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    I’m not going to get in to this too much, mainly because it’s a Magic board not a politics board, but if you consider equality and the fact that black lives actually do matter “filth” and have a problem with black people having a voice in America, then I’m pretty sure the NBA doesn’t want you as a fan anyway.
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    Is anybody else really sad about the possibility of trading AG or should I just sit alone in my feelings?
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    I think what more than anything that Heat article highlights to me is that a middling team is only ever a couple of smart moves from being a contender. Now sure we don't have Pat Riley pulling the strings nor do we have a championship winning future HOFer out there whispering into the ear of a star about to be a free agent. But our refusal to tank. Our trust in our roster. These are correct steps on the path to being a respected organisation. People hated giving Vuc that new contract and I get that. But how would it look to future free agents if we didn't resign our first All Star since Dwight off the back of our first playoff appearance since Dwight. Miami has a reputation from years and years of being a winning culture, we don't have that yet but we have to start somewhere. You can't admire that about Miami while simultaneously lament the fact that we've commited to trying to win. Sure it's only 2 8 seed playoff appearances but that's progress. Playoff appearances make us more attractive to free agents immediately. Think about Toronto. 5 or 6 years ago nobody thought they were a model franchise. Since then they've won a championship, had a COTY and we hired their second in command. There's every chance 3 years from now we're exactly where we currently are. But maybe Chuma Okeke is a future all star, or maybe we draft a future all star this year, or maybe Fultz is that guy and Isaac gets healthy. Just because things don't seem hopeful at the moment doesn't mean hope isn't right around the corner. Things change fast in the NBA. ...This post got a lot more 'motivational talk'-y than I intended...
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    Milwaukee is a garbage team with a physical freak of nature on the roster that gets them wins over bad and average teams. They're this years version of the old Lebron Cavaliers teams that always got wiped out when they eventually had to face a real contender. The Magic are a 33 win team missing 4 key players and they might get 2 wins off of them. If the Bucks make it past Miami, chances are Toronto or Boston will wipe the floor with them. If they somehow get hot and make it to the NBA Finals, whoever comes out of the west will slaughter them.
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    Here is the honest and real state of the Magic. Next year I don't see any teams above them falling off. Especially with Brooklyn getting KD and Kyrie back. There will be a significant divide between us and those teams talent wise. I believe the teams behind us will get better while we remain stagnant. We really have no way to improve because of our cap situation and lack of assets anyone wants. I am tired of striving for mediocrity, time to trade some veterans while keeping some for leadership. Keep the young core and go young and keep adding talent. Clifford has maxed this roster out and made them better then they should be because they don't beat themselves they just don't have top end talent. Time for the Vooch and Fournier disaster to finally end! There is no way if you are objective that you can say this has not been the worst stretch in Magic history. Time to not be timid and take some smart calculated risks!
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    I think I’d rather us tank. Trade Vucevic for filler and expirings, trade Ross for a pick. Spend the season letting Fultz, Bamba and Chuma get as many shots as they can and live through Fournier chucking up shots from all over the place in the last year of his deal cause I don’t see him opting out and I don’t see anybody trading for him. I don’t know what to do with AG though. I love him, I think he’s our current best player, and I think we’ll lose any deal we make that has him in it. It has an Oladipo type move written all over it. But I’d understand trading him and why he’d have zero interest in being part of yet another rebuild. Then after next season, when we’re definitely gonna be bad enough to pick high, maybe we get lotto luck and wind up with a top pick? Have JI coming back as well and should have decent cap space depending on if and how much we sign JI and Kelle to once their rookie deals are up. I dunno... I hated re-signing Vucevic at the time and I still hate it now... we finally had flexibility for the future and we double down on mediocrity.
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    I've said it before, I'll say it again. We need to hand the team over to Gordon and Fultz. What this team has done with Gordon this year really reminds me of what they did with Oladipo. Dipo looked inefficient in Orlando for two reasons: 1) he wasn't quite ready, 2) the offense was never really designed to his strengths. The second thing there is the problem. Dipo had the makings of a really good mid-range player who could turn that into offense in other areas, but we rarely let him operate from mid-range, because analytics said it's bad offense. Our offense back then was designed for drive-and-kicks, Vuc & THarris down low, and open 3's. Only Vuc had a green light from mid-range most of the time. That's not a bad offensive focus, except that we ignored our 2nd pick in the draft's strengths to fit a system. Gordon has shown he can take advantage of mismatches, he's great on cuts to the rim, and he's a solid passer. Yet how often do we see the design to get him mismatches. We should be letting him run pick and rolls up top to get him on a smaller guy way more often. Fultz and Gordon 2-man-game should be way more of a focus, as Fultz is good at creating chaos off of a pick which would create roll lanes for Gordon. Instead, we have Gordon coming off of screens for 3's like he's TRoss or just being the bailout guy when the offense can't get anything else. The things Gordon does well are highly efficient basketball, even if that's not often enough what he's asked to do. The things Vuc and Fournier and TRoss do well are not efficient basketball. Gordon is the only guy on the team who plays with intensity every night (and MCW, but that's another story). Gordon is the only real 2-way player on the team right now. Yet our offense is still designed around guard/center ball screens to get open 3's and hoping Vuc can abuse his man one-on-one. So Gordon is the third or fourth option at any given time. He's going to leave, and someone (probably Golden State) is going to love him like we wouldn't.
