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    Here’s my confession: I’m an Orlando Magic homer and will convince myself whoever we pick is destined to be absolutely amazing.
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    True Blue Nation, I return to you now, like the cicada, after nearly 12 years of lying dormant without a post, to impart my basketball wisdom once again. The game has changed a lot in 12 years. We are certainly in a new era of basketball: the era of the three. Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors are most certainly the model for this new era, but let’s not forget who helped lay the blueprint. We did. Back in the summer of 2006, True Blue Nation nudged our front office to draft JJ Redick with the 11th pick in the 2006 NBA draft, sensing that JJ would be the perfect jelly to Dwight’s peanut butter. I was one of the loudest voices in camp Redick in ‘06, not because JJ was a great shooter (and he most certainly was that), but because I saw his hunger to be a great player. The profile and characteristics of a successful basketball player has changed throughout the years, but one thing has always been at the core: hunger. The hunger and work ethic to be the best player one can be. As we approach the 2022 NBA draft let’s remind ourselves the importance of that characteristic when we make our selection. I won’t name names, but there are some players in this draft who look like they work a little harder (be that in the gym after the game or on the defensive side during the game). This is the player I want on the Magic in 5 years. Back in the summer of 2007, True Blue Nation called for the signing of free agent Rashard Lewis to add to our three point shooting repertoire. I was one of the most vocal proponents of Lewis because I knew what a dangerous weapon a selfless shooting big man like Lewis could be on our squad. Many at the time called for the Magic to sign the younger Gerald Wallace instead. While the Rashard Lewis signing proved to be an overpay, he was certainly a key factor in the Magic’s ultimately unsuccessful 2009 NBA Finals run. Let’s remind ourselves what it was like to have guys on the team who could put the ball in the basket. Let’s remind ourselves of Rashard’s heroic three point shooting that propelled the Magic past LeBron and the Cavs in ‘09. Let’s remind ourselves that we once had the best frontcourt in the NBA with Dwight, Rashard and Hedo. Now, consider the similarities between Wendell, Draft Pick X and Franz. I won’t name draft pick X, but there’s one guy who gives me that feeling I had back in 2007. I won’t say who I want the Magic to draft, but I think the writing is on the wall. There’s one player who not only fits perfectly with our personnel, but also has the work ethic to be great. Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors are successful not because they’re unicorns. They’re successful because they are selfless, hungry players with unmatched work ethic. Close your eyes and picture one of the 2022 NBA draftees hoisting a Finals MVP trophy for the 2025 Orlando Magic. Who do you see? Be the voice for that player. 15 years ago I was a loud voice on these same forums for the Magic to draft JJ, hire Stan and sign Rashard. While I know that I ultimately didn’t have much say one way or the other, it was so cool to see a team that I was so vocal about forming make it to the NBA Finals. I’m clearly not as active on these forums as I once was, but I’d like to remind all the fans of True Blue Nation that you are all the true voice of this team. Our collective voices shape the franchise more than we know. So, in the voice of an old poster Jack Daniels 999, “I believe, do you believe?”
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    This place is wild. I haven’t seen Sharpe mocked by anyone higher than 5. Even Givony, who supposedly is in love with him and is constantly quoted throughout this thread as being high on him has him at 7. I’d be shocked if Sharpe is even in consideration for us at the 1. Even if we steer clear of the big 3 for some reason, I’d prefer Keegan Murray, Ben Mathurin and Jaden Ivey over Sharpe. Look, I understand that mystery boxes are fun, but the risk it too steep at the 1 in my opinion.
