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    You can try to find silver linings in this cloud but I won't be convinced it means anything until this team starts winning, which it hasn't for 10 years. We've been finding the same kind of silver linings every year we've been losing. Being a fan doesn't mean blind loyalty; the fact that I've been posting here for the past 10 seasons when most sane people have stopped following the Magic is enough to qualify. We weren't winning when Suggs and Anthony were playing. We've only been without players due to Covid for 6-7 games, and we actually won 2 of them, better than we were doing with the group who were held out. Yes you can find individual positives but whether it amounts to anything depends on future development and a bunch of things coming together and I will not assume that's going to happen. So let's wait a year and see if your optimism is rewarded, or if what I consider my realism turns out to be correct. In the meantime, lets lay off the personal insults such as "delusional". And Happy New Year to all of us, BTW. We may argue about the best approach but at heart we few remaining diehard Magic fans all want the Magic to be good again some day, hopefully sooner rather than later.
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    Actually found my answer on StatMuse (funny how Dennis Scott has no picture lol) https://www.statmuse.com/nba/ask/rookie-highest-scoring-game-orlando-magic-ever Franz is tied for third behind Shaquille O'Neal 2/16/1993 ORL @ DET 46 Dennis Scott 3/8/1991 ORL vs DEN 40 Franz Wagner 12/28/2021 ORL vs MIL 38 Shaquille O'Neal 1/23/1993 ORL vs DAL 38 Shaquille O'Neal 1/18/1993 ORL @ PHI 38 Cole Anthony 5/16/2021 ORL @ PHI 37
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    Franz being blitzed by the Bucks and double teamed and he was still tearing them apart. He is a rookie looooool I dont care what anybody says. Health permitting we have our franchise rookie there for sure. The FRANZCHISE finishes with 38 points (12/19 FG, 4/7 3PM), 7 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 steal, 2 blocks. Franz just put up 38 against Jrue, Giannis and the Bucks. All NBA defence players and scoring in all different ways. ROOKIE OF THE YEAR. SUPERSTAR IN THE MAKING!!
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    TD Garden - Boston, MA Sunday, January 2nd at 6:00 P.M. TV: Bally Sports FL 17-19, 4th in Atlantic Division | 7-29, 5th in Southeast Division
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    I’ve never liked seeing Vuc playing for our team, because I believe he is a little too soft and it was just hard for me to root for him. BUT, I would’ve been ok with trading for some all-stars that were on the market like Jimmy Butler, DeMar DeRozan etc. and see what happened if they were paired with Vuc. I always wanted to take a big swing on either direction. As Luke said, the evaluation, mediocrity years were the worst ones
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    Who's Injured and Who's In Covid-19 Protocol I was wondering why there was no explanation why so many Magic players were out and for such a long period of time. So, I searched ESPN, and this is a break down of each of those players' situation or status. ***IS SOMEONE ABOUT TO BE TRADED?*** BJ Johnson and Anthony--only 2 players listed as "out" without an explanation. What does this mean? Orlando Magic Injuries - Source: ESPN
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    The Bulls are a fun story because we basically could’ve had their roster. When anyone suggested trading for some fringe all stars to play with Vuc and see what happened they were treated like idiots, though. DeRozan and Lavine were ridiculed by fans and media and now they’re playing with a chip on their shoulder
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    Nice to know we have our superstar in FRANZ WAGNER!!!! WE GOT 1!!!!!!!
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    Our full strength second string would be Suggs, Harris, Ross, Okeke, Bamba They would obliterate the g league players. Stop it lol
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    Franz is averaging 25pts over the last 3 games.. Onwards and upwards young fella
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    Amway Center - Orlando, FL Wednesday, January 5th at 7:00 P.M. TV: Bally Sports FL 20-16, 2nd in Atlantic Division | 7-31, 5th in Southeast Division WE WILL FIGHT!!! - WE WILL WIN!!!
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    They want a top 3 pick and prefer a number one. They have kept Fultz off the court for over a month. Isaac has been out for how long? They sign Tim Frazier lmfao. They don’t give a dam about winning this year. All they want to do is evaluate the young players to see if they want to keep them and how they develop. That’s it. It is the only explanation for our lineups and signings that makes any sense. You can talk winning culture all you want, what happened the year before San Antonio drafted Tim Duncan? Didn’t seem to hurt their culture. Whatever the hel that is.
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    It's so hard to know. They could play great and be close, or get blown out by 30. I have no idea at all how they'll do this game.
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    Harris is an expiring contract and probably won't be back next year
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    We heard the same thing a lot with Vaughn (and we know how that turned out). I’ve never understood it. If the coach can develop the players and teach them to play good team basketball, then I want him for the long term. If he can’t, then I don’t want him at all.
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    We’ve done well to keep this competitive! It sure is nice to have T. Ross back. Lets go Magic!
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    I just don’t like the way our expectations are declining. Now it sounds like we’re ok with losing as long as we lose well. Losing with a good effort is fine for recreational play; it’s not fine for pros.
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    You’re the most anti Magic fan I’ve ever seen. You don’t get tired of always being so negative about the team?
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    Fultz and Isaac for me too also. Management are playing it safe especially with J.I. Markelle is going to be fantastic when he is back. I guarantee his shots finally good. Watch... our Management r killing it. We need to nail the pick in 2022 and we are set!!!!!
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    Franz is SPECIAL. WeltHam have nailed him that is for sure! I would bet my house Franz is at minimum a all star. I think he could be generational. Time will tell. This was a lot of: “How do you want it??” from 3, finger roll, pull up, hesi, lefty, post up, step back, pump & drive, fast break. The kid is RIDICULOUS!! Tune in and watch the games. Ain't you fan??? looooooooool
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    Only if they play as a team. Harris and Ross have been wildly inconsistent this year. So has Bamba. But that’s not what I said in my post anyway. I said we’ve had better results this year compared to our usual second string. Our usual second string so far this year is not that five. Bamba Okeke and Suggs were mostly starting when healthy.
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    Actually we’ve had better results with half our team being Lakeland guys than with our regulars. I prefer Lakeland as our second string vs our usual second string. At least they play disciplined and cohesive ball.
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    COVID did not, the bs nba owners and pussified players union did this. Period.
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    Yh true. Through all the losing. I do feel this is the last year we do lose like this.
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    I would say this is too early, but we started our 2021 draft thread in early February this year. So we’re not too far ahead. Also, looking back at that thread, I would like to point out how accurate, generally speaking, the top of the draft was from how we were talking about it in February.