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    Good to hear Isaac is practicing. Would love to see him this summer!
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    Hard agree. In 2014-15 we had 2 real point guards on the roster. Luke Ridnour for half a season and Elfrid Payton. Jameer Nelson made 2.7 million and we gave Ben Gordon a 1 year 4.5 mil deal. That is just ridiculous. Id love Clifford to bring Jameer onto the coaching staff. I'm sure our young guys could learn a lot from Jameer.
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    Open your eyes, man. I'm a healthcare professional too and if you can't see that George Soros crafted this pandemic in his top secret vampire dungeon staffed by oompa loompas then idk what to even say to you lmao.
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    Just listened to the Weltman exit interview. Definitely sounds like he's high on Augustin. Can see him trying to bring him back if the money is right for us. (I actually have a feeling a contender will out bid us on DJ. If I was the Lakers for example id definitely be thinking about a PG who can catch and shoot for LeBron and run PnR with AD when LeBron is off the floor.) He was also very bullish when asked about the league moving away from traditional centers. He said both our centers can stretch the floor and Vuc in particular is a highly skilled all star not some lumbering guy who only bangs down low and he said "I can tell you we've fielded a lot of calls from those teams (teams that are going small at the 5) about our two guys" Sounded very hopeful about both Fultz and Okeke. Confirmed Isaac was out all of next season. Fournier didn't get a single mention in the whole 20+ mins. Was disappointed none of the reporters asked about the situation with him.
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    Just want to let all of you know that I love this community and I'll be here for the good and the bad. RIP to the King, Chadwick Boseman
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    This +10. We tried to take the short cut of creating a dysfunctional team to land a great talent, not realizing how incredibly lucky we were to have that happen twice in the past (even then we never intentionally tanked for either Shaq or Dwight). We’ve all seen how intentional tanking worked out. I’m all for the “heart & hustle” approach of building the best team you can, creating the right kind of culture, and developing young players properly instead of throwing them in to be obliterated.
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    If you think New Orleans are trading Brandon Ingram for Vuc I've got a bridge to sell you. I also doubt Golden State would value Vuc over Wiggins since they have zero wings and seem to prefer rim running, rim protector bigs, but in a world where they do and they do want to trade for him and we have to take on Wiggins' dreadful contract I'd want: Eric Paschall, #2, 2021 MIN pick, their own unprotected 2022 pick and a couple of second rounders. Because honestly if we trade Vuc we're probably a bottom 5 team. Might as well lean into it with a bunch of assets. Also Fred VanVleet is about to get dramatically over paid and I want no part of it. His value as a starting PG when he won't be playing next to another elite full time PG in Kyle Lowry is virtually none to me. He's not a good pick and roll player at 0.84 PPP that's in the 50th percentile among all players (of eligible Magic players only MCW and AG are worse pick and roll ball handlers, DJ Augustin, Terrence Ross, Wes Iwundu and Evan Fournier all have better PPP as a pick and roll ball handler and Fultz is comparable at 0.85). Of his almost 7 3PA a game 6 of them are classified as Open or Wide Open, the benefits of playing with another all star guard, an all star forward and one of the best passing big men in the game in Gasol. He also only shoots 31% on pull-ups. DJ Augustin is hitting 38% on pull-ups this season. And he shoots 55% at the rim, DJ Augustin shoots 57% at the rim. Someone is going to pay Fred VanVleet 20 million a season. I suspect that is going to be a mistake. Apart from being an obvious defensive upgrade his numbers are comparable to DJ Augustin who'll probably make a quarter of what VanVleet makes next season. Caris Levert, I can see the appeal because of his self creation but he's older and less experienced than AG (who we'd probably have to give up to get him) and averages 50 games a season. He also needs the ball in his hands to be effective which could be a problem depending on if you believe in Fultz or not. Obviously if we could somehow get him with Fournier I'd do it but otherwise I think I pass. Hield is overrated. There's a reason he got benched in Sacramento. He's also really old for his experience level. He'll be 28 years old in the first year of his 4 year $94 million contract next season. I wouldn't like to give up a lot of assets for him. Trading Vuc for him almost certainly means we're losing a lot of games next season. Which if you want to do, that's fine, but if we're tanking I'd rather have picks and young players. CJ McCollum I can't see getting traded. People float his name every off-season and nothing ever happens. If they did trade him I'd imagine they'd want another real star back. Can't imagine Brooklyn entertaining a sign and trade for Joe Harris since he's exactly the type of player they'll need next season to play with Kyrie and KD. And how much would you be willing to pay and give up for just a pure shooter who's value is limited basically everywhere else? Fournier I guess? Would Brooklyn do that considering Fournier is an expiring? I did not intend for this post to be as overwhelming negative as what it's come out as but I think we need to be realistic about our options here. It's alright wanting a big shake up, but a shake up for the sake of a shake up isn't a smart or sound decision. Also I'm just not a huge fan of discussing guys like Ingram and Jaylen Brown who we've got probably zero chance of acquiring since discussing it perpetuates the idea it's possible which leads to some fans taking exhausting stances like "not trading for Ingram when we had the chance was unforgivable".