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    I will say that I won't throw a fit if we draft the stick figure. Chet has bananas talent for a guy his height. My issue with Chet isn't even really about his weight, though that is certainly part of it. I don't like super-skinny guys; but I have missed on other prospects for that reason before. I thought Durant would get roughed up in the NBA. I thought Gobert would fold in half. I didn't like Mobley, either (though, to be fair, I didn't really like anyone in last year's draft except Cunningham and Green). I don't trust that guys like that will not spend most of their time injured. And Chet is WAY skinnier than any of those guys, in terms of frame. What bothers me about Chet (aside from the obvious) is two-fold: he wasn't the main focus of his college team's offense and he wasn't good against top talent. And I think Orlando needs a star with the first pick, not a giant Swiss Army Knife. Chet is basically a taller Isaac, from what I've seen (with a little better shooting), and while I like Isaac, he isn't the guy you draft at #1. I see all the talent that Chet has, different skills that you just don't see in a 7-footer. But the question for me is, 'what in Chet's game will translate and actually matter?' He's a monster of a shot-blocker, but so is Porzingis, and he was traded to make Dallas better because he was actually a defensive liability. The weird thing is: shot-blocking doesn't necessarily equal great defense. Chet's scary-looking in transition, because he's a 7-footer who can run the floor and dribble. But is that really all that useful? How many times in a game will that matter at all? Is it truly impactful, or just a novelty? Chet's got cool post moves, but will he be able to use any of them on grown men who will just put him off-balance and man-handle him? Bigger college guys man-handled him, NBA guys will EAT him. He would need to put on at minimum 30 pounds before 90% of the league wouldn't be able to gently nudge him to any spot on the floor they want him, and probably 50 lbs before most Centers won't be able to. Will he be able to do that, and if he does, will he be the same guy? What good will post moves mean if he can't hold a position long enough to use them? (so the weight does mean something, but it's more than just about whether he'll be injury-prone). Are we so enamored with this guy because he's so crazy skilled, or because he's got a lot of better-than-average skills and is 7 feet tall. Now Chet might very well come in and become the Dirk/Noah combo that I DO see in there if I squint. That's why I hate tanking so much. You can tank for ten years to finally get the first pick, and you get a guy who might be an all-time great, or he might not even be a starter; or he might be an all-time great who you lose when a stiff wind carries him off a cliff, or a toddler bumps him at Disney and his twig leg snaps. Or you draft Jabari and he's either taller Paul George/Jayson Tatum or he isn't a number one option so he's basically taller Mikal Bridges (better than Chet's worst-case-scenario, but not worth 10 years of tanking, that's for sure). Or you draft Paulo and he's either better passing Melo, or just Jabari Parker 2.0, a man out of time in the modern NBA who's defense is so bad his above-average offense can't off-set it. Or you draft Sharpe, and he's either whatever form of Jesus the Kentucky Stans seem to think he'll be, or he's Dwayne Bacon. What I know is, like many others have said, I'll convince myself I love whoever we pick. At least for a while.
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    His hands are freakish looking. And as far as the dunk totals go, that is more of offensive plays and coaching than the player’s ability. None of the top 5 can shoot from range like this guy. With our anemic 3 point shooting, picking him is a no brainer.
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    Did we get Chris Paul yet?
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    By the end of the year Jabari was calling for the ball and was visibly upset when his guards didn’t provide. His desire for the ball to be in his hands leads me to believe he has Alpha in him.
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    The closer we get to the draft, the more I’d rather trade the pick, I think. Open for trading down and asset collecting while still getting a top prospect, or trading out if it lands us an established all star. I still think it’s Jabari if we go 1, but I’m also in a bit of a superstitious camp with him all of a sudden, which admittedly is 100% unreasonable and dumb. I didn’t like him wearing Laker colored shoes to his workout, left a bad taste considering that we lost 2 faces of the franchise that we picked 1 overall to that team.
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    Any front office that takes fans opinions into account of major decisions is doomed to fail. Fans know jack ****. This fan base reacted incredibly negatively to the Franz pick at the live event on draft night and he's the best rookie we've had since this rebuild all started. If it were up to fans we'd have drafted James Bouknight at 8 last year. This front office can't actually know who will and won't be a superstar but they should draft the person they believe is most likely to become that regardless of what any fans think. Because fans aren't exactly honest with themselves, they're incredibly hypocritical. All of the people here now saying they don't want Chet will be the same ones complaining we didn't draft him if OKC pick him and he becomes an All NBA type player.
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    Random thoughts: 1) If Boston wins the whole thing they would have done so without a true PG and their best players are 2 guys that play the same position. 2) Having Fults back and healthy playing full time is a must cause well …we all saw our offense last year without him. 3) Our FO drafted a wing/guard last year but they didn’t get the one they wanted (Scottie Barnes) which tells me they know how to draft talent . 4) Weltham has promised they will not draft for need but that acquiring talent is a prerequisite . 5) Anybody that is watching the NBA Finals can see when you get to this level of professional BB the physicality is a whole different level …Al Horford and Robert Williams are incredibly physical and strong …bodies flying all over, hitting the floor, wrestling for loose balls …I can see Chet blocking some shots …I can see him making shots …but the physical part of the game I just cannot see it …if we draft him I will be highly disappointed …and I told my ticket rep so …I am soon to retire and will have extra money to spend…but I will not spend for season tickets if that’s who we pick. 6) Lastly, it is very obvious just from the debating on this board there is/are no clear best players …I’ve even seen Ivy number one in one poll …all things being equal …I think Weltham should parlay this number 1 pick into getting as many assets as he possibly can …since it doesn’t seem like we are getting our star player .
