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    I want to comment on these points. There is a tendency to think that since the mortality rate of this virus is not exceptionally high, the safeguards being taken are out of proportion with the risk. If only judging by mortality rate that might be true, but that alone is not the deciding factor for why it is so imperative to control the spread. This virus seems to spread fairly easily per CDC. It exhibits "community spread" which means some people in an area of the infection are unaware how or where they became infected. Just take Italy as an example, which is showing exponential spread. Three weeks ago today (2/20/20) there were 4 cases total in Italy; as of yesterday there are 12,462 cases. So the problem isn't the mortality. It's that unless the exponential growth curve is curtailed, at some point the prevalence will outpace our healthcare infrastructure, which will in turn put strain on other aspects of society. WHO estimates that 1 in 5 infected individuals require hospital care. How many of those patients will require ICU care (and therefore a ventilator)? For those patients, will we have an adequate supply of opioid infusions which are needed for routine ICU analgesia (fentanyl is already on shortage prior to the coronavirus outbreak)? Will the hospital be able to obtain enough intravenous fluids for supportive care? How will resources be allocated from manufacturers/distributors of drugs/devices? Will visitors be allowed? If not, what plan will be implemented for controlling the grief of family members who cannot be present at the bedside at the time of death? Where do you send people when there are no beds available? So it's not the flu. There's a readily available flu vaccine that smart people get annually. That in itself significantly reduces the yearly spread. Also, the mortality rate of the flu is far lower than coronavirus thus far, even when considering that the coronavirus mortality rate is likely inflated (due to the fact that there have certainly been undiagnosed cases since tests weren't available initially). I get the comparison to the flu, especially amongst young people who will not die from coronavirus, but there's more to it than that.
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    I’m back folks, got suspended by Fultz4thewin for basically disagreeing and challenging him on certain topics, but I’m here to continue with my own opinions and insight no matter what. After all, this is what the board is about: a healthy exchange of ideas and insights where we’re all suppose to be given that right.
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    Thank you. Happy to finally start posting.
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    Hello All, Please allow me to introduce myself. I’ve read this board daily for the past several years, but have never created an account until now. I’ve also was a season ticket holder from 91-2015 (moved to SC, then Tampa). Most importantly I bleed blue! Go Magic!
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    Someone said imagine if Vooch defended the paint/rim like he's defending DJ hahahahahaha. Absolutely nailed it
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    Magic were nasty tonight. Without Fournier the ball moved a ton again.
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    Who knew the first blowout win since November would come on the road in Houston. This team is weird
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    This is interesting how well we’re playing without Fournier.
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    Welcome back and I look forward to reading your posts and hearing your opinions. Nobody should be suspended for voicing their opinions because that’s exactly what a message board is for.
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    Really, you are blaming the NBA ? Health comes before the entertainment. Just enjoy the day with your son. You guys will go to the game when they resume. Would you really want to go and risk getting your whole family getting infected just so you could have the bobble head ? Ridiculous. There will be 100s of games left, but we only have 1 life each. Happy birthday to your little buddy!
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    K..... I dont know what's going on anymore. I'm going to get my groceries and plan my escape from the zombies.
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    Very small sample size, but we are now 4-0 when Evan does not play.
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    I will be content with the season if we have a winky record and mark the playoffs. No it won’t be a big jump from last years but it wouldn’t be a regression either. Guys like Fultz and Bamba can get some playoff time under their belt.
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    To say we don't miss Evan is incorrect 100%
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    I can only imagine what Vuc would have to say if he read the last two pages of this thread regarding his pal Evan.
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    Hit the nail on the head. It's time to move on from Fournier and Vucevic. Both of those guys are stunting the growth of our young core, which is a pretty good core to build around.
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    1 thing I will say is... Well 2 things. We had a big height advantage over them for the most part and made them pay for that bigtime. Good movement. Decent shot making. Pesky defence when we wanted to. This baffles me and it's Vooches inability to post up smaller players. He simply finds it difficult or when he does get by them he misses at the rim a lot for somebody of his skill I expect much more. Maybe I'm nitpicking but it's something to keep a eye on. Houston if they where smart would just pick and roll us every single play with Vooch in. We need to fix that our try to manage it best a bit better if we are going to finish where we want to and also make some noise come the playoffs. I think we may have a big winning streak in us coming up if we stay healthy. Who knows 42-40 again like I predicted last season..I'm calling it now again hahaha! Let's go!
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    With the development of Gordon as a playmaker and rise of Fultz as a ball dominant lead guard, something’s gotta give.
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    LOL...... Harden blows the layup when he was matched up with lead feet.
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    Yeah. I think there's multiple styles of nachos