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    The irony of this series is that Vooch continues to up his value. I’m totally fine trading him this offseason for a young asset with a high ceiling. That’s the kind of move a savvy front office would make.
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    I know this is a terrible way to evaluate guys but it's hard not to look at the recent string of guards from Kentucky taken in the lottery, some of whom didn't show off their full potential in college, and not think "maybe I'm too low on Tyrese Maxey". 2015: Pick 13 Devin Booker 2016: Pick 7 Jamal Murray 2017: Pick 5 DeAaron Fox, Pick 11 Malik Monk (ok Monk was a miss) 2018: Pick 11 Shai Giligeous Alexander 2019: Pick 13 Tyler Herro
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    This team is still by and large a product of rob hennigan. I still believe this FO has done the just bare minimum. 4 of the current starters are still Hennigan guys. The 5th starter is journeyman James Ennis. That says it all. That’s a bit alarming 4 years into a new regime. We lucked into that fultz trade because philly gave up on him. We got him for nothing. Thats been their staple thus far. That wasn’t a draft pick. So far none of their picks have panned out. I love Isaac, he has a ton of potential, but he hasn’t had a healthy season in the entire time he’s been here. We’ve had to chug through the last 3 seasons with him out. It’s questionable if his body can even get through an nba season at this point. His pick is easily forgiveable though considering the circumstances. I’m not mad at that one. But considering he’s also going to miss next season entirely, we have to plan our future without him, almost as if we never picked him in the first place. So you can’t say this pick panned out. Who knows what Chuma is. Right now he’s another guy with injury concerns predicted to be a role player. I won’t give them credit for this one until we see what we have which may take years. That’s if he even stays healthy. Dont even get me started on bamba. Getting him when we resigned Vuc and Birch was unforgivable. He was not needed. Why in the world are we drafting a center with multiple concerns predraft with that pick? We had concerns at the wing for scoring and playmaking. You either get aggressive and trade down for a few generational guys or trade up and go after a guy like SGA if that’s doesn’t work. Two scenarios that didn’t play out. Bamba wasn’t worth the risk staying at 6. We also don’t have much to show for second round picks and g leaguers. When you look at capable organizations like toronto and Miami constantly finding shooting and bench guys from there, you have to wonder where the hell our scouting department is.
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    It’s all right, both taking a knee or not
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    Preach! No need for that nonsense around here.
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    Sorry for being among the silent but your last post before was the single most enjoyable thing on the forum in the past 4 months. I personally greatly appreciated it. Wish it wasn't such a tumbleweed dirt road here.
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    Just stop. People don’t believe in this conspiracy nonsense anymore. You guys fed us lies about this becoming a martial law thing and how it was fake news and bill gates made the virus and all this other crap. Our country has become a laughing stock of the Internet now. It’s crazy what’s happening here compared to what’s going on in other countries with regards to the numbers of cases. Now everyone can see not only was it very real, but the second wave that was called months ago is also very real. And you contributed to it. Kudos to you.
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    This triggers me. I understand that sports are a business, but LOYALTY can and should be part of it, when called for. The fact that Jameer was bouncing from team to team while we had disgusting 2nd and 3rd string Point Guards is truly shameful
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    Isaac is my favorite player on the Magic. I'd love for us to lock him up!
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    Just wait a few months for another conspiracy