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    Just want to let all of you know that I love this community and I'll be here for the good and the bad. RIP to the King, Chadwick Boseman
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    This +10. We tried to take the short cut of creating a dysfunctional team to land a great talent, not realizing how incredibly lucky we were to have that happen twice in the past (even then we never intentionally tanked for either Shaq or Dwight). We’ve all seen how intentional tanking worked out. I’m all for the “heart & hustle” approach of building the best team you can, creating the right kind of culture, and developing young players properly instead of throwing them in to be obliterated.
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    If you think New Orleans are trading Brandon Ingram for Vuc I've got a bridge to sell you. I also doubt Golden State would value Vuc over Wiggins since they have zero wings and seem to prefer rim running, rim protector bigs, but in a world where they do and they do want to trade for him and we have to take on Wiggins' dreadful contract I'd want: Eric Paschall, #2, 2021 MIN pick, their own unprotected 2022 pick and a couple of second rounders. Because honestly if we trade Vuc we're probably a bottom 5 team. Might as well lean into it with a bunch of assets. Also Fred VanVleet is about to get dramatically over paid and I want no part of it. His value as a starting PG when he won't be playing next to another elite full time PG in Kyle Lowry is virtually none to me. He's not a good pick and roll player at 0.84 PPP that's in the 50th percentile among all players (of eligible Magic players only MCW and AG are worse pick and roll ball handlers, DJ Augustin, Terrence Ross, Wes Iwundu and Evan Fournier all have better PPP as a pick and roll ball handler and Fultz is comparable at 0.85). Of his almost 7 3PA a game 6 of them are classified as Open or Wide Open, the benefits of playing with another all star guard, an all star forward and one of the best passing big men in the game in Gasol. He also only shoots 31% on pull-ups. DJ Augustin is hitting 38% on pull-ups this season. And he shoots 55% at the rim, DJ Augustin shoots 57% at the rim. Someone is going to pay Fred VanVleet 20 million a season. I suspect that is going to be a mistake. Apart from being an obvious defensive upgrade his numbers are comparable to DJ Augustin who'll probably make a quarter of what VanVleet makes next season. Caris Levert, I can see the appeal because of his self creation but he's older and less experienced than AG (who we'd probably have to give up to get him) and averages 50 games a season. He also needs the ball in his hands to be effective which could be a problem depending on if you believe in Fultz or not. Obviously if we could somehow get him with Fournier I'd do it but otherwise I think I pass. Hield is overrated. There's a reason he got benched in Sacramento. He's also really old for his experience level. He'll be 28 years old in the first year of his 4 year $94 million contract next season. I wouldn't like to give up a lot of assets for him. Trading Vuc for him almost certainly means we're losing a lot of games next season. Which if you want to do, that's fine, but if we're tanking I'd rather have picks and young players. CJ McCollum I can't see getting traded. People float his name every off-season and nothing ever happens. If they did trade him I'd imagine they'd want another real star back. Can't imagine Brooklyn entertaining a sign and trade for Joe Harris since he's exactly the type of player they'll need next season to play with Kyrie and KD. And how much would you be willing to pay and give up for just a pure shooter who's value is limited basically everywhere else? Fournier I guess? Would Brooklyn do that considering Fournier is an expiring? I did not intend for this post to be as overwhelming negative as what it's come out as but I think we need to be realistic about our options here. It's alright wanting a big shake up, but a shake up for the sake of a shake up isn't a smart or sound decision. Also I'm just not a huge fan of discussing guys like Ingram and Jaylen Brown who we've got probably zero chance of acquiring since discussing it perpetuates the idea it's possible which leads to some fans taking exhausting stances like "not trading for Ingram when we had the chance was unforgivable".
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    Augustin playing really well. He's got all those crafty vet moves in his bag of tricks.
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    I know it's a tiny sample size but Vuc in these playoffs is averaging 30/10/4 on 55/44/100 shooting. That's ludicrous.
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    This. It's also the position in which less money should be invested right now.
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    Center is the easiest position to fill
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    Lol Sweden have one of the best health care systems in the world. The United States do not. And Sweden have still had more deaths per million people than the US.
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    Vooch should be moved now while he has value. Sell high buy low. His trade value is as high as it’s going to be right now.
