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    I disagree with some of those assessments, but you already know that. ;) They had 2.5 years (and 3 offseasons) to change what was a bad constructed team (by Henningan) in opinion of most, and they've maintained a lot of that structure. I understand the first year of evaluation, but after that, a lot of choices were just to confirm the status quo, or re-up it as in the case of a fat contract for Vucevic (we haven't get positive value for him in years, when he had a fairly great contract, I really doubt we'll have it now that he's signed long term for a lot of money. And even if we get a decent value back, sometimes the cap space is just more valuable than a mediocre player) The choice of coach Clifford could be considered solid from the point of view that he's given a solid system to the team and was able to give them playoff experience, but together with the choice of having a lot of defensive - long armed guys, that put us in a stagnant situation in which there's little fantasy and ability to make innovative choices. That team as constructed could have been great on 2000's, but NBA is trending on another path in the last few years. We're too much one dimensional, our defense is not that great to cover other deficiencies, and our coach is not the one that will save us thinking outside the box. While I could agree that the draft choice's has been good, or at least above average, there's still an inability to improve the end of the bench talent/upside as you already recognized. Fultz trade was clearly good, and that a sign that we could/should be more active and creative than what we are. My biggest concern is, as always, that we're already hard capped for a team that isn't going nowhere. Hard capped just for resigning guys that are not really difference makers, in a choice that could hinder our young guys growth in the process. It's normal to have a bolted cap when you're a contender, but right now we're just a mediocre team that could be 7th or 8th in the East, hopefully. We would really need to have space to make more moves and improve that roster, but in the situation we're, we could not really take back any big salary in a deal with other good assets, for example. We're stuck with what we have, and the idea of waiting for 2021 sounds like previous (Henningan again) projects that never materialized. It's good to have Fultz and Isaac as our base (hope) for that project, but we're not exactly talking about sure Top-10 players on the league either. Would love them to become such players, but it's still a long way to go there. Also, are we playing them the right way to become that great? I'm not sure. I obviously really hope that you're right and I'm wrong, for the good of the team we root. But I'm really not convinced at all by the management ability to get us over the top, until now.
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    Scoreboard doesn’t lie. Time to give up on the 7”0, 21 year old, gifted athlete with a freakish wingspan on a rookie contract because we won by one point without him. Obviously Bamba is hopeless. How many MVPs does he have? None? That’s tied with Kwame Brown. Someone needs to go and I don’t care why!
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    That's completely false, last season was a big big improvement in %'s, consistence, defense, a very good season overall and a key reason for the growth of the team, while two seasons ago he was shooting too much and with a bad selection sometimes, while not defending at his level at all.
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    If Rubio manages a healthy season with good numbers, he would be a lock for Ricky of the Year consideration.
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    If we play Philly...always seem to play them well!
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    The progression of Markelle takes from Sixers fans (and where we will eventually get to): LOL he's the biggest bust ever dude. The fact that Brand got anything for him is a miracle. No timeline still huh? He'll be a great cheerleader on your bench! Wow he made a 3, congrats. Yeah he made a couple 3s but his shot still looks atrocious. Nothing has even changed, he did all of this stuff in Philly too. People just didn't care. 20 point career high lol, is this what we are praising from a #1 pick now? 25 point career high lol, is this what we are praising from a #1 pick now? You really think a 30 point triple double is a big deal? Let's see him do it again. Luka does it all the time. LOL if he was really that good the Magic wouldn't have needed 6 games to win that series.
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    Teams don't draft players, front offices do. Our front office drafted Isaac, siakam, giannis, and Malcom Brogdon outside of the top 5.
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    you guys realise the other team has to be happy with the trade right? some of these trades are ridiculously in favour of us. We have to give something to get something.
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    6 point 4th quarter... talk about MIA...
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    The post was not directed to people who saw the game. I had no intent to analyze the game or the team. My analysis is that we need roster improvements and a more flexible rotation. We need shooting and our deep bench needs to be players with potential. But, without knowing the options available to us, I don't know what we need. I think we need to get rid of most of the bench along with Gordon and Aminu. I think our starters are sufficient for now. In the meantime, we need to play 2 starters at all times. I also don't believe that we can beat the Bucks, but I don't think that really matters. I also see that you have nothing worth saying in any of your posts.
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    Shai is making the Bamba pick look so horrendous right now, considering center wasn’t even an area of need and guard play was
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    Murphy, who was our best player in the playoffs last year? I’ll give you a hint. It wasn’t Ross or Evan.
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    I'm just scratching my head about Mo, right now. I've been pulling for him for a while, and hoping that if given more playing time, he would gain confidence and develop into the player we hoped he would be. About a month ago, when Vuch was not able to play, Birch started and Mo was the backup. Mo got more playing time because Birch was in early foul trouble. So Mo was able to play more minutes, and he did a very good job. After watching Mo the last few games, I don't know. He looked slow and didn't show the energy and aggressiveness in the games where Vuch was not available. Last night he looked like a baby giraffe when the team was getting back on offense. Sure, he had a few blocks, but ehh! His screens looked weird and it was like he didn't know what to do next. It might be my computer, but he still looks too thin even though he supposedly gained weight in the off season. His tall-lanky body and the slow-lumbering body movement is and will be a problem against teams with big, athletic centers who can run with their team on fast breaks.
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    4th quarter dominance again - I can get used to this!!! Fultz taking over is going to be fun!!
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    I think this is the first year where im actually totally bored of this team and I don't get excited for games. Before, I enjoyed watching our young talent grow. Now, I don't even watch half games this season. This is the first season I haven't watched every game. I wonder if this is echoing within the rest of the loyal fanbase. We need a shakeup badly. Even to take a step back so we can move forward next season. I just wish we did it in the offseason. Bringing in a bunch of new players in the middle of the season usually isn't a good thing.
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    Looks like an ACL. Why do bad things happen to good people. UGHH! Pray for Isaac.
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    Siakam is always the first guy I think when I refer to our unwillingness to give the keys to the young guys. I mean, Isaac has some Siakam in him IMO, but surely not the same usage and "faith" that he could improve with a bigger role and responsability, in a different enviroment and style. Clearly having Nurse at the helm helps.
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    I like “smoke and mirrors” I think it fits better.
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    Why we have resigned some of them first... there was a time this summer that the renovation of Ross seemed entrenched to the Vuc's one. I like more the role/contract of Ross, but if it was a 2x1, just let go both.. I mean, since they were resigned, we know coach Clifford philosophy and he was clearly going to build around them and give them the majority of shots. I could understand that way of thinking, but it was so evident that it was going to be a bad idea... Look at some of the team that are above us in the east, and are also pretty good to watch. Indiana is still without Dipo, and has made good moves to stay on top. Toronto has lost MVP, but they're exciting and with a great record even with a ton of injuries (actually, a lot more bad luck than us) The Nets are above us even without KD and with other health problems. Miami was as mediocre as us and made a move to change that situation. Boston was going nowhere but they keeped faith in their young guys developing. Should I have to go on? Not all of them have/had better talent then us, but they chosed to improve by trades, signings, have faith in young guys giving them a central role, or just letting go some other players that were not worth the contract/risk. And more of that, a lot of those teams just play hard. Something you're not going to achieve when you've guys like Vuc or Fournier in your roster..
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    Don't know about under the radar but there are a few role players I'd be good with having: Royce O'Neale - always seems to be in the middle of it with Utah and he hasn't hit big money yet. Good shooter. Monte Morris from Denver could be ok, I like watching Denver Luke Kennard ?? - I dunno what Detroit's deal is but the guy seems to be a good shooter, ok producer and that team just goes nowhere (kinda like us!) Derrick White ?? - not sure why Spurs would part with a young guy though. Landry Shamet could be useful if LAC wanted another vet for their run. Terence Davis from Toronto has nice numbers. And I think we've all been jealous of Washington for what we've seen from the surprise that is Davis Bertans this year...
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    We're bad. I think deep down I've known this for years but my blue tinted glasses gave me blind optimism. I'd tell myself after every season 'we're not that bad, if only we had x we'd be a really good team' the next season it would be 'if only we had y..' I didn't realize the whole time we needed uvwxy and z.
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    DJ Ughgustin has to be one of the worst players in the league this year that’s still getting minutes. He’s killing us every night and Clifford is playing him like he’s our 3rd best player
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    We have everything we need to be a 6 or 7 seed in the East. We are certainly not playing well enough right now for that though. Injuries are really keeping us from putting together a better record. Just because we didn't get the start we hoped for and we are inconsistent right now, it doesn't mean that anyone who feels we're capable of much more are wrong. Our young players are the ones who determine how much we're going to improve and they have improved, but they are not great scorers or shooters who are ready to carry us. If we simply make the playoffs, that is an accomplishment when you look at the past decade. No shame in losing to the Bucks. They do this to everyone. Actually, they beat most by 20-30 on a nightly basis. This year is going better than last actually. Hopefully the right move coms along at the deadline and we can pick up a piece to spark another second half run. This season could go either way. If this team is not good enough to improve on last season I'd rather find out this season than next, that way we can make changes sooner than later. We have to remember that the road to a championship is rarely a straight line or a straight uphill climb. There are going to be ups and downs, and we might have to get worse or change directions before we improve. Even if we know what we need to get better, it takes time to get the pieces we need. This FO is well aware that this team is not a finished product and there are changes on the horizon, even if we finish the season better than last year. If someone expects us to beat the best and be a serious contender now or a year from now they will be disappointed and they shouldn't watch. Improvements from our young guys and ending the season in a better place than last year are the goal of this team. It's not just wins and losses that matter necessarily. Learning how to get better and doing those things to succeed in future seasons is the real key. We are playing the long game unless a star becomes part of the team or one of our guys breaks out.