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    Hello all! I’ve been lurking since I got logged out of my account since like 2016, but I’m actually really excited enough with this fresh start to look up my password and get back in. I’m really liking these young guys. Hopefully this time we will keep enough competent veteran presence around to keep them on track, and have some lotto luck. Good to be back
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    I have prepared and posted a Game Thread Starter for tonight's game against the Spurs. . .if interested. The game starts at 8 PM - Est.
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    How many raw high upside picks actually make it anywhere near to their ceiling? If they have a solid floor, say a starting caliber 3-and-D, fair enough take a swing on that upside. But sometimes some of those prospects are too raw and never develop as expected. If we are taking someone with our second first round pick, then adding someone that should be a good 3-and-D player like Kispert is a pretty useful pick. If he can contribute to a team like Joe Harris does at Brooklyn or Tyler Herro at Miami, then that’s a good selection with the second first rounder. The likes of Kuminga and Barnes may have more upside, but neither of them have a consistent outside shot and both players will require a lot of development to become starting caliber players, and some of that will be tied to their ability to develop a consistent shot. For me, in this rebuild we need to prioritise drafting players that can score, shoot and play defence. Yes there is a place to draft athletic, length and high upside players, but that can’t become the obsession like it has in the recent past.
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    This a great post, something is really wrong with the NBA. In theory, they did fix the lottery, the odds do not support long term losing. However so many teams are still really bad or trying to lose like OKC. Even in 2016,2017 the Magic were playing hard every night, we all saw the games. I want to apologize for any personal attacks in my previous posts. This season has just really made me dislike the sport at the moment. Not even watching the games, but i still have hope for the team and the NBA. I'll check in again around the playoffs. Go Magic.
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    The defensive potential of a starting lineup of Kelle/GH/Chuma/JI/WCJ is really really exciting. Also can’t wait to see how Wendell plays with a real point guard when Markelle gets back, he’s never had even average PG play before to unlock his potential
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    I’m here to give Carter Jr. mad props. I had virtually no expectations for that guy when we traded for him, but he’s proving to be fantastic. It’s crazy how competent he is on both ends of the floor... and he’s only 21-years-old! WeltHam fleeced Chicago in that trade, and I’m excited about our future.
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    https://www.patreon.com/posts/g-i-d-d-ey-49984471 If you've got a spare half hour to read about my current draft crush (Giddey!) I recommend this piece. The writing style is raw and unfiltered but the dude who put it together knows basketball and has built a whole online persona around basketball prospect development. There's also a bunch of clips to illustrate the points being made. Here's a snippet from near the conclusion: "My interest in Giddey is that he is a rare prospect with multiple independent developmental pathways to value - physical development, OTD shooting, handle. If any one of those aspects were to grow, Giddey becomes a different sort of prospect and with corresponding lineup considerations. Josh “Eevee” Giddey, many people are saying. There is a chance that all aspects could grow, even to medium amounts and then Giddey the t5 value play is made clear. That’s the main difference between Giddey and like Hali or Zo, they were always gonna be something similar to what they are and the connector idea was a fit idea. Giddey could be a pull-up shooter, Giddey could become an athlete, Giddey could be a primary with a handle - and thats not a connector in any real bet. The relative odds of that circumstance are very relative to your own beliefs on how skills develop." EDIT: I just realised that yesterday alone I read this, watched a 30 min interview/film breakdown with Giddey and also listened to a podcast where he was discussed. I might be inconsolable if we have the chance to draft him and don't.
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    i think that it would easier finding 100 better players then anyone on our team then it would be to find a list of worst 100 players in the league and not find 5 magic players on it.
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    To be honest i am totally ok with losing. Bigger picture has the be the mindset guys. Stay with it
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    Hopefully management decision works out in the long run
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    So true. My sentiments about Ross. So, why do I get down votes whenever I mention this, but it's okay if anyone else criticize him.
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    Although I think Clifford is a good coach, to me your concerns at least partly relate to the coaching. If the coach expects people to share the ball and play as a team, he has to hold players accountable when they aren’t doing it.
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    We’re real bad at defending the 3 point line and defensive rebounding... and defending the paint... also all things offense.. outside of that though, we’re awesome!
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    I don’t know what you’re talking about. How about responding to my post instead of the personal attacks? And again I disagree with you that we’re better off losing these next twenty games. The young players will develop better in a climate of success.
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    I think you’re right. We look horrible again tonight. And it’s not like we’re playing world beaters. Washington is 18-32. Indiana is 23-27. And these teams are making us look really bad.
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    https://www.orlandopinstripedpost.com/2021/4/6/22369372/orlando-magic-chuma-okeke-wendell-carter-jr-rj-hampton I think this sums up Bacon's contributions pretty well
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    Obviously Aaron benefits from the amazing creativity of Jokic, but the biggest difference that’s really allowed him to thrive in Denver is their spacing. Vucevic was really good at a lot of things, especially near the end of his run, but we haven’t had a guard like Murray in a long long long time
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    Said a lot of time that he was clearly misused here, the stat about Jokic compared with Vuc and Fournier tells a lot. I was already regretting the fact that he didn't have a chance to play in that new "era" without the Evan&Nik show, now I regret it even more, very bad timing. At least, he was traded in one of the best possible situations, don't know if the Nuggets will be able to win it all, but they had a couple WOW playoffs in the last two seasons.
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    I love this kid man. He is built different!
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    If their is one thing he can do its shoot though.. apparently
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    IMO WCJ could end up being the steal of our trades. I wanted him instead of Bamba if we didn't reach for SGA. He seems to have a lot more BBall IQ than Bamba ever will. I can see him being Vuc light but with much better "D."