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    not happening. This team will NOT intentionally lose any games. It will not be a good vibe to finish the season like that. The goal is to make the playoff and play whoever comes after that. No reason to be afraid of anyone at this moment. You play to win.
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    Never stop believing Magic Fans!!! Miracles can happen!! GO MAGIC!
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    To me this season will be a success if we do or don't make the playoffs. Getting Fultz and the possibility of turning him around, Bamba's potential, and JI's development is success enough for me.
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    I don't agree at all. You build a team incrementally, in stages. We need to walk before we run. Getting to the playoffs would be a significant step for these guys. Allowing ourselves to become terrible again to "develop" our young players will result in a fiasco.
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    At the end of the day. If we win our games we will be in the playoffs and would rightly deserve our place .. if we dont we won't and we don't deserve it. Forget relying on other teams.. Control your own destiny.
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    Be careful paying Vuc on a contract year. His second best season was 2014/15 also a contract year.
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    You mean if they gave the same effort like they gave in the second half tonight. Certainly not in the first half.
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    I take it by the comments here that we didn't win ? That is ok. No need to panic. It's only 1 loss in the record books. There is still hope in this Eastern Conference. These next two games at home are crucial. Need to win those for sure.
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    That’s why we got the #1 pick from 2 years ago for a late first and a second. If he wasn’t concerning he wouldn’t have been attainable for so little.
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    behave. AG has improved. T Ross is a lot of the reason why we lost here. In saying that he was a lot of the reason why we won last night
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    Nah, he's been really fun the past month but our general team success has been built around elite level defense.
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    When is the last time we were able to enjoy a playoff run by the Magic ? Has it really been that long ? I feel like a kid at Christmas right now!
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    Wow that was right to the point. Lol. I agree. Briscoe brings it on both ends of the floor. He does a better job of running an offense.
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    Grant. Heck I would replace him with a 79 Pinto.
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    Exactly. It's all about focus and intensity. Need to bring it every night.
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    Fournier is just horrible defensively...and when he is not scoring, a complete and total detriment to the team. He would be no better than a 11th man on the Warriors, or most teams that are not fooled by the RARE shot he makes at the end of a couple of games.
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    Ok I get that this is your schtick but stop. Even if we do lose, we’ve now seen you say this multiple times. We get it. Shut up.
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    Losing to Chicago and then the New York debacle does not exactly promote optimism since our path to the playoffs is so narrow. I am still very positive long term (love the make up of our young core players) but realistic for this year at the same time. We have very little room for error and we just "errored" on two of our last three games. Not exactly confidence building performances.
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    Better record in head-to-head games. Division winner (this criterion is applied regardless of whether the tied teams are in the same division) Higher winning percentage within division (if teams are in the same division) Higher winning percentage in conference games.