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    junkie we have been on this board at least 10+ years together (ive been here since 06') I am going to mercilessly ridicule you if sharpe is a bust every time you open your mouth about who to draft, and i hope you stick it to me every chance you get if your right and never let me live it down, lol.
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    So in my 30’s there was a kid I used to encourage and work out with at the local gym …he was college at the time …he eventually made a career of coaching bb and got hired at the same school he graduated from …a small school called Webber University/College about 10 minutes from my house. One summer shortly thereafter we met at the gym again …he started telling me about his program/team …Meanwhile I had become a member of this message board and a regular contributor …needless to say I was a big Magic fan …Coach Shoffner, was his name said he had ex-Magic player Jerry Reynolds as his assistant …Jerry trying to work his way up the profession . Jerry played on the same Magic team as the then current Magic GM Otis Smith …Otis’s son, Otis Smith Jr went to Webber …Shoffner started inquiring of me that he could use more assistants …so me being a Magic fan and knowing the Magic royalty he had in his program I obliged . Wasn't long after I started working as a volunteer for him that he told me Otis Jr had talent but that keeping his weight down was a problem …so I took the job of being Otis Jr personal trainer duh lol …I worked with Otis Jr at the minimum 3 times a week …also saw Jerry Reynolds every day in practice …he shared great stories about his time in the league . Anyway, every trade Otis Sr was pondering guess who knew before anybody lol …Otis Jr would tell me what NBA talk his father was doing cause he would hear it while riding in the car with his Dad …I know there was one trade with Denver and some others that I posted but I can’t remember now …I got to meet the writer, John Denton(Magic beat writer)one day at Magic Summer league …when I told him about my new job he and I became great friends duh lol. Every bit of info Otis Jr shared with me I’d call Denton …when the Magic were building their Finals team I know there was one key guy they signed and Denton called me to tell me they were signing him but he wanted to let me break the news lol ..anyway, you get the picture . Now this is where Soul Bro comes in …he was constantly calling me and pumping me for info …as the news of a possible Chris Paul signing rumors grew louder Soul was on me daily …there was a poster on these message boards by the name of RevTy77 …he also was somewhat of an insider or at least if my memory serves he thought he was . RevTy77 was convinced Chris Paul was coming and had these message boards all ramped up …I’ll never forget the night the trade was supposedly happening …I think I was on suspension and couldn’t post anything …so Soul Bro was calling me nonstop wanting to know what was going on …finally I relented and straight texted Otis Jr to get the scoop …he told me “NO” in capital letters just like that …so I called Soul and told him. I can’t remember exactly but I think Soul and RevTy were going back and forth on these message boards relaying mixed messaging lol . When I look back now was quite the experience …when I would attend Magic games the then Magic beat writer for the Sentinel, Brian Schmitz always wanted to make conversation with me lol …A poster we had back then and who still posts now Nyce_1 can verify this …he and I went to some games and sat together . Good times lol …
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    now i hope we draft him just to spite you. lol
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    Same. I talk a lot about prospects. On June 24th our guy will be the only one I care about. I was a big Giddey guy last year, I can count on one hand the amount of times Ive thought about him without being prompted by seeing a highlight or something. No matter who the pick is Im an optimist and a Magic fan (a difficult combination!) So until we actually see them play an NBA game I'll be convincing myself they're going to be LeBron. I don't know whether it's this phenomenon combined with just preparing myself for the most likely outcome but I think I've convinced myself that I'd like the Jabari pick lol
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    Retweet. It’s been a vicious attack on my psyche the last decade.
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    Yeah, I’m there with you. I just want one title. Honestly, I’d even settle for being consistently competitive again.
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    Jabaris full presser after his workout Click the link: https://t.co/BUr184h1qD Looks like TRoss’s commentary on most of the guys staying for the summer was right on. Half the squad was there for Jabari’s workout! CHEMISTRY!!!!!!
