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    Whenever I'm feeling down I just remind myself that Elfrid Payton isn't our Point Guard anymore
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    I don't really think there's any rift/animosity anymore. We don't have that end of season stretch if the guys are feuding or holding grudges. Vooch/Fournier buddy ball was much less egregious last season per the eye test, but I will admit I haven't looked at the touches/passing stats. All of the players seem to really enjoy each other now, which hasn't been the case in a while... and definitely not while Ibaka was here, they hated him.
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    I don't really consider what the other guys say because you don't really know how honest they're being. And while I'm optimistic he'll be ready for training camp there's still a very reasonable chance that he'll play 10 or 20 or 50 games and have to sit again. So while he might look fantastic in training videos and we might get super hyped about a great performance in the preseason we need to constantly temper that enthusiasm with the realization that it might be short lived.
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    This isn't true at all. Khem is a center. He does all the things you want a center to do despite the fact he's 6'9.
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    He'd really be the starting 5 anywhere that has a roster that doesn't require significant offensive production from their center spot. I'm still a little amazed that Boston went with kanter over him. They have kemba, Tatum, Brown, and Hayward. They have smart who can sometimes provide supplementary scoring. They have a few rookies that collectively should provide 1 other decent offensive player per game. They don't need kanter. They need a guy who can set screens, defend the pick and roll, and rim protect.
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    I think we can win a bunch of games, but our ceiling — with the current roster — is around what the best Wall-Beal teams were. A tough out in the 2nd round I see us having 2 camps in our team, Vuc+Fournier and the rest of the guys. I don't think Vucevic makes Gordon and Isaac better so we'll never reach our true potential while they're all playing at the same time. I'm not sure if it was posted here, but France played Montenegro and Gordon commented on Fournier's photo on Instagram, saying something like "I bet you still passed to Vucevic", which might've been a joke but a sneak diss at the same time.
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    There's not a bad seat in the house. But it really depends on what kind of experience you're looking for. I've sat in the 101 row A seats and it's really nice for being able to see players relatively up close but because you're sitting on a baseline you can miss a lot of what's happening on the other end of the floor. If you want the best viewing angle, something in the mid rows of 105, 106, 114, or 115 would be better. So basically if you're looking at the cheapest way to get as close as possible to the players without paying "floor" prices 101 row A is great. If you're trying to get the best views the sideline sections are better.
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    That is the type of SG we need here. We need to tank for him!
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    Fournier had 31/6/4 in a 2 point loss to Australia Birch had 15/9 with 3 steals and a block in a loss to Germany Vuc had 18/7 in a big win vs Japan
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    I know man. Dude is now a journey man and we hedged all our bets on him. Terrible!
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    Even with the disappointing end, it's still fun to look back at that 2010 team. Just the way the ball moved in that clip is awesome. We had a lot of talent
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    This was one of my favorites to see in person
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    I would love to see that Fournier all this year.
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    Gotta remember it's a job and not everyone is super amazing at their job compared to the field just because they have a position in the field.
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    I agree. I’m hoping the 3rd quarter that he absolutely took over in the Raptors series (can’t remember which game) was a sign of things to come. I also hope we scheme to get him involved more. Unfortunately, us playing through Vooch hurts Gordon’s ceiling.
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    Particularly his first step or maybe his second step. He's explosive but he has trouble taking those first couple steps and getting by people every time. Every so often he blows past guys and you're like "holy ****". He doesn't do that enough. I wonder if he's too in love with his step back game resulting in him using those initial steps to get his guy off balance and give him space for his mid-range game instead of just taking guys to the rim.
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    I don't think Bamba will be considered a star in 5 years. We just signed Vooch for years to come and there is no way Bamba will be playing ahead of him unless He is eventually traded away. He will be a star in year 7-8. Maybe. In regards to isaac, he is a good starter caliber player. He will likely be a top defender in this league. His offense should improve drastically in order for him to be consider a future Star. Not sure that will ever happen. He has the most potential of the 3 to make that jump. The same can be said about Fultz. AG is the one that I see becoming a perennial star in this league. He is able to defend very well and if his offensive game continues to improve Then he can eventually average 20ppg in this league. Now it is not fair to compare him with the rest as he is the one with more experience and has been out there the longest.
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    So we know Gordon can play like this occasionally Hypothetically if fultz is a non-entity we would need this type of performance anytime we play in big games for the franchise to take another leap.
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    This is with a 2x zoom on my phone camera but it's the type of view you'd get from 101 row A
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    I've just been catching up on the last couple of pages but this is exactly what I was about to post! Philly used pick one on him, so you can sort of see where their hate is coming from (I still don't agree with it but it's a little more understandable). We gave up just a likely 2nd round pick for him, a player who's ceiling is still sky high (that part never disappeared). So getting a guy like that with a top 20 protected pick you have to expect that there is a big possibility that he doesn't hit that mark, if it was likely then Philly would have got a pretty big haul for him in a trade. If Fultz breaks down tomorrow and is never able to play again he still should receive nothing but love and well wishes from us Magic fans.
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    You don't pay to keep 10th or 11th men on your roster. They're easily replaceable for cheap. Iwundu was a good pick. But from a team building perspective it makes sense to invest heavily in 7 guys and use the rest of your spots on guys who can eventually develop into one of those top 7 guys or mercenary veterans. Iwundu’s fine. I like that he's on the team. But he's not a guy we really need to spend money on. Unless he's planning on signing a really cheap contract.