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    So, Vooch and all he meant to the team was great and I’m not downplaying that at all. But right now that trade is: Vucevic and Aminu’s terrible contract for Wendell Carter Jr, Franz Wagner, the cap space from Otto Porter’s expiring and a 2023 first round pick still to come. what a trade!!
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    HI I was at the game last night. I have not looked at box score or stats so time of this may not hold up under scrutiny but this is how I felt there. A few observations: 1) Fans are very late arriving which is disappointing for the start of the game. Started with about 20% seats full 80% by start of 3rd. (no masks required) 2) As has been noted, starting 5 play extremely well. We get into trouble when we break the line up. But those 5 dont play as well when they return. Part of that may be that unless I missed something. Those 5 dont ever play together again. There is always a starting 4 plus a bench player. (For example, I dont remember Moe and Wendell playing together after we broke.) They could have and I missed it , but it is something that stood out to me. 3) Speaking of Moe, he is playing very well and very hard, but when they sit him down he looks completely gassed. Dont know if he is still struggling with conditioning or that is just who he is always going to be. 4) Franz was amazing. Seeming to always be in the right place. 5) Suggs struggled. He also seemed to always be in the right place, but often did not execute. His ability to see the game when he does not have the ball is very good. He made some great passes. But it seems when he gets the idea to score, he loses his vision and drives into very bad situations, or misses too many open shots. Plus many turn overs, his handle is not great. From what I see, right now, he is not a good point guard. (yes I know rookie first year and all... not calling him a bust, I guess I just expected a more "Ready for prime time" player) 6) Cole very often plays for himself, ignoring everyone else. Last night his shot was falling, so he is not the reason that we lost. But I saw him take too many difficult shots when others were open for easier ones. 7) Harris and hampton were space fillers. Moe Wagner was serviceable , though not as good as last game. 8) I dont think I saw iggy or robin in at all 9) A lot has been said negatively about T-Ross and his attitude on the court. I saw quite the opposite. He seemed to be taking a leadership role. Always looking around. Checking guys positions, talking.. etc And he seems to be being used in a more all around role. He is not just bombing for three and hoping to score or get fouled. I had no issue at all with him last night. 10) It was good to see J.I., Chuma, and MCW on the bench and cheering guys. But I was a little confused with Fultz. He was there. And came in with the guys on every time out. And I am sure he was cheering, though I never noticed. But he did not sit on the bench. He stood against the hockey dasher. Not a big deal, but seemed odd if he wants to be one of the leaders of this team. Ok thats it On to Toronto
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    Couldn’t agree more! Also add to the fact he’s doing it super efficiently so not sure why everyone is complaining about his game right now. He’s the only consistent offense we have right now and we need to score points to win games. Sure sometimes he has the blinders on and looks for his shot but isn’t that what every Alpha dog/superstar does? Why can’t we be content with one of our players breaking out instead of looking at the negatives which are being blown way out of proportion. I could maybe understand if he was a one trick pony and just chucks every game but he is doing it on offense and defense. Can’t fault a guy for stepping up and taking control of the team in his second year.
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    I don’t think there’s any way you can bench Cole with how he’s playing. I get it, long term he projects as a 6th man but that projection is looking dead wrong. I’m a huge Fultz guy but unless Cole comes back down to earth you can’t bench him.
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    Finally caught up with the games from last week. In general there are some good signs for the future. Cole has been a lot better since the first couple where I said he's probably not a starting PG. He's not perfect but he's getting others involved more, hitting jumpers and I can't fault his rebounding and effort most of the time. Franz Wagner has been the best player on our team and he's also the youngest player on the team. Very impressive. Suggs is just a bundle of energy. He can cause havoc on defense. If he figures out his handle and jumper he's going to be a problem. Okeke is back! First game wasn't great but he didn't have a preseason, think he and Franz are going to be FUN together. I still don't see it with RJ. He looks lost out there most of the time and he is definitely not a guard. He came into the league raw so maybe he'll figure it out in year 3? We'll see. Ross' defense is disastrous and his offense is inconsistent at best so far. Will we be able to get anything for him at this rate? I'm pretty sure Brazdeikis is not an NBA player. I still don't think Bamba is very good. He's improved and he's useful as a 7 footer who can hit catch and shoot 3s but we get killed on the offensive glass whenever he's in because he goes hunting blocks and leaves his man. He's very slow footed defensively and he's got no other offensive skill besides his jumper. I'm thankful he's made a leap but I think he'd have to make another to be a starting, playoff calibre, big. The good news is that even if we only had Suggs and Franz our future would be exciting but we've got a lot of other guys we can be varying levels of excited about and likely another high lottery pick coming.