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    BIG POST ALERT // Pelton with his statistical rankings are out: 1. Holmgren - 4.4 WARP 2. Smith - 3.3 WARP 3. Murray - 3.0 WARP 4. Griffin - 2.7 WARP 5. Daniels - 2.7 WARP … 10. Sharpe - 2.1 WARP 11. Banchero - 2.1 WARP 12. Ivey - 1.9 WARP Thoughts: Last year Pelton had Sengun at 1 (4.2 WARP), Cunningham 2 (2.8 WARP), Green (2.7 WARP), and Mobley (2.6 WARP). The year before he had Ball 1 (4.9 WARP), Haliburton 2 (3.4 WARP), Edwards 3 (2.8 WARP), and then Anthony 4 (2.7 WARP). Thus, his rankings have some validity but a couple of clear misses. Holmgren, Smith and Murray’s rankings stand out, as they all project better than last year’s top rookies. Also I found this comment about Anthony to be sobering after the fact of drafting him: “Few top prospects have had such a big disparity between AAU and college performance as Anthony, who rated as the EYBL's best player both in 2017 as a rising junior (which is part of this projection) and again before his senior year of high school in 2018. Based strictly on his season at North Carolina, where he made a disappointing 40% of his 2-point attempts and was far less effective accumulating assists and steals, Anthony would rate as a late first-round prospect rather than on in the top 5.” https://www.espn.com/nba/insider/story/_/id/29335461/2020-nba-draft-projections-ranking-top-30-prospects
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    Also someone on Reddit is keeping track of everyone we've worked out:
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    lol. You’re exhausting. I’d go on a lengthy post about how Bol Bol doesn’t have any affect on who we’re drafting, but I feel like the time I spend doing so would be wasted.
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    Oh geeeeez , I have talked myself into wanting Chet, Hear me out.. Chet may be exactly what this team needs. With his size and skill and potential he would be joining a team of Markelle, Suggs, Franz, And JI which could be a great starting 5. If JI does get hurt again then Wendell or Chet can slide to the 4 and still have a nice lineup. I know some of you guys are down on Suggs but I believe he will be an All Star soon and the chemistry that him and Chet already have will be really amazing for this team and it is a huge advantage. I also believe JI is healthy now and when he came back in the bubble he was just nasty and I believe he will duplicate that minus the injury so we have the 4 position locked. I think the Magic are probably thinking some of the same things so Chet will be the guy and I hope the Magic training staff can help him build some size
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    If Jabari does become Rashard Lewis with defense like some have talked about, I take that every day of the week at number 1. It doesn’t really solve our problem of needing THE guy, but would be a coup compared to what most top picks turn out to be
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    I am a huge Horford fan. Horford is one of those glue guy's with a huge basketball IQ that makes the right play consistently and makes those around him better. Smith could develop into a two way player with three level scoring and the ability to create, but I didn't get from the video above that he has a scorer's mentality (think KD/Carmello). Thus, I see his ceiling as more likely a Horford type good defender with good offensive game that is a great compliment to his teammates. If Fultz or Wagner were #1 type scorers, Smith is probably a no-brainer Pick #1. But the Magic already have a number of really good young players that look like they might develop into good supporting cast members. Do they use Pick #1 on a player that is likely another supporting cast member? I don't agree with the logic behind the position the Magic can't use Pick #1 on a high upside low floor guy for fear of failure. First, when you look at draft history, so many great players weren't #1 picks. Clearly, when there isn't a Shaq, Duncan or Lebron, taking the safe pick doesn't always pay off. How many teams wish they had taken the gamble on Giannis? He clearly had the greatest upside, but his floor was so low. The Cavs and Washington get ripped for taking huge upside low floor guys at #1 that didn't pay off, but Portland gets a pass for taking Oden over KD. Why? I seem to recall the consensus at the time being KD had higher upside, but he couldn't lift his bodyweight and Oden was more guaranteed. Injury had other plans. Second, the Magic have used picks in the 5-10 range to accumulated a pretty promising supporting cast. Maybe one of them will continue to develop into a star, but can they rely on it? Having Pick #1 means the Magic won't be in the situation they've found themselves in many times before where they are rumored to really want a player that goes a spot or two ahead of them. They get whoever they want. Shouldn't they want the guy that has the highest upside and forget about the floor? If Pick #1 turns into Kwame Brown 2.0, the rebuild based upon this current collection of talent in Orlando isn't going to look drastically different than if you get another good supporting cast member. However, if Pick #1 is the guy that develops into a star, there is a sea change in the Orlando rebuild. Isn't the upside worth the risk? I'm enjoying the debate on here as to the player with the most star potential. I just think if Weltham decides Sharpe isn't the the player with the greatest chance of being a star, he needs to have a better reason than "There's no video of him playing in college."
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    Been watching some Sharpe film and in my opinion he has similar weaknesses to Jabari (burst, handle, getting to the rim) except he's not a 6'10 switchable and great defender. He's also exactly only 17 days younger than Jabari who has a full year of high level experience over him. Maybe he'll improve his weaknesses and be a star. But if we think Sharpe can improve them then we should afford that same leniency to Smith who in my opinion is a better prospect.