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    exactly what i think.. Je will be too expensive and the player is looking for a different role than we can offer him.. We need to get in that Lilliard deal and hopefully get Herro. Only if it’s a good deal though. It looks like there will be a lot of movement going on. Deadline day could be crazy
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    Oh I love it! I was hoping we'd be getting a new main jersey this offseason, a rebrand, but I guess that has to wait. BUT... Bringing back the T-Mac era jersey, The Heart and hustle look, also just warms me inside. Would be amazing if we could have the old pinstripes as well, rotate them, but this is just gold! Love the retro theming made by the social admins this summer I'll take a Banchero and Wagner, please! Ok also Fultz, Carter jr, Cole, Suggs, Black, Howard aaaand... just one for each player
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    https://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/nba-top-100-chris-paul-jalen-brunson-kristaps-porzingis-among-top-risers-and-fallers/ Franz is the biggest riser in CBS annual top 100 list.
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    Franz, Paolo and Mo all won Player of the Game during the World Cup. Future is bright. Best young duo since Tatum and Brown. Jersey is Fire.
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    That's my guy! Dude's becoming a star.
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    I believe it's October 2 at 10:00 am.
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    Things that make you go hmmm… “The Magic should go after Jrue Holiday. Upgrade at point guard, fits the multiple ball handler offense, a needed veteran. Plenty of ways to assemble a deal that makes sense for the Blazers too.” https://x.com/kevinoconnornba/status/1707178659310940579?s=46&t=-aZjPK-cJg6N70XI29LM3Q
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    ok so this "trade Cole" rumor came from nowhere and has not been supported by any major player. Not the magic, not cole and not any reputable journalist But if You google Orlando magic, there are 3 stories on the first page repeating this rumor. I hate sloppy, rumor based journalism
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    Gorgeous. Love the Nike logo, too.
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    Awful all the way around. Yes, I’m grateful for the character and culture of our team.
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    Germany is World Champion in a thrilling final game. Franz had a fantastic game and was finals MVP!!! So proud of that team! Germany could be a lead example for the Orlando Magic. Team basketball wins. Germany has special team chemistry and so does the Magic. I hope team germany and Orlando Magic will develop some kind of partnership. Germany already has some Magic staff with them. Maybe this can go both ways!!
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    Franz looked great today after coming back from an ankle injury. He looks like he’s going to make another leap this year which bodes well for this organization.
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    Team USA had a close one to beat Montenegro and now they lost to Lithuania.. Main problem, like i identified before the tournament. Team USA lacks real centers. You can overcome that in Fiba Ball with some teams. But some teams are just too much. Lithuania dominated the glass, grabbing 18 offensive boards. Valanciunas and Montejunas and their other big bodies were just too much
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    oh and btw. Germany winning against Slovenia without F. Wagner. Imo we need to get Coach Herbert (American coach) on our staff! He’s a good offensive mind, great coach and plays a mix of NBA and Fiba tactics. Nice to watch. That would fit Orlando so great
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    Hi! Let me begin by saying I feel bad for not posting here for a long, long time. I honestly feel like I neglected my Magic fam and the friends I had made here. Some I still socialize with on Facebook and Twitter err..X. For that I am sorry, genuinly as the Magic and the city of Orlando mean so much to me. I didn't go anywhere when ot comes to the Orlando Magic, I just got pulled in other directions when it comes to Magic news and disussions. That, and for a long time I had trouble logging in here for some very odd reason but that's a different story. However, at work today, I was missing Magic basketball and I started to think about thr excitement of years past, gamethreads, sognatures and whatnot. I felt I need to get back on here and what I miss a lot, is making and participating in gamethreads. I don't have a computer with photoshop today so my gamethreads, should I make some, might be a bit different. It might change as I have the urge. Also, getting old hah Looking forward to next season and cheering for the Magic with you :) ÁFRAM ORLANDO
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    I talked to CT and it seems like we haven't had one of these in a few years: A Board Member Get-to-Know Thread, where board members can share some fun facts about their real selves and Magic history as much as they desire, understanding and accepting that some people may want to stay anonymous to some level. I'll share a few standard prompts that can be reused by others (feel free to add / subtract and others can use this as a template if desired): Name: Current Location: Industry You Work In: The Origin of Your Username: How You Became a Fan: Favorite All-Time Magic Player: Favorite Magic Memory: Most Visceral Magic Memory: Worst Personal Magic Take: Other Interesting Facts: