as far back as 6 hours ago. Shame on some of you wishing things happen to DJ--good or bad. As you have said, it is important for a team to have a good point guard who is a good floor general and not to mention a good locker room guy. DJ may not be a top 5 or 10 point guard in the league, but he has helped the Magic to start turning things around. Since EP left, DJ has played hard and helped to keep this team focused. As I said last year when the Magic had lost a lead in some games, DJ walked the ball up the court, and he had a look in his eyes as to say, "calm down fellows, we can do this." I am shocked and disappointed in your mindset. I know you are eager for Fultz to become the starter, but you don't want to rush things. It might end up being too much pressure on the young fellow. I think coach Clifford is handling it very well and experimenting as to when to bring Fultz into the game. (You have to bring him along slowly). Btw, DJ is a veteran who does his job and does not complain. I think he is a good role model for Fultz.
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    Trae is a great young player. He is young so he is going to have flaws.
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    Fultz has been our best player through two games. If you told me I'd be saying that less than a week into the season I'd have thought I'd be a lot happier.
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    MCW!!! . . .and some of you were saying. That's the MCW that helped the Magic make a run to the playoffs last year.
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    Of course. It's just hard to see MCW out there on offense. I've said it a million times but I rather those minutes go to Iwundu.
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    Simple he tries to play like a #1 option on offense when realistically he’s like 4 or 5 on a good team. He over dribbles and plays too much buddy ball with Vuc. Only positive is when he’s hitting his shots but he’s been as inconsistent as they come over the last 2 seasons. Used to love Fournier before he got into his own head with grandeur.
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    Coby White was drafted 7th. We drafted 16th Also fultz has played one *****ing game here. Your thought process is ridiculous
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    Hi guys, I'm going to my first game in 12 years to see us play the Knicks. Does anyone have a guess as to what popcorn and nachos cost in the stadium? Wanna make sure I budget accordingly.
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    Nah, I think you gotta shoot them when it’s open. It’s the long stepback twos and some of the tough shots from range that he shouldn’t shoot.
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    We drafted a good shooter 4 months ago. But to your point. Couple things. 1. Without a franchise player level number 1 option on offense our only path toward success is building an elite defense and using that elite defense to improve our offense. Every team in the league scores worse against a half court set defense after the opponent makes a shot than they do when the opponent misses a shot. They score even better when the opponent turns the ball over. So we can build a pretty solid offense around creating misses and turnovers on defense. 2. Very soon it's very likely that our best player is probably going to be Isaac. The best way to get the best out of Isaac is to surround him with other good defenders with length which creates a multiplier with that length. Playing Isaac next to aminu or MCW makes Isaac a better defender. The biggest example of the multiplier effect and points 1 and 2 is how our offense flourished last season when we added MCW into the rotation (one of the worst offensive players in the NBA over the last decade). 3. Posters here like to criticise hennigan for his results but they have no idea what caused him to get those results. We didn't have success under hennigan because, while he obtained a bunch of talent, he never committed to any style of play and drafted/signed a bunch of mismatched pieces. We collected athletes that lacked shooting and tried to supplement that with non-athletes who could shoot. We struggled with getting to the free throw line so we signed augustin and Jeff green who could get to the line but caused other issues. We struggled with rim protection so we traded for ibaka and signed biyombo with the thought process that they would somehow be able to cover for Vucevic. We traded oladipo specifically because at the time there was only a small gap between his and Fournier's projected values going forward but we lacked shooting and Evan could shoot. When building a roster you need to be beholden to a plan or else you end up with a disjointed roster trying to chase categorical improvements and end up wasting years by not putting your players in the best positions to succeed. 4. Single bad defensive players in lineups is enough to cause your entire defense to fall apart. Augustin and Fournier aren't bad defensive players at all, they're limited but they play good team defense and are often about average in effectiveness depending on the matchup. But over the next 6 months we'll lose quite a few games solely because of a problematic matchup that makes either guy unplayable. That's with average but flawed defenders. What do you think would happen with a bad defender? Watch Phoenix with Booker this year. He's among the worst defensive players in the league. He's a pretty solid offensive player. They're surrounding him with several average to above average defensive players. What kind of success do you think they're going to have? 5. All that being said, you always make concessions with the plan when you find the right offensive guy. If harden decided he wanted to play here you don't refuse to get him just because he's a poor defender. But you don't make those concessions for role players. It doesn't make sense to destroy your style just to obtain an ok player that's not much better than someone else you could find for the minimum or spend a little more and find someone who can shoot without destroying your style of play. So basically, it shouldn't frustrate you that we don't draft players with specific skill sets that clash with our identity. We're better off sticking to our plan and will be more successful for it. We can't completely ignore shooting but we need to find players that can shoot while fitting in with our style of play.
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    Like I said the other day. It is a shame wes mins is going to get cut.
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    I'm considering taking back years of Vooch slander after watching the offense these last 2 games.