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    I heard that if you get to one million upvotes you inherit the Devos fortune
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    None of this nationalism gobbledygook will matter when the cat people of Jupiter enslave us all.
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    With no vuch to pass it to. How will he cope? Lol
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    I don't want to seem mean here, but have you ever looked at how you present yourself on the board, rather than immediately jumping to a having victim persecution complex? Have you thought of why these posts are getting down-votes or negative reactions to them? Is it just that people on the board are mean and bullies, or maybe something else? I am not necessarily saying that all of the comments responding to your posts are worth paying attention to. At the end of the day, it is your choice on what you pay attention to and what you take from everything. But maybe take a moment and try to learn from what other people may be trying to tell you. Not everyone is out to get you. Now maybe ML6 was a little overboard with his post, but people give each other crap on this board all of the time. You can either take it with a sense of humor or react negatively to it. But what was your reaction? To not only take the post personally, but to also react negatively and dismissively to what Lebron is doing, when he really seems to be trying to do something good for his community- and to do something I think most of us respect- to do something for struggling and under-served children.
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    I just love how we turned a guy we were going to cut into cash from 2 teams and a good depth bench guy in a position of need.
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    If you look at every center drafted in the first round over the past 15 years they generally average something in like the 8 ppg 6 rpg 1bpg range (+/- 2 points and rebounds per game). There are exceptions like towns and both okafors but even future elite centers tend to struggle early like gobert, Steven Adams, Al Jefferson, Noah, and so on. Bamba is going to spend at least the first part of the year learning behind vucevic. Bamba is joining a team that isnt bottoming out. He's not going to get unlimited usage. He's going to fill a role and play into that role for a while while Fournier, Gordon, Simmons, Ross, and vucevic take shots. Other players (Trae Young, Kevin Knox, Sexton) are going to have a bigger role on their teams. We really need to lower expectations for Bamba this year as he doesn't need to get there all at once. A good baseline for first year Bamba should be basic counting stats that exceed what Biyombo did last year (with better advanced stats impact). That's not to say that's who he'll be as a player, but it is what he should be as a rookie
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    I needed to kill some time and I found a pre-draft interview with a former player (who played all over the world) and the two guys he mentioned as having superstar potential were Trae Young and Mo Bamba, in that order. Before you get all excited, he also said that Doncic was questionable in the lottery! His name is Rashad Phillips. Check the interview with Chris Broussard here
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    Nobody has been down voting my posts. I feel a little left out.
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    Wow.. 4 dislikes. Another thing for you to blame on Henny.
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    our retro jerseys make me happh
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    So the big announcement is we're "hosting" two regular season "home games" in Mexico City in December. Kinda sucks that 2 of our home games will be, like, not actually at home.
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    Quit interrupting food discussion with basketball talk.
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    Firemen shouldn't rush in to that burning building. You might only save some of the people instead of all of the people and the relatives of those people you don't save will be upset. Better just save none of the people in the name of equality.
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    Yeah in hindsight I only wrote one sentence of my own so "dripping with sarcasm" is a mischaracterization. But yeah, I think it is an unbelievable achievement and commitment. I find people who denigrate LeBron as a person simply because they don't like his behavior on a basketball court to be narrow-minded. This is a public school that he worked to open so that less fortunate kids can have a safe place to learn and have fun -- incredible.
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    Make sure you're wearing a flotation vest if you do.
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    I think I really only down voted that 1 dude that got banned a month or so ago. I upvote way more than i downvote. I think I’ve downvoted myself a few times once I’ve re-read some of my dumb comments.
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    That's a really terrible trade for us. Like the worst trade I've seen this year. We trade our expirings for worse players? And don't get good picks? Just horrible
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    Perhaps showing that they're a franchise that takes care of their players, in the hopes they can draw more players down the road. It's Cleveland after all.
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    This isn't even a question. Unless he commits a major felony or has a huge injury between now and next draft he's going lottery.
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    Kawhi also had a major spike in production. Isaac's potential is at least similar to 2nd year Kawhi. I don't like putting caps on players, especially young ones.
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    The ringer thinks Gordon is a possible dark horse candidate to make the all-star game this upcoming season. https://www.theringer.com/nba/2018/8/14/17689504/rounding-out-the-eastern-conference-all-stars
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    I don't think he has a good shot at being rookie of the year at all
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    He is right about luka, he has slow feet. Still a lottery pick but not sure how well he does in nba. I think he was right about the two players with the “it” factor. At least I’m hoping so for Mo!!!!
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    Schedule is out. We play more teams coming off back to back than we have back to back so that's nice. The 2018 part of the schedule is tough. The end of the year is ok. It's fine.
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    The common thread this summer is Gordon is never not playing basketball.
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    https://clutchpoints.com/magic-news-aaron-gordon-emulate-championship-culture-warriors-draymond-green/ Others, like Covington of the Philadelphia 76ers, come for the sake of some good hoops action, looking to keep himself in shape. Gordon will have a much larger task in his hands after a breakout season, now having to live up to his four-year, $80 million deal with the Magic and show why he was deserving of that money. If it all goes right, some of that championship mettle might just rub on the 22-year-old.
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    I don’t understand why there was a tease for *big* news and a bunch of fake hype made for an announcement that could’ve and should’ve just been made without the bs. Our management is so out of touch with the fan base these days, it’s crazy
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    That's like asking if people eat McDonald's
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    Nothing beats clean burning propane.
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    Imaginary -1 for pandering to the mod. It’s gross.
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    This is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever read. Those teachers might not even have a job if LeBron didn't build the school. He's under no obligation to pay them more just because he can afford to. He earned his millions for him and his family with hard work and the fact that people try and trivialize his charitability because it's not enough in there minds is baffling to me.
