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    Y’all are truly hating. Post All-Star break we were #1 in the league in defensive efficiency and had the #3 record in the East. How does everyone assume we will still be fighting for the 8th seed with this same hungry team?
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    “Vuc has shown interest with Boston. It appears to be a mutual thing.” Pass it on so it makes the news circuits.
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    He averaged 22 points 7 rebounds and 6 assists per game against Toronto. He was Philly's best player and the main reason that series went to 7 games
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    Put me in the minority...with Vooch. Honestly, I was never the biggest fan, but No one currently on the roster has shown enough to become the next offensive catalyst if he departed. And in reality, Bamba is green and 20, so Vooch being ahead of him for several more years isn’t really a horrible thing. The team responded extremely well to Clifford in year one. To think there won’t be growth going forward is absurd. The team played competitive basketball all year and was one of the hottest teams to close the season. So saving face (re-signing Vooch/Ross) to currently compete, while developing the likes of Fultz, Isaac, Gordon, and Bamba doesn’t sound bad...it sounds like an absolute no brainer. People quickly forget how Orlando Played down the stretch or post all-star break, with the same roster makeup we will have. And Vooch sucked hard in the playoffs, agreed...but damn...did anyone think we would even Be there when the season started? There were substantial strides that were made and we lost to a team that went on to win the title. Our defieciences were apparent against a better opponent. Their defense was outstanding and Kawhi was unreal. But the playoff experience could be extremely valuable for the coach and our players. The sky is falling attitude is a little much at times around here. Re-signing Vooch was such an obvious and correct call for the fans to be acting so negatively toward this team now. trust me, I’m desperate for backcourt help and can’t stand Fournier, or how he plays...but to chastise an all-star center, who carried the team more than he hurt it, is insanely hilarious. As much as I like the rest of our roster makeup and potential...export Vooch and the offensive offiency would be atrocious. This past team was the best we’ve had in years and trending upward. Such a shame we’re staying the course with the same core. :/ The problem is, a lot of fans seem to think this team has plateaued perhaps, in its current state? And I can’t see how that makes any sense what so ever. The East is still as open as ever, and Philly could be dismantled as well. Orlando could certainly push for a top 4 seed, and continue the progression this team saw a year ago. im not always the biggest optimist, but there is a lot of good things Orlando has going for it. A young athletic team that has immense defensive potential, overachieved for their coach, and steady veteran precense at the G and C positions. Id pump the breaks on jumping ship, because we made an obvious choice in re-signing an All-Star Center
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    Here are some thoughts on a positive note (playing devil’s advocate): 1. We’ve given Vuc 5/7 of a max or “star” deal. Is his consistent offense and good team defense worth that? 2. Is it possible that we wanted to reward a guy who has stayed committed to us, has had a team mentality, and has been a good presence in the locker room and in the community? 3. This sends a message to the players on the team that management will reward players for excellent play. Low-balling or not offering something to a well-liked locker room guy wouldn’t look good to Isaac, Gordon, etc. Gordon got 4/$80, so I imagine this seems about right in comparison for what Vuc brings, at least on paper. 4. Let us remember that Bamba is 20 and we have no idea how management / Cliff have been evaluating him. We know he’s raw. It’s very likely we won’t be ready to carry the full weight of a starter until he’s 23 or so. If it’s earlier, that’s a good problem to have. 5. No big name free agent is coming to our team, even if we have money. Those guys all will continue to go to big market teams. We rarely get our pick of the elite, but rather the leftovers of “these guys have all signed and these guys were left over whom we guess deserve this money.” These are some of my positive, long-term views of the situation.
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    You missed when I said "I dont buy it but posting just for discussion". How am i falling for it? Especially since we just had a discussion about the likely moves earlier this morning. C'mon man.
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    Damn, get well, man. Hope you recover 100%.
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    Ok, I’m going to start the optimism. 1. We were one of the best teams down the stretch this season 2. We identified needs: shot creator (Fultz)?, depth - we’ve upgraded with Aminu , still need shooting and more creation. 3. No way Fournier is going to shoot this poorly again setting up for a contract year. 4. Bamba has been working hard. 5. Our youth are only going to be better. 6. Many will disagree, but I believe Vooch will give us his best and another year in Clifford’s system and developing others will help. Finally continuity! 7. Fultz? This will be the factor if we can position ourselves a top 4 seed. 8. There was a lot of movement and some chemistry to be explored but we stayed consistent. All goes well no significant injuries 45 to 50 wins, otherwise 38 to 42 My humble but fun opinion.
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    I do care about the money. But more then that I care about the type of player Vooch is. You cannot have your so called best player be an inefficient center who ranked 133rd in points per shot which he was one of the worst centers in the league because he doesn't go to the line and hit that many 3's . You have to play at a slow pace to maximize his game which hinders our young athletes who would be better playing up tempo. One of the main reasons we were towards the bottom in the league in offense. We would have been better off signing a short term cheaper option until Bamba was ready. That was the opinion of many on this board.
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    Autographed Purple Rain album.
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    Can he at least show us he's capable of playing more than 16 minutes first? He couldn't handle that load last year. Hopefully that changes, but he's going to get the playing time he earns. He isn't going to be gifted PT just for being a #6 pick. If Mo really feels that he deserves more, he'll show it in Summer League. He'll show it in practice. He'll show it in the games.
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    In all fairness everybody just needs to calm down and see how this all plays out. I'll support the team 110% no matter what. If guys want to stop supporting good riddance to be honest.
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    Nice knowing you guys!
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    Satoransky would be a really smart pickup because he can play 3 positions depending on what you need. So if Fultz never plays he's a great backup point guard. If Fultz is a star he can be your backup 2/3 as he's a great floor spacer.
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    I think we're hoping some team offers him a big contract so we can say "oh no! They paid him more than we wanted to pay him! Darn!"
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    DaQuan Jeffries was projected to go in the 40s and Kevin O'Connor had him as a first rounder. He has a decent chance to make the roster. DaQuan Jeffries Position: SF Height/Weight: 6-4 / 216 lbs School/Club: Tulsa Status: Senior Birthday: 08/30/1997 Synergy Stats: DaQuan Jeffries Scouting Report About DaQuan Jeffries DaQuan Jeffries is a long, strong swingman who had a breakout senior year showing the ability to space the floor and take the ball strong to the rim before an excellent week at the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament. An unheralded prospect out of the Edmond Santa Fe High School in the class of 2015, Jeffries started his college career at Oral Roberts averaging 6.7 points per game as a freshman before spending a year at the junior college level with Western Texas. Carved out a key role off the bench for Tulsa in his first year with the program but averaged 13 points and 5.6 rebounds per game putting together a breakout senior year to earn All-AAC 3rd Team honors. Has good size for a wing measured at 6’5 in shoes at the Draft Combine, but a terrific 6’11.25 wingspan and a strong 216-pound frame. Powerful and explosive athlete who plays a physical style and can play above the rim impressively with a head of steam. Played a significant role for the Golden Hurricanes off the ball. Did much of his scoring as a floor spacer, but also showed the ability to finish emphatically off the ball and make straight-line drives to the rim. Defensive Analysis Capable defender whose combination of length and athleticism is intriguing. Has room to be more aggressive, but flashes the ability to get in the passing lanes and block an occasional shot. Even used verticality to contest on occasion last season. Spent a lot of time playing zone, but has two-way potential. Allowed 0.907 points per one-on-one possession gaining quite a bit of experience guarding in the post. Career Highlights 2018-19 All-AAC Third Team selection as a Senior. Capped his Tulsa career by winning the State Farm College Slam Dunk Contest at the Final Four in Minneapolis. As a Sophomore in 2016-17, voted All-Western Junior College Athletic Conference First Team and All-Region V at Western Texas Community College. Averaged 16.3 points and 7.7 rebounds in three games at the 2019 Portsmouth Invitational Tournament.
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    Indiana lost 5 of its top 8 rotation guys this off-season, including the three guys who played the most minutes last season. Malcolm Brogdon has never started a full season in the NBA and Oladipo is currently injured and will likely miss the start of the season. I think we'll be better than them this season.
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    Just like Vic and Harris, I wouldn’t give up on AG too quickly. 23, great contract, and still has plenty of all-star upside. He’ll never be a go-to scorer, but he’s a glue guy whom every successful team needs.
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    Getting Ross back would take some of the sour taste out of my mouth. Loved watching that guy this season.
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    Vooch has a career avg. of 30 mpg, which still leaves 18 at least for Mo. But right now, I don't see Mo to be the force (even with more playing time) which all of you guys are advertising. He still needs a lot of time to develop.
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    Mo isn't getting traded. You can have him be the center of the future while giving him the backup role at the same time. He wasn't going to start for us anyways, and our FO is still on high on him, per every credible source. Having Vooch hold down the fort for Mo while he develops isn't the end of the world...
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    I would of like to seen 0/0
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    Nikola “Iron Pyrites” Vucevic (Fool’s Gold)