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    Bradley Beal is 29 and has a huge contract. You normally see guards who rely on speed start to taper off significantly at 30. I'll pass, keep Suggs, and draft a 19 year old with upside who will be part of a championship run in 3-4 years.
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    I agree we should be giving Goga some more minutes, and possibly even with trying him as a starter while WCJ is out, though I have to say Goga/Bol in together made for some pretty tough interior D. I think when WCJ is back though, you look at continuing to use Goga at backup, and use Moe more at the PF backing up Banchero. I think playing the last few minutes with Banchero being your de facto center was a HUGE mistake on the part of the coaching staff. If nothing else, you do your offensive/defensive lineup switching if you have to. Going small at the end when you've had problems containing Kessler all night was just plain dumb.
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    Oh yes, I agree with you 100% about his assists numbers. If we ever surround him with some guys that can consistently shoot he’ll average 10 a game pretty easily. He makes the right decision with the basketball pretty much every time.
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    We are at our best when Markelle is aggressive. Doesn’t matter if it’s passing or shooting. Also don’t forget that part of the reason why he was such an amazing prospect out of school was his scoring ability. He’s got his health, conditioning and confidence back and he’s been a joy to watch lately.
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    We all knew Suggs brought everything to the game other than a consistent jumper / scoring ability. But he was always too good of an athlete to have that be a career issue. Consistency and injuries may continue to be a factor but that ceiling is there and he's inching closer... He's the glue guy type that every championship team needs. A year ago we were all so sad we got him instead of Barnes, but with this team we've built, he's the perfect SG cog. Can't wait to watch the growth!
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    Suggs has the intangibles you want. Right place at the right time so, so often. Great job boys!! Great win!
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    Maybe if he actually kept up with his man on defense instead of watching the ball. Idk how many times he does this but dam it seems to be all the dam time. Geezus learn from your mistakes. Or are you happy to be Carmelo 2.0??
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    That was too funny, jmmagicfan! You made my day.
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    The fat lady isn’t singing yet, but she’s already had tea w/lemon to clear her throat and is finishing her warm-up!
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    As devastating as the news was about Jonathan Issac the flip side is …if my math is correct Markelle Fultz has played 44 consecutive games since coming off the injured list and is 5th on the team in most games played …how bout dem apples !
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    Franz Wagner was drafted 4 years after Jonathan Isaac and has already played 800 more career minutes. That's insane.
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    Watching Ja Morant risk everything with stupidity is really infuriating.
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    “The Magic will do the same thing” you are being very very very optimistic, considering that they haven’t drafted a “shooter” the whole dam time they have been here. Or brought one free agent “shooter”. So your supposition is skating on some microscopically thin ice.
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    I'll be watching that Kansas Game at work. Nick and Gradey. https://sidelinecue.com/nba-comparisons-for-the-top-prospects-in-the-2023-nba-draft/ Here is an article worth a look. It's ridiculous comparing these players to NBA greats. We know that won't happen with most of them, but the writer does understand skill sets of players.
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    Comparing the efficiency of Paolo who's been the number 1 option all season Vs Williams who's 8th on the Thunder in usage is legitimately nonsense.
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    I'd actually do it. Don't know if anybody else would including Vuc and the FO. EDIT: not actually sure if Vuc is the backup C we really need but I always liked him as a player and person. And also it'd just cap off that Chicago trade perfectly.
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    Listen to that crowd tonight! I LOVE how passionately the fans are supporting the Magic this season. Home games finally feel like home for the team again!
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    Suggs, Fultz, and Anthony all locked in to begin overtime. Great movement and good shot selections that happen to fall. KEEP THE GAS ON YALL!
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    One theory doing the rounds is in decades previously kids didn't specialise in sports until college and played multiple sports throughout the year using different muscles and allowing others to rest but nowadays kids specialise in their sport at such an early age, playing 3 or 4 games a day at times in AAU basketball and such, that their specific muscles have got so much wear and tear on them before they even make it to the NBA.
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    BANCHERO FOR THREE ! He’s gotta take the shot …
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    we r stealth tanking. front office is more than happy that we are playing meaningful competitive games down the stretch they want to secure the best odds and i dont blame them. Next season we make the.playoffs outright and away we go.
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    Paolo is too good for his age. It's not normal. A lot of people have a lot to say about this kid but honestly just appreciate that we're getting to see what could be the start of an all time great career.
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    I don’t know how you can treat this injury as if it wasn’t influenced by all his other injuries. The dude missed 2 years and was only able to stay healthy for a month coming back from that. It sucks, and I feel for him, but I don’t see how we can justify keeping him on the roster