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    The fault in your thinking is that if you cant help everyone, its not worth helping anyone. If everyone thought like that, there would be no one helping anyone. You cant help everyone. You do your part, and when everyone will do their part, thats when Magic happens ;).
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    Love Spain. Going back again in December. I was in Gainesville and remember the disappointment. Somehow, I knew he was not coming. I was a little scare as well when we selected Mario.
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    Iwundu isn't bad in a vacuum. Iwundu is bad if you put him on the court with even one other non-offensive guy. A temporary Augustin-Fournier-iwundu-Gordon-Vuc lineup probably works fine. A Grant-Ross-iwundu-Isaac-Bamba lineup is going to play really ugly basketball
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    ?4thewin in the off season thread with the downvote
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    I know 1 thing—Love will once again be an elite fantasy basketball player this season.
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    Is this what Weltman is trying to do, starting with the Purvis trade? One Red Paperclip
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    Never said I was. Just end of the bench guy or (in case of injury) guy. Or next trade filler. I’m sorry to say it but I think it’s another semi tank year. Just don’t see Isaac or bamba playing a lot of minutes. Their bodies need a lot of maturing. And counting on vuc and Evan has brought how many wins?
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    It's possible we could be in a similar position if things go our way. Jonathan Isaac is a high upside player. He is already a very good defense player, if his offense ever improves to the same level he can be an all star. Aaron Gordon had his best year so far in his career last season. If he continues to work hard and get better he has all star potential. Mo Bamba is another high upside player. Defensively he could be a stud. If he develops offensively and adds that beyond the arc shot he's a potential unicorn and all star talent. So that's potentially a trio to build around. If we land another top pick this year that could see us add Barrett or Reddish to slot in at SG. If we don't struggle we'll eventually free up cap space when Vuc and co' s contracts come off the books, and if our young front court become show signs of potential dominance guards might consider coming here via free agency. Alternatively trade players for picks and young talent, hope to get lucky and those picks turn out to be very valuable or some team trades away the next Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert (Denver drafted and traded them to Utah!). Granted all of this comes down to whether our front young court puts it all together and become borderline all star to all star talent, and then us either hitting on future draft picks or moves made in free agents or through trades. But it possible if all goes well for us to be a play off team ascending towards contender status within the next five years if things go our way. Conversely if things don't go our way we'll be drafting top five pretty much every year between now and then, but let's think positive and believe in our talent, our coaching staff and front office. Maybe our time is coming...
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    off topic rockin the adidas black tshirt jersey for AG as a 31 year old man its much more practical for me to wear these shirts instead of jerseys because they cost less fit better dirty better and look better on me. i want an isaac and bamba one next.
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    Kicking the can down the road...We need to stop doing that.
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    So then Fultz and Ayton would be years 21 and 22. So you're right that its 8/20 that weren't franchise changers. So 12 / 20 that were. So I'll concede the 60/40 split. But my point still stands that only 2 of those guys have won a championship with the team that originally drafted them. Only 5 of them have even gotten to the Finals with their original team. So 1 out of 4. Every 4 years, 1 player will come along that will change the fortunes of his team to get to a championship round. Every 10 years, 1 player will come along that actually wins his team a championship. That is NOT worth tanking an entire franchise for.
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    I don't agree with tanking, because you are purposefully sinking your team and developing a losing culture, all on the hopes that you win the lottery in the draft and get the right positioning, at a time when a franchise changing player is available. It is far too fickle to bank on as a viable rebuilding strategy. You can go back about 20 years or so, and the #1 overall pick is about a 50-50 at best of landing a player that is or isn't a bust. The # of teams that have successfully rebuilt their franchise into champions is even less. The premiere franchise in the league right now is doing it with 2 mid lottery picks, a 2nd rounder, and a free agent. Cleveland won 0 champions with a drafted LeBron James, and it wasn't until he came back as a free agent that they won 1 championship. The Spurs are the big example of a team who build a dynasty off the back of Tim Duncan, a guy who they paired with David Robinson who was hurt the previous year, the only reason they had the #1 pick to begin with. They didn't intentionally tank. Celtics are an asterisk because they won their championship with high draft picks that were traded. The Magic build a 2 year contender off the back of a #1 overall pick, but never won a championship, losing to a superstar that was drafted in mid lottery. One of the few non Lakers, Celtics, LeBron, or Warriors teams to win a championship was the Mavericks who won it off the mid lottery drafted Dirk Nowitzki. Basically, what I'm saying is that in the past 20 or so years, the only "tank" draft picks that won a championship with the original team that drafted them were Tim Duncan, Dwyane Wade, and Kyrie Irving, and 2 of those guys won it with major free agent help (Wade: Shaq, and later LeBron and Bosh. Irving: LeBron) So basically the strategy of tanking means you're gonna be the ONE team in about a span of a decade that drafts someone who will bring you a championship. Those are not viable odds to rely your entire team rebuilding strategy on. Of course, teams are going to naturally "tank" by circumstance - I.E. when Dwight left, of *course* the Magic were going to suck, but circumstance. I don't blame Hennigan for our first couple years being bad. But I do blame him for employing a strategy that simply doesn't work, and has been proven time and time again to not work, and not taking any other initiatives to improve the team. I get that as an organization, the Magic have had a lot of success with the #1 overall pick in the draft, and not a lot of success outside of that spot. But just because we've had poor decisions being made in the past does not mean that tanking for the #1 pick is the only viable way to build a team. As I've stated above, it's actually the least viable way to build your team. Just as many teams have won and competed with no big time players (ala the 2004 Pistons) as have won with their original top 3 draft pick.