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    Some of these comments are sad and cringe worthy all because someone chose to exercise their freedom of choice and speech. The fact of the matter is you can catch this virus having the vaccine or not. Some choose to potentially have milder symptoms by getting vaccinated. Others don’t feel comfortable putting something in their body that hasn’t been tested for very long and would rather let their body do the fighting like it has been doing for many generations before us. This is a personal choice and nobody should be put down for deciding for or against getting the vaccine. More love and less hate, Go Magic!
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    Media Day has come and gone, there’s officially video of Magic players shooting around in Amway, the new league year is officially (finally!) underway! Preseason opener is in 6 days against Boston.
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    You’ve gone off the rails with this. Isaac has had physical issues because he has bad luck and skinny legs. he has had COVID and has natural antibodies! Ever hear of those? Israel has the most vaxxed people and their COVID cases are going up. Also a study by their medical institute proved that natural immunity is 6 times greater than vaxxed immunity. Isaac has EVERY right in this country to decide what goes in his body Period end of story.
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    Damn shame a man makes a medical decision on his own and is judged for it.
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    Good post. Agree. It’s hard because we’ve already seen some bad tendencies from guys like Cole, Mo and even a vet like TRoss. (And we saw it with Evan and AG, too). A clear plan, expectations and accountability are critical in resetting things in OTown. I’m hopeful a guy like Suggs can be the player leader we’ve needed for years now.
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    Cole Anthony has so much confidence in his shot despite it rarely going down the hole. It's absolutely incredible that he just keeps passing up open guys to shoot more when he's consistently shooting <40%.
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    2 summer league games might be a bit to soon to make that statement.
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    There are certain guys you need on a championship winning team. You certainly need an alpha scorer, but you also need guys surrounding those one or two scorers who can make the right decision, play great team defense, and make open shots. Franz is that type of guy. We have to remember he’s still super young, as well as really lean, and perhaps without a killer mentality, it will take him a little while to gain confidence in his game. he showed in college he has a lot of the head game and feel for the NBA. Give the guy more than two preseason games to adjust.
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    He also had an interview on Monday stating whoever wrote that article severely misrepresented him and he never started reading up on Black History and watching Trump to come up with his conclusion as to why he shouldn’t get the vaccine. People are so quick to judge and point fingers without understanding the situation, and at the end of the day it’s his personal choice to make regardless of what we think. JI’s only worry should be his ankles/acl not what people think about him being vaccinated or not.
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    Behave. Nobody and i mean NOBODY should ever be forced or bullied into putting something in them that they dont want and do not need!!!!!!
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    Not sure why but I am quite excited for this season more than previous maybe because of a fresh start and a lot of what if's
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    Yes, that is true, Delta did start in India; however, it has rapidly become the primary variant here in the US because 1) it is much more contagious than the original variant, and 2) the large number of people here in the US who were, and remain unvaccinated have given it a ready base of those to infect. While it is true that those who are vaccinated CAN contract the disease, most of the resulting infections are much less virulent. That is why 90+% of those requiring hospitalization/ICU rooms for Covid are those who were unvaccinated. And while there is always a portion of the population who CAN NOT be vaccinated (children below a certain age, and certain adults who are immuno-compromised) we have managed to derail and eradicate other pandemic diseases by mandating that those who can take the vaccine do so. The main difference is that in the past, we have not had politicians (and others) spreading incorrect/alternate "facts" across an information superhighway, and making vaccination and mask wearing into such politically divisive issues. This is not the flu, which in a bad year may kill 60-70,000 people, this is a pandemic that is both much more contagious (4-5X more), and much more virulent (8-10X the mortality rate). This isn't just about one player, or one person; it is about a reckless disregard for the entire community. Frankly, if Isaac comes down with an extended case of COVID (a la Bamba), I hope management will take drastic steps to financially punish him for this recklessness and poor decision; up to and including voiding his contract. Bamba did not have a choice to take a vaccine that might have prevented him getting ill, or mitigated the length of his recovery, so I don't hold any of that against him. Isaac does.
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    SARS, Influenza, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Legionaires. There are over a million viruses. We spread them every day. COVID is just bad symptoms and easily transmissible. I've had it twice. Once while vaccinated and I had it much easier time of it the second time...so I'm not denying that COVID is dangerous. But it's misinformation to say the vaccinated can't spread COVID. The un-vax religious people did not get other stuff, why should we care about them not getting COVID if we are vaccinated? The fact is, if you are vaccinated you likely survive COVID. This whole hold the un-vax down and jab them thought process is fear-mongering and for the 2022 elections. People are easy to manipulate when they are afraid and they have someone to blame.Been the truth about Mobs for thousands of years. Issac has guts for taking a stand. As long as he plays good basketball, I don't care if chooses not to get vaccinated.
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    You mean the exact same thing we would do if a player chose to not take care of their body in the off-season and either couldn’t perform or got injured as a result?
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    He’s putting his own self at risk that’s his choice. If others are vaccinated they should be “fine”. The vaccine is not a cure people who are vaccinated can still catch Covid. So the only person who really is at risk is Issac. I don’t think it’s that deep.
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    I think that an important part of avoiding the situation I describe above is to have strong leadership, both from players and coaches. We definitely didn’t have either the last time around. If the coach sees selfishness and someone playing for themselves, they need to bench that player and have a talk with them. There has to be accountability from day one, especially for a young team. Player leadership would be similar, telling the player who’s out of line to cut it out. It is possible that Suggs could provide that kind of leadership but it’s a lot to ask from a rookie.
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    I think they both can play it in certain situations - Franz is 6'9" and a bit more athletic, he's more of a 3(4); Moe is 6'11" and is more of a 5(4). Currently, Moe is a bit better a 3-pt shooter and player, in my opinion; but I think Franz is a better defender, and has more upside once he gets acclimated to the speed/athleticism of the pro game and it slows down for him.
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    I actually like the line up we have been running, Suggs, Harris, Wagner, Bamba and Carter Jr. When we get a couple of players back it will be interesting will JI go into the 3 or 4, when Chuma comes back is he a starter? A lot of questions however pretty exciting really.
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    Lowe about the Magic on his League Pass standings. How many times I've asked myself the same question I've put in bold?
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    i was at the game... the last quarter was electric. If we could play that way for 4 quarters, we could be brewing something.
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    I believe the un- vaccinated may be more at risk of contracting covid but are no more a risk to spread it than the vaccinated. Remember wash your hands, cover your mouth if you cough, keep a reasonable distance. These are all things that apply equally to vaccinated or un-vaccinated.
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    These vaccines are the fastest to ever be made, and your upset cause Issac is exercising his freedom and isn’t quick to take it. Plus idk what you mean about less risk of contracting and exposing, once again it’s not a cure. If you are vaccinated and you are in contact with someone with covid you can still get Covid and spread Covid. The vaccination is there to lessen your risk of dying. If issac wants to take that risk that’s on him.