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    I'm just going to throw it out there that I ... can't bring myself to respond to this at all.
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    It looks like the Bucks are boycotting, so I guess we win.
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    The irony of this series is that Vooch continues to up his value. I’m totally fine trading him this offseason for a young asset with a high ceiling. That’s the kind of move a savvy front office would make.
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    Milwaukee is a garbage team with a physical freak of nature on the roster that gets them wins over bad and average teams. They're this years version of the old Lebron Cavaliers teams that always got wiped out when they eventually had to face a real contender. The Magic are a 33 win team missing 4 key players and they might get 2 wins off of them. If the Bucks make it past Miami, chances are Toronto or Boston will wipe the floor with them. If they somehow get hot and make it to the NBA Finals, whoever comes out of the west will slaughter them.
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    I’ve heard December as a rumor, but I’ve also heard as late as February for the 21 season to start
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    Cut it to 3 and Clifford inexplicably changes the lineup out of the timeout replacing Ross with Ennis. Game. set. Match
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    Exactly what I was thinking. Should stand off more and make him hit 3’s
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    There is no player on this team I would like to keep... every player has obvious flows and most of them not suited for the modern NBA
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    The thing with Markelle is that he’s going to look significantly better when he’s playing with shooters. There’s no reason to respect our shooters this series, so there’s no spacing, meaning his strengths of dribbling through the lane and creating don’t exist and actually become weaknesses because it’s too congested. Our lack of perimeter shooting is killing us
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    Given Isaac’s history so far, there is no way you can’t be concerned about potential future injury. As best I can tell, the last two injuries were both not a result of contact. If that’s happening when he’s healthy, the risk is likely even higher when he eventually returns, which is probably 12-18 months away if the rehab goes well.
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    Afernee1, that's three strikes... in less than a week... the latest being inappropriate language and name calling. Consequently, you will no longer be able to post here. All the best.
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    This is trolling... again. Please stop. This will be the last warning. Thank you
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    I love the idea that Pat Riley is the only executive with a plan.
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    It all depends on the direction we want to go. One problem we have is our holdovers don’t fit the WeltHam model. DJ and Fournier, for instance, are not good two-way players. If we want to be like Toronto or Milwaukee in our makeup, this roster needs to change. Thus, I’d be fine adding people who are older but fit our plan. Jrue Holiday comes to mind. Toronto didn’t add Lowry until later in his career and he’s been their tone setter. Now if we think a hard reset is due, I’m down with that, too. I love the upside of Barrett and Culver, for instance, but don’t know if they’re attainable. I’m sure there are other guys like them. All in all, what I do know is we can’t bring back the same roster next year and expect different results.
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    Sorry, I beg to differ. Honestly, I think we have passed that time of doing small adjustments and betting on cheap and supposedly "un-tapped" players. I agree the cap evolution in the next season(s) brings some concerns but I think it is time to really shake up things and move on from the way this roster is made. And don't get me wrong, I do appreciate having Ennis and Clark and am enjoying their performances, but they are good role players, no more than that and so, they will not make the needle move... Of course, it is easy to speak, and even though I have this impression, I cannot choose what would be in my opinion the best way forward. Probably, we should capitalise on the great numbers that Vuc is making against the Bucks. But even if we go for it, what would we like in return: top draft pick(s)? or an emerging star? and who? I could see GSW starting to "salive" with Vucs performances as I think what he is showing these days would be a tremendous fit with Draymond in their front court and with the splash-brothers in the perimeter. If so, would we "swallow" Wiggins contract (and risk) for their 2020 #2 pick and hopefully their 2021 or 2022 1st round pick? And if so, if we assume that Edwards is a lock at #1, who would we pick with their #2: Wiseman (and completely discard Bamba) or Ball (and make Fultz "run for the money")? If we choose an emerging/raising star, my dream (like Mauro) would be a sign and trade for Ingram. I do see potential interest from the NOP to have Vuc stretching the floor for Zion's runs to the basket. Still, I agree it is a long shot, but hey... we'll never know if we don't try... And appart from him, Jaylen Brown would also be a "dream", but I don't see BOS trading now, especially not this offseason... So once again, I know what I would not do, but I admit, it is not easy to find the clear way forward...
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    If Vucevic is moved, Bamba will get more minutes, if not, Bamba will never play so pick your poison