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    Suggs made The NBA All Defensive Second Team. Go Magic!!!
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    I’ve never understood the idea that people don’t believe Paolo is a 1A scorer. “We need another scorer” suggests you want someone who is going to take the ball OUT of Paolo’s hands. When building a TEAM, you can’t just put a bunch of greater scorers together who need the ball. Give me 1 or 2 guys that need the ball in their hands then add 3 guys who play a combination of good defense, make smart passes, and hit open jump shots. THATS IT! Look at the make-up of Denver, Golden State, or Boston as a great template. trading for superstars /big scorers in my mind is overrated. The cost today with the Mitchell, Gobert, and Durant trades are just wild and (IMO) not worth it in the long run. Look at Brooklyn, Phoenix, Chicago, and either LA team. All of them mortgaged their futures to bring in the star scorers on individual teams and IT HASNT WORKED! Why? Because there are little things on the stat sheet that don’t show up that are NEEDED to win - more than just scoring points.
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    Tyus is at the top of the "Let our Boys grow but get a vet list!" If we truly believe or our gm believes in everyone on this team getting better i have no doubt they could and should get him. He is another ballhandler who could prevent turnovers and shoot the 3 when open and still young. It's a freaking no risk move. No risk at all. Promise him the starting Point Guard spot. Don't worry about when it's not his anymore.
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    Agree! We definitely need a starting PG that can steer the ship while AB gets up to speed. AB is going to be great, but he isn't at the level YET to run the team for the season. We need a seasoned vet to help bring him along.
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    I wouldn’t argue with that. My point is I don’t want to depend in a big way on AB becoming that guy next season. Way too big a risk from my standpoint.
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    Get a veteran Mike Conley-like PG for 2 years and let AB keep growing. Y'all were the same people calling for Jalen's head after his Rookie Year. AB is a great athlete with a high IQ and high work ethic. He'll be fine.
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    https://x.com/statdefender/status/1794752405646766267?t=zJWv3CLvisVzgx0YrxpiMg&s=19 AB BEST Defensive rookie in the league this season.. Chet 2nd AB the table setter.. the 3 point shooter.. the scorer.. the menace defender next to Jalen
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    I think we are on the same page!! hear me out please.. We are basically saying the same thing as i am, . I am also saying, and been saying this for a long time, that we need another playmaker. Back then, i would get heat that Franz would be that playmaker. Yadadayada. It came to the point that people went at me and said that Franz is as good as Luka. This was during the world championship on his international duties. I pointed out the struggles with Franz. (this was on another fan internet site) Well i got on here and also got some heat of my takes/observations on Franz.. Well ok, back to the point. Yes we need another Playmaker!!! Yes.. The only difference in our opinion is that you attach being a playmaker to a guard position. I‘m looking at players that are playmakers, regardless if it’s a guard or a wing. I’m saying with the physical gifts Franz and Paolo have, we’d be able to play a Wing playmaker next to them. We don’t have to rely on a guard. Ingram is a well enough playmaker to make this team special. Especially if Franz is able to be that Ginobili type player again! Only reason i’m looking at Ingram is that he has 1 year left and he might control his destiny if he limits his teams he’d sign an extension. Also i’m attaching Monk to any scenario. He is an underrated playmaker who can play the pick and roll And what are the other playmakers that are realistically available? My best fit is still Simons, but is he available? To what price? People on here are screaming for Klay Thompson or other shooters!? What is that going to do? We don’t even run plays for pure shooters. Okay doesn’t have the playmaking. The other only realistic option is PG13 who is love. But i don’t think he’ll end up leaving the Clippers. And if so, i see the Lakers signing him if Lebron leaves. Maybe Miami or something like that. I don’t see him leaving to a young team. And if so, i see him returning to OKC.. So if your goal is to add a playmaker. Name me realistic options, please?!
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    With that PG rotation we aren’t going to improve.
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    Hyper-Athlete. High IQ. Great motor. Gym Rat. Name me one player with all 4 of these qualities who didn't turn out to be a great basketball player. If the answer is "I can't," then you bet the farm in 2-3 years minimum Anthony Black figures this out.
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    If that’s the course, i’d rather sign Tyus Jones.. At least he can stroke it for real…
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    When we signed Cole to his extension, I thought it was a win for both sides. Unfortunately, now I think it was ultimately a win for Cole’s side. After 4 years in Orlando, he’s not shown he can play consistent, efficient, winning basketball. Looks like we still have 2 more guaranteed years on his deal for a total of around 26mm. Not a ton of money, but I hope we move on from Cole via a trade this summer.
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    You are taking both posts wrong.. We didn’t say what you are accusing us of saying. I specifically said that Monk and Claxton are the way to go imo. Plus our draft pick. I’d draft two rookies. 2nd round player if he’s on our big board. there are only a couple of trades i’d actually do and think would be better than getting two Free Agents plus our Draft. And the list is really small.
