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    Coach needs to do some soul searching too. His timeout usage, lineups, subs, situational basketball as a whole...all needs improvement.
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    Amen. No question we exceeded expectations for this year. But it doesn't change what many of us were saying at the trading deadline. It was obvious that we had deficiencies at guard. It's even more obvious now, as at least 5-6 people have already posted in one way or another. While this was a great season, I also consider it a missed opportunity, because with one move at the trade deadline I think we win this series and even possibly give Boston trouble. Playoff trips are not guaranteed, and while I hope we do better next year, I'm not taking anything for granted. A key injury or two, for example, could completely derail things for us. Will be an interesting summer. For the first time in a long time, I don't think any of us are too concerned about the draft.
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    These young guys did better in the playoffs than any of the Vuc/AG/Fournier teams. Need to keep growing and make a guard addition
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    The pressure needs to be put on Weltman this summer. He's been here to long to continue to have crappy guard play and poor shooting.
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    We tied the series now comes the hard part of winning on the road. Cavs are -5.5 point favorites. Game is on NBA TV in the US. Projected starting lineups: Cavs: Darius Garland Donovan Mitchell Max Strus Evan Mobley Jarret Allen Injury Report: Dean Wade, Ty Jerome, Craig Porter all OUT Magic: Jalen Suggs Gary Harris Franz Wagner Paolo Banchero Wendell Carter Jr. Injury report: None. Biggest game of the season, probably the biggest game we've played since Dwight left (although that will be true for every game in this series from here on out). If we can win this game I genuinely believe we'll win the series at home in game 6. Let's go.
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    Also shout out to Mo Wagner. When we first brought him here I thought he'd just be here for a couple months for us to get a look at him since we were tanking... Then we drafted his brother and I thought "oh well it's nice we can keep him here to help Franz adjust for a season". Then during that year he proved he was capable of sticking in the NBA so I thought "oh he's actually an end of the bench calibre big, makes sense to keep him around what with Franz here". Then that next year he was actually good and I thought "ok maybe he can be a bench scoring big, we've overpaid him this summer but makes sense to keep Franz happy". Then this year he was great and I thought "he's great for some instant offense off the bench but I still think he'll be unplayable in the playoffs". Now he's been impactful the playoffs and I'm just glad he's here and we've got him for next year too and I no longer believe we overpaid him. All along the way he's defied expectations and continued to improve. I don't know if playing with his brother has given him extra comfort or if he just needed the time to develop or what but the fact that we picked this guy up and at the time were his 4th team in 3 seasons it looked like he was heading out of the league but credit to him, to the coaches and to the front office for getting him and sticking with him he's a real NBA player making an impact in a playoff series and we got him for nothing off of the scrap heap.
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    The Cavs made some simple adjustments and we completely fell apart. Not a good look for our coaching staff.
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    Hard to believe we were up by 18 at one point
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    We are avoiding going for the good layups to pass for stupid 3s…
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    I like Fultz being aggressive. More of that please.
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    But I am sure you would love to see us celebrating a series win on their floor! And something tells me that Mitchell will struggle to reach 20 in game 7. Just a hunch.
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    I like what i'm seeing Jalen Suggs just another of those hustle-winner plays. Let's get it!
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    I love PG. but we desperately need guards, possibly a playmaker. With Franz at 3 and Paolo at 4, PG would create a logjam we don't really need.
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    his handle obviously needs an improvement specially when doing the fade away. he has the tendency to leave the ball far away from him and too high. jordan and kobe keep it closer to them and just above their knees.those are the two he should pattern his fade aways. not lebron, which his fadeaways currently look like.
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    All 3 of the games in Cleveland have essentially been lost in the first quarter. Poor starts have been a factor in this series.
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    Great game, we battled until the end. Let's take the next 2 and move on!
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    Cavs - movement, easy buckets Magic - iso, no buckets
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    Only down 1 at the half. Great response in that quarter on D. Only gave up 15
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    He's my guy. Literally number 1 prospect for us in our range unless someone falls unexpectedly.
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    And... LeBron is out! AG with a crucial offensive rebound in the last minute that led to a 3. Murray scores the game winner again!