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    You would think someone having the worst shooting season of his career would focus on improving his shot instead of spending the next 2-3 weeks practicing dunks.
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    Cliff loves to be a hard ass in the media about the shortcomings of the team and accountability, but he needs to look in the mirror sometimes. He's done plenty of dumb things this season (some that continue bc they seem to be part of his philosophy) that go on without much criticism because he is only answering questions from like 6 local media members. PnR coverage scheme against Kemba/Dame types Forcing Birch into a major role he isn't suited for (much of this is injury-induced, but I still think he's overplaying him) The Vooch keeping his hands down thing (makes no sense and happens so often I can't imagine Vooch is just doing it on his own) Inconsistent enforcement of accountability where Bamba gets pulled for one mistake but Vooch is allowed to tank the game for 9 straight minutes
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    Release Fournier. Would be a pure case of addition by subtraction.
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    I might get hate for this but I don't really care. Not all opinions on here will be or should be liked that's why they are called opinions and not agreements. I will will throw two major celebrations when these happen in my sporting fandom. #1 as a Dolphin fan when Brady finally retires. #2 when Vooch and Fournier are no longer on this roster! Please let the suffering end!!
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    We are now 21-27. We have lost 4 in a row. We have the second to last offensive rating in the entire NBA. We are tied with Brooklyn for the 7/8 seed, though I believe we own the tiebreaker. Chicago, which is a bad team, is only three games back. After all of these years following Dwight’s departure, how can we be this bad? How have we built a subpar roster around vets like Fournier, Ross and Vooch? Why is this acceptable? At some point, the definition of insanity has to kick in. At some point, I’d hope our management would say we’re not okay with mediocrity. I really hope we dump some of our vets to allow our future guys to develop. Staying this course should not be okay. Let’s move forward. Go Magic.
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    Was just talking to my Brother who now lives and Kansas City and is trying but failing to get a super bowl ticket. We started to reminisce about going to game 4 of the 2009 ECF against Cleveland and how incredible it was. We both agree it was near the top of sporting events we have ever been to. Those memories with my Brother will last forever. It also reminded me of how electric this town was rooting for our only pro franchise. I remember meeting people I would never meet in normal life and hugging them just because we both loved the Magic. Damn I really want those days again:)
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    Jay, I know that you know your basketball, but what I am trying to say is that, I, who has little knowlege can see the difference in how the Magic has won games as opposed to how they lost games. We have won games with lots of ball movement to find the open man. We have won games with outstanding defense. We have won games with a very good starting point guard and a good serviceable backup point guard. Several times I saw Evan taking over at the point guard spot. That is not his job. He is not James Harden, Steph Curry or Damian Lillard. So, basically, by him doing that everything became discombobulated and other players were missing shots because if there was a game plan, it was shot to h-ll. And Evan felt that he should play hero ball.
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    Yeah I've had enough. We need to get rid of Evan and whoever. To be brutally honest. I don't care who we trade as long as long as the team gets to where we all want it to be and that's fighting for championships.
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    Yes. If I could add one player onto this team of guys who are reasonably available I'd add Bridges. I'd add Bridges over hield, Wiggins, dinwiddie, Russell, whoever. There's incredible fit. He's cheap so we get to keep our options open long term. A fully developed Bridges is the ideal sg you can fit between prime fultz and Isaac.
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    Yeah he calls his left knee Evan. And his right knee Nikola.
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    We are stuck with the same buddy ball for the last four years. Yep u say we are in some easily changeable position but never do. Insanely backing our new management as if they have done something innovative.
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    I don't even have emotions towards the team at this point. I feel so calm. It's beyond PATHETIC.
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    Pathetic team we are at the moment. AG.. Vooch..Evan and Ross have been ATROCIOUS
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    If Fultz trade was so obvious and easy, why didnt any of the other GMs trade for him ? Do you think Philly contacted us and said he guys, we really want Simmons, we can give you Fultz, ok ? Looks easy when done, for sure, but thats just a sign of a good work of our GM.
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    I'll take him to a nice dinner at TGI Friday's or Applebees. Where there is no nutritional value in the food but it fills you up. Seems like Vuc loves himself some empty calories anyways.
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    We have very in man in for us. If they’re not named Markelle or Jonathan trade em
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    I get why we resigned Vuc, but I think I agree. Once him, Evab, and DJ are gone, we can start truly building around our young core. Just hope by then it won't be too late for guys like Gordon, Isaac, Fultz, and Bamba.
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    Man, there is no resistance in the paint. There has been a parade of layups right down the middle by GS.
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    We are exhibiting absolutely no offensive capability at all, golden state is disrupting everything we try, that is a coaching deal
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    I'm really hoping Aaron's strong week isn't just due to playing in California in front of his family. SAC -- 19 & 9 on 8/16 shooting with the game winner LAL -- 21 & 6 on 7/12 shooting with multiple highlight plays LAC -- 20 points on 8/11 shooting (4/5 from 3) Would be amazing if he was starting to find his rhythm instead.
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    Isaac has defensive player of the year upside. Fultz has definite star moments and the pedigree to give him that kind of ceiling. This month alone he has a 6 steal game, the highest single game +/- in the post Dwight era, and a 12 point 4th quarter against another playoff team. We played the draft pick game already and it didn't work. It requires considerable luck and the right guy to be there and we're not in a place to sacrifice seasons of guys we already have. And is Boston succeeding simply because of jaylen Brown and Tatum's talent? Or are they succeeding because they added those guys to a 48 win team that had good vets to teach them how to win? Is Toronto succeeding simply because of siakam and Fred Vanvleet's talent? Or are they succeeding because they added those guys to a 56 win team that had good vets to teach them how to win? What about Utah with Donovan Mitchell? I think a lot of player's value is natural but a large underrated portion is putting them into the best position to succeed. I don't think you can just lose for several years and gather a ton of young players together and expect them to turn into winners. It's why Phoenix hasn't succeeded with their 10 lotto picks in the last 9 drafts. It's why the Lakers looked terrible before they dumped all their young players. It's why Minnesota hasn't had any sustained success despite being in the lottery almost every year since 2005. You gotta get talent then develop it. You can't just let the talent lose and develop bad habits.