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    I don’t agree that you have to potentially waste another season before deciding what to do next. Our deficiency at PG is pretty obvious to most people. We don’t need to wait to see it hurt us in the playoffs (assuming we get there) before trying to improve in that area.
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    It’s called the death lineup lol …love it !
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    That’s why peeps shouldn’t raise the white flag after 1st qtr.
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    People who want to trade our 20 year old rookie are telling us to be patient with an almost 26 year old man who we've had under contract for 5 seasons because he might start shooting 3s any day now.
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    Cole’s game has fallen off a cliff. He’s unplayable. AB should be getting his minutes
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    It’s gotta be a mix IMO. Playoff basketball is completely different than regular season and we don’t have anybody on the team with legit playoff experience. Maybe Joe, but that’s about it
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    the starting unit sans Fultz brought the team back.. I’m not hating on Fultz. If you read my comment right, you hear that i love the player, the personality. But it’s a fact that the Wolves discovered that Fultz can’t shoot outside the paint and therefore they successfully schemed Gobert to guard Fultz. The Wolves had a big lead. Mosley actually made adjustments and therefore Fultz didn’t close out the game. Those are facts! The Wolves coach would have never schemed Gobert to guard Simons, Murray or Tyus Jones (who are all seen like good fits for us) Playing Fultz off ball in the starting unit is a big liability! I stand by those words. And i say it again. I love the player and i would extend him on a good deal for sure!
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    Great game! Felled like a playoff game. Players clearly weren’t used to playing through contact.. The refs overall were once again bad, but at least it went both ways! - JI is a beast. Way too many people gave up in him! I’m not going to let it slide that most wanted him out due to injuries, political views or whatever. Those shouldn’t hop on the train ever again. Or admit that they were wrong. I wonder what the requirements are for DPY? He clearly is the best defensive player in the NBA! IMO even ever! Nobody wants to play against him. KAT was most definitely in tears after the game. He was held to one bucket against JI. It was hilarious to see him whine all night. - Paolo is amazing. The difference in character was on display between KAT and Banchero today. KAT wanted to show out, after being nominated an All Star, Banchero played the right way. True winner. He didn’t force it. Just played a great game. - Gobert has really impressed. He’s a force and what i respect most is that he has become a great FT shooter. It was crazy that Gobert was allowed to camp in the paint though, he should have been called for multiple defensive 3 seconds. - Fultz still has the ability to get to the rim. Opponents are catching up to the fact that Fuktz ain’t even shooting midrange shots anymore. They were able to comfortably let Gobert guard Fultz and camp out in the paint. That’s a huge liability for us!! We definitely need that trade and get a starting PG. Fultz needs to move to the bench unit and lead that team. He needs the ball in his hands. Fultz-Cole-Ingles-JI-M.Wagner would be a great bench unit!
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    Has anyone here seen that old movie Groundhog Day? In the movie Bill Murray lives February 2nd over and over again and the same thing keeps happening. Until finally at the end he gets things right and is able to make it to February 3rd. Well folks, with the Magic it is basically like Groundhog Day. The same thing will keep happening over and over again until they finally make things right by acquiring some players who can shoot the basketball from downtown, as well as playing some consistent defense.
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    Also, literally nobody is putting Jonathan Isaac into the trade machine on this board. So why does a Jonathan Isaac write up by Zach Lowe prove that we shouldn't make a trade?
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    Zach Lowe has JI and his defense in his 10 things this week. This is an all time quote: "It's like playing against your reflection, only your reflection is bigger and meaner than you."
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    Hopefully they make the post season. Let’s not overdo the ups and downs after each game. Tonight we beat a ten win team but not without some tense moments late in the 4th. Lack of a good all around point guard who can shoot is an obvious shortcoming for this team. We ought to try to improve in that area if we can.
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    Watched the whole game. Thought Fultz was average offensively, even with the big bucket. Until he begins shooting threes… and at league average as a minimum… I’ll continue to share the same thing. Others like you can also can continue to share that you don’t want a trade.
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    Paolo is all time great in the making
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    In all honesty..We win those games if we make free throws like a pro team. We are ridiculously bad. Do they have these freebies for two missed free throws? Fans should purchase tickets for those freebies when the Magic are in town
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    Times Anthony Black has hit 4 3's in a game in his half a rookie season: 2 Times Markelle Fultz has hit 4 3s in a game in his 6 and a half years in the league: 0.
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    A couple of really boneheaded late clock plays by JI this game. He’s been in the league too long and watched way too many games from the bench to have that low of bball iq. Shoutouts to Moe and Kelle for incredible hustle games so far. Callouts to the NBA and the consistent horrifically biased officiating
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    8 missed free throws. 9 for 34 from deep. This is an ongoing familiar problem. Then you factor in all of these injuries. Two guys come back and then two or three guys are injured again. And when they get hurt they disappear for an extra amount of time. Remember during the in season tournament when players would get hurt they would miraculaously come back to play within minutes? Now with similar injuries they are out for quite awhile. Also they were playing ferocious defense back then. I don't see that fire and intensity anymore. After all isn't defense supposed to be this teams calling card?
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    Lol I called it. Let’s keep shooting 3’s even though we can’t make any. Drive to the basket and draw a foul it’s not rocket science.
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    He's a 35% 3 point shooter as a rookie. He was a 5 star WR recruit in HS. Unbelievable athlete. High Motor. Only started playing basketball competitively in early high school (like Tim Duncan, whom was extremely raw at 19 at Wake Forest, my alma mater). I don't care if the shot doesn't have "normal" mechanics. That might limit his ceiling but there are a lot of guys who didn't have "normal form" and did fine (Reggie Miller, Tracey McGrady, etc.). The guy has a high floor, good character, high bball IQ, great athlete, plays hard, and he's 19. I'm not giving up on him until 3-4 years from now if he hasn't shown improvement.
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    The Magic dropped a new video on you tube. It’s 2 hours and 45 minutes long and it is every basket that Fultz has made for the Magic. Interesting timing. Advertising?
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    I think Kelle would make a great backup point guard, if he could stay healthy. In the modern NBA, where shooting and spacing are critical, here are Kelle's three point percentages by year: Year 1 - 0% Year 2 - 28% Year 3 - 26% Year 4 - 25% Year 5 - 23% Year 6 - 31% Year 7 - 0% For the Magic, it has been far too long since we had a legit, starting, floor spacing, point guard. I'm not sure what the fanbase would even do if we added one.
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    Teams absolutely do not guard Markelle Fultz on the perimeter. Didn't realize we were just making stuff up to support our opinions.
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    I’ll repeat …nobody knows how this team will do in the playoffs …cause they’ve never been …except Joe Ingles …team is so young …the playoff experience will be so invaluable to this current roster …and even if they get swept …that would be no different than what Shaq and his team did their first playoff run …This current roster plays defense at a high level …and especially when JI is on the court …in the playoffs when the game slows to a half court game I think they’d fair pretty well …can’t wait to find out .