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    Right. Everyone on here has been begging for a a scorer for years and we finally have one who is balling out in his 2nd year but people are non stop complaining about his game. I get it, he’s far from perfect but it’s also his 2nd year at 21 years old.
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    I was at the game and maybe it allows me to experience more then you watching on video, but it doesn't quite jive with the players reactions and attitudes to his game and to what he is doing. I do agree that he seems to get "can't nobody guard me" syndrome on occasion or "I can shoot as good as Steph curry" attitude, but my mostly he is making winning plays and playing team defense. One of the biggest issues with James Harden style players is they only to seem to play offense, whereas it does seem like Cole is trying to do both.
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    Glad this is the first game I chose to go to this year, first half the crowd was very disappointing and you heard more Utah fans than Magic fans, but after half time you could actually tell this was a home game for us, and those last 3 minutes were incredible with the energy the fans brought. Great win
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    It’s amazing to log on and see some of our players getting trashed. Really? This was an incredible team win… one of the best wins in some time. Credit where it’s due. Great coaching and great win!
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    The 2020 season didn’t start until December
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    There’s no world where Ross should play 27 minutes and only shoot the ball twice. I don’t think that’s debatable. His skill set is to get hot and provide bench scoring in bunches. You can’t score if you don’t shoot. Maybe this is how Moseley wants him to play, and I’m just not used to his new role, it very well could be, and if that’s the case, I still don’t agree with it. I think we’re not utilizing one of our best players properly and it’s hurting the team.
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    You wait the season out with Bamba. Plenty of bigs in this years draft lottery means we can easily decide to not match if he gets an offer. Personally I would let him go. Doesn't bring what you need from a modern center for me, has no mobility or athleticism. I legit don't think he's capable of jumping most times I watch. His screens are shocking as well. Was a frustating game tonight though. We had numerous chances to close up and missed repeated good looks over and over again.
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    Making a terrible mistake in the past under a different front office has no bearing on what we should do in the present and future.
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    Today marks the first of 5 straight on our home floor. If Fultz, Isaac, or both are coming back any time soon I’d think it’d happen on this home stand. JI is almost 15 months post surgery!
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    I posted last week that i was at the game and saw quite the opposite from the accusations that keep flying here. The man was engaged, coaching the rooks along and playing for the team. And I agree, a much more all around player, rather than bombing from 3 all the time. Now is it time for him to go? Maybe, his time line does not match and if we can get decent return. But from what I have seen, not because he is a bad influence.
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    I honestly don’t know where the Ross heat is coming from, man is seeing a double team every time off screens which I’ve seen usually help kick start our offense, and shout out to Ross for passing to the rolling big or kicking it to the open guy in the wing/corner. Last yr Ross would just usually force the shot no matter what
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    It's super dumb but I just saw someone call Franz 'The Franzchise' and I just want you all to know that if Franz does become an All Star I stand behind that as his nickname.
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    Not gonna lie J-Wag just might happen lmao
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    time to change your user name to J-Wag or F-Mac
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    That’s what I thought prior to the season starting but I don’t think you can bench Cole, or Bamba with how they’ve played so far.
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    Good thing for tonight is Jalen Suggs. His shot looks good, it’ll start to fall more. His defense is already above average with elite potential, and I loved seeing him challenge Coach Moseley over that timeout call near the end of the game. Point guard in the NBA is the most difficult position to master in all of sports, so we’ll need to be patient, but I’m confident Suggs is that dude.
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    Oladipo started the same way. When you have an athletic, High IQ player with good touch, you keep them because they will eventually get a shot and be a more complete player. im not worried about Suggs, and I don’t think anyone else should be until year 4 if he hasn’t developed a reliable shot. That’s when Oladipo took his big leap.
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    Love how people across the internet were having a meltdown over us taking Franz over someone like Bouknight and here we are playing Charlotte - Franz starting and having an impact; Bouknight unable to crack the Hornet's rotation.
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    At this point his team is a collection of rookies, third stringers, and hurt players. Terrible team building and asset acquisition by the front office for example how is a guy like Chuma still out
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    I think financially, seeing as we have WCJ signed, Isaac signed and Franz and Chuma on rookie deals ... we should have no issue keeping all of them so long as Bamba and the team can and do have an agreement in place. Should be a couple of years and will mean someone up front would have to break out big time to have to make us sweat on that right now. I'm mostly worried that there will just be enough tiny improvements across the board for us to get locked into a mediocrity cycle like last time. Hope someone has by the end of the year firmly established themselves as a franchise guy or we position ourselves to draft one failing that