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    I don't understand why people would trade a lot of value for a guy that is a lability on the floor during crunch time because of his terrible FT shooting?
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    Agreed. Problem with Simmons is much more than bad FT shooting; he has a mental block, the yips, the heebie-jeebies, whatever you want to call it. He's a head case on offense in crunch-time, and it's gotten progressively worse since he's been in the league. This isn't like a catastrophic knee injury where time and dedicated rehab will eventually make it better. And Simmons has shown little indication that he understands or is able to address the root causes of his problem. Morey has no other option than to wait it out and hope a decent enough deal will come along for him to salvage some of his pride. I don't see how anyone in their right mind would trade what he's asking for Simmons; he'd be lucky to get McCollum straight up.
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    I just meant that for all the fiery arguments that used to happen in this place years ago, it was always hilarious when a conversation devolved into Jareth-related surrealism. Really was hard to tell how much serious basketball discussion was going on from the outside. Certainly better than some places for all the weird stuff though. Either way, I don't think a couple of devastating blowouts are going to deter any of us. I just hope this time the plan is to remain fluid until it is clear we have something/someone worth building around. It'd be great if we have already found "it" but will not be wholly disappointed if we haven't as long as we don't take the youth of this team and let us sail into another decade of cannon fodder. ... Fingers crossed!
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    I miss Jareth too, guys. I'm discount Jareth, but I'll do my best. And yeah, JJZFL, I and possibly MULTIPLE other may in fact participate in discussions on this forum when the season begins. This, according to my sources, of course. Yes, Aussie, I miss those old surreal discussions and tangents as well, though sometimes it was a bit much and for that I will partially apologize for. Another great one was Jackie Treehorn. Funny guy, and no that's not me. We all know everyone on this forum is just Jareth talking to himself anyway.
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    The proverbial calm before the storm. Give it a few weeks, there’ll be plenty of color. I’m just hoping we get off to a decent start and are competitive, even if we don’t win many games. Multiple blowouts with us being a disorganized mess would be a worst case scenario but is not outside the realm of possibility.
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    Damn, we traded everyone away. Hopefully this rebuild is MUCH better. I'm here 100%
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    I think it has more to do with his age when we re-signed him at 22. He’s 26 now and while he can still Improve it’s not as likely.
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    We extended at 4yr/$80M on a declining contract - they re-signed for $12M more over 4 years, so average an additional $3M per. (I'd be happy to take that extra $3M a year, how about you?)
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    I really don't understand fans pushing for simmons as he clearly is a problem, both inside and outside the court, and our situation will let us contend without having to trade for any star in a couple of years
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    I see Moore providing very little on court value, so hopefully he’s an incredible locker room presence.
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    No to simmons. I dislike his attitude so much that I don't care what he would bring. Plus, we are not a contender yet, so I am more than willing to play it out with the youngsters and see what we have here. I prefer to keep our 1sts and keep on building.
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    Cristiano Ronaldo and now E’Twaun
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    I think that even having too many young guys on the same team, regardless of position, can be tricky. Oladipo said just that about his time in Orlando, when everybody was looking to make a name for themselves and things didn't go as planned.
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    Because he brings you so much more during the regular season when it is harder to prepare specifically for him? And the thought that he is still fairly young and may be able to improve both the FT and 3PT shooting to continue expanding his game? He is a multiple time All-Star for a reason, even with his flaw(s).
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    Elfrid Payton? Hezonja? If you don’t agree with those examples, then I guess you have to go all the way back to Jeff Green.
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    Teams negotiate this stuff. Some picks do things like this. Some don't. I can't see why there should be any rules specifically stating this needs to happen. Both teams agree to trades and pick protections as they happen. Limiting what protections can be put on picks would only lead to fewer trades which is not what the league or the teams want.
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    Agree - if it doesn't convey the first year due to protections, then those protections should be less or removed completely in subsequent years. So if it is lottery-protected in '22, it should be nor more than top-4 in '23, top-1 in '24, unprotected in '25. The problem is, there is a limit on how far out you can trade a first-round pick.
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    Speaking of markannen trade, I will never understand this thing of trading for a protected first round pick, and if it is not conveyed after so many years, it becomes a 2nd rounder Its a backwards logic. If the team was unable to receive their part of the deal sooner, they should be rewarded, not punished like this. It is a trade clause that I will never understand.
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    Yes and no. As an anxious person myself, I don't outwardly show many signs of it even though I could be bordering on panic internally. And certain places become "havens" if you will. When I started having panic attacks / anxiety in high school, I would be totally fine on the basketball/volleyball courts but a mess everywhere else. We don't really see Suggs behind the scenes. I agree with you that he doesn't come across as an anxious guy in what we see, but people tell me I don't either. And they'd be wrong lol.
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    My guess is far more players (and people in general) have anxiety issues than we (or they) even realize. Not to trivialize mental health, but if it’s true and he’s aware of it, he’s already ahead of the curve.
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    Without him I don't think we get back to the playoffs in '19. He had some absolutely huge defensive plays and rebounds in big moments down the stretch of that season. And then of course Lowry broke his nose in Game 1 -- while flopping, mind you. Tough to blatantly flop and simultaneously maim someone.
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    Apparently Suggs has a brain. Canada has gone full fascism.
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    If you could trade for Simmons being the Magic you do it 6 times from Sunday. You give up Isaac in a heartbeat. Philly would never do it but since you brought it up. Philly is in a salary crunch the next few years but they do want to compete. Lets say the base of the deal is Ross and Isaac. Philly replaces the defensive prowess of Simmons with Isaac and gets another big guard with Ross who can shoot the three. Philly surrounds Embiid...their true star with a million shooters like Green,Curry,Ross and helps a size issue they have behind Tobias,Embiid and Dieng. They have a plethora of guards and will only struggle with playmakers, ballhandlers. However, when they have vets handling the ball half the time like Green,Embiid,Curry and youngsters like Shake and Maxey they can deal with it. There is no downside for us. Just like Houston and OKC we have decided to suck for at least two years. Trading Isaac has almost no impact because we have no chance to be a playoff team the next two years. That's half of Isaac's contract. The upside for us is a star, a ticket draw and a player who has a good chance to change our future. Give them our 2022 pick which probably will be high lottery with Simmons and hope Morey and his Hubris will think we will suck so that the pick will be worse. Absolute worse case scenario, Simmons is a good trade Chip when Suggs,Fultz, Chuma, whoever plays great and has to be paid 3 years from now. Edit; It will not happen but the only thing that would bother me is the other picks. If we traded for Simmons i would not care about next years pick, i know everyone here would considering that would be the best one probably but picks are like the Box or Boat conundrum. Get Simmons and we have Suggs and Simmons and all of our other guys for 3 years. We don't know what next years pick could be. The crutch would be what else we gave up. Still, it's a fantasy. It would be something like our next years pick top 4 protected(standard shown last few years..see the Wolves/Rockets/OKC trades and the meat of the deal). Then another pick from us and one of the Bulls or Nuggets pick. Morey would want a few pick swaps and that is where the deal could break down. All this is fantasy because Morey would be taking a big chance on Isaacs injury history. If it wasn't for that we would be front runners for Simmons.