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    Would be an awesome pick up for us
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    Major differences between Pelton's model and consensus: Views Sheppard, Edey, Clingan, and Sarr as elite prospects worthy of a #1 pick many years. Views Knecht as nearly undraftable and is extremely low on Matas, Cody Williams, and Risacher (rating them as sub second round picks as well. Cody Williams doesn't even rank as a third round pick due to his horrible defensive stats). Much lower on Holland, Dillingham, Topic, Castle, Missi, Salaun, Collier, and Devin Carter than consensus Much higher on Kyshawn George, Johnny Furphy, Ivisic, Kobe Johnson, Kam Jones, and Payton Sandfort than consensus. Nothing very surprising for stat based models https://www.reddit.com/r/NBA_Draft/comments/1c1jzpb/pelton_nba_draft_model_projections/ Here are Kevin Pelton's model projections for last year's 2023 draft btw. Obviously Wemby was first, but the projections were much higher on Brandon Miller than Scoot, who finished tenth right behind Derrick Lively. Here's the list of only the top ten: Wemby Brandon Miller Whitmore Wallace Dick Hendricks George Sensabaugh Lively Scoot
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    Magic brass care far too much about culture. One good player can be a locker room cancer if attitude isn't there. D-Lo feels like a risk from that perspective, at least from what I know about him. If this were NBA 2K I would be open to it as he's a great offensive player, but defense and effort are questionable, which won't fly with this team.
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    https://x.com/statdefender/status/1795431906529656853?t=6Yf30IpUwPLFEcvSPVYeYw&s=19 Top 6 is all our players hahaha wow
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    Its amazing how much coaches who know how to use time outs can affect the game.
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    You keep saying repeatedly that we don't need a PG, but ignore the statistics posted in my post above that show that our current playmaking was untenable. I will happily concede that a dynamic guard like SGA to break down defenses would be sufficient, it doesn't have to be a "traditional PG", whatever that means. SGA also has Giddy as another playmaker. Regarding Doncic, he may run the pick&roll better than any NBA player in history, and if not, he's in the top 3. He was second in the NBA with 9.7 APG this past year. Jalen Suggs had 2.7 APG. If we want to drive Paulo from the team, then try to make him play point forward. Gordon had the same complaint when we tried to make him play point forward. Paulo's already said he wants someone else to "set the table". We played 3-4 big lineups plenty during the season and playoffs, and offensively they often didn't work at all. Honestly I'm stunned that anyone would argue that we don't need much better guard play, and that a PG lineup of Suggs/AB/Fultz would be a good thing (worst thing imaginable), when our playoff series clearly showed just the opposite. Edit: For those who can't see the NBA University post on X from May 6 that I posted above, here is the text: NBA University @NBA_University Jalen Suggs used 18 possessions as the pick-n-roll ball handler in the playoffs. He shot 1/9 FG (11.1%) & turned the ball over 38.9% of the time. Generating 0.33 points per possession Suggs + Harris cannot coexist as a backcourt with their combined lack of on-ball initiation. 2:20 PM · May 6, 2024 ·
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    That was amazing. Luka is one of the scariest dudes in the league down the stretch. I hope they have enough weapons to beat Boston in the finals
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    in other news.. This is a video of Jett Howard he’ll have a shot at the rotation next season..
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    From my standpoint, planning to start AB as PG on a playoff caliber team is a huge risk. When he did play point he would mostly pass it to Paulo once he got past mid-court and then go run to the corner. He is not the quick, penetrating, decisive playmaker that we need to help Paulo and Franz. Will he get there some day? Obviously some people here think he will. That would be nice, but you can’t risk the next season on the hope that it will happen Gets us an above average PG and we take a big step forward next season.
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    You’d be surprised what a competent pg who can get into the paint and shoot the 3 would do for this team. Are they all stars definitely not. However having a veteran pg who can contribute on offense would be a step in the right direction for this young up and coming team. Plus it would give AB control of the second unit where he would see plenty of minutes without getting too over whelmed. When he shows he’s ready to be a full time starter you just insert him with the 1st unit and let the vet run with the 2nd unit. I honestly don’t see the fit with Ingram here. He would take too many shots away from our young duo because he plays a lot of 1 on 1 basketball, doesn’t necessarily set his teammates up to score, and is always injured at some point in the season for an extended period of time.
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    Neither Nembhard nor McConell are those type of players that make us contenders. Id rather see AB develop into that guy.. I stand by my words. We don’t necessarily need a PG. We need a player that can handle the ball in half court and that can break defenses down. It would be nice if that is a guard. I don’t see a realistic solution (except of Monk) so i wouldn’t be mad if we would swing for Ingram. If it works out, we have a unique team that cannot be guarded by the majority of NBA teams.. That length, that scoring, is just too much to handle. Who is gonna stop Ingram, F. Wagner and Banchero? Not happening. Especially if Suggs and WCJ continue to improve their shooting.
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    sign me up.... now now now!