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    Best thing about payton being traded is not having to hear you talk about hating his floppy hair anymore
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    Hasn’t Payton always played well when there’s zero pressure, the season is over, and the game isn’t on the line? People acting surprised about his numbers in PHX when they’re getting blowout every night doesn’t make sense to me. He did the same thing here. What happened last year after the all-star break? Payton put up numbers. We still were getting blown out. He picks and chooses when he wants to play an engaged brand of basketball and all to often that’s when the season is already tanked.
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    This is the greatest thing ever made by a human. All credit to the genus, TrueMagicFan07.
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    No. Us being terrible at money and asset management, and not being great at drafting is why we are where we are today. Imagine for a moment we're building around Oladipo and Gordon right now, with Sabonis as a nice bench asset. Imagine we didn't give up two 1sts and a 2nd for Elfrid Payton. Imagine we didn't pay Bismack Biyombo all the money in the world. Imagine we traded Vucevic two years ago when he was still an asset people would give something for. Ditto for Evan Fournier. Imagine if, instead of Elfrid Payton and Mario Hezonja, we had drafted any one of Jusuf Nurkic, Gary Harris, Rodney Hood, Clint Capela, Willie Cauley-Stein, Myles Turner, or Kelly Oubre; any of those guys would have been somewhat reasonable picks for us, drafted within the next ten picks and would not have been considered major reaches. Would we be competing for a championship this year? Not likely. But we'd be a playoff team, young, with lots of assets to get better, and not drowning in bad contracts. We were fine at tanking. We had 3 picks in the top 5. Two have turned into really good players, one an All-Star. Unfortunately, we got rid of the All-Star for Terrence Ross, we botched the 3rd top 5 pick, and we spent all our excess money on garbage.
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    It is going to be so interesting to see what happens with Young because it is going to seem so obvious in hindsight. If he's a superstar, it'll be: "Of course he's amazing! You can't put up stats we've never seen before with those physical limitations unless you're a prodigy! He did it as a freshman too. With the way the league has trended toward outside shooting, he was the obvious first pick." If he's disappointing: "Well I mean they should've seen this coming. A small dude like that with no athletic advantage? He put up a bunch of empty stats on a team without great prospects because he was allowed to do whatever he wanted."
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    Or, we will hit the lotto, draft Ayton, have him carry us to the Finals before losing, and then lose him to the Lakers.
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    That's why you don't watch basketball around sharp things
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    I've been super busy getting a postgraduate degree that I'll finish by the end of this month. I have big plans for my website and youtube channel but I'll have to wait until March to get things going again I'll make sure to post everything here ;)
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    That's obviously because Trae is an outlier player HIMSELF . No one's done what he's doing. And being double and triple teamed is likely to lower your field goal percentages. Please remember he's a FRESHMAN. And believe me, the dude is fresh to death
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    If Isaac can come back from injury and live up to his potential, if we draft Trae and he proves he’s the real deal and not just Jj Barea, and if we are able to resign Mario and he keeps improving then we are somewhat on that track! It’s a lot of “ifs” but it’s at least something fun to think about and hope for!
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    No. The team played better defense with Gordon in but not Payton. That includes minutes against bench players, minutes against starters when Payton wasn't in the game, and minutes against starters when Payton didn't play. Payton only played 28.6 mpg for us. It's not like Vogel had him shadowing the other teams starting point guard. And it'd be one thing if it was exclusive to great point guards but your point falls apart when the Tomas Satoransky's of the league burn him too.
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    It really does happen a lot. A lot of people thought Klay Thompson was a reach where he was drafted; he was a low-ceiling guy who wasn't supposed to be able to keep up defensively and would just be a spot-up shooter. Eric Bledsoe was a 2-guard with not enough handles to play PG and not a good enough passer. Paul George couldn't get his own shots. Kawhi Leonard was too unskilled to play SF. Draymond Green was, hilariously, not considered even a good defender, on top of being too small to play PF. Khris Middleton was too slow. C.J. McCollum was too small to play SG. Rudy Gobert was too skinny and didn't play hard enough. Gary Harris wasn't a good enough ball handler and was too small. Rodney Hood was too skinny to play SF and not quick enough to play SG. Myles Turner ran funny. Devin Booker didn't have a good enough 1st step to get his own shot, and he wasn't 'long' enough. Malcolm Brogdon was slow, couldn't jump. Just how good the late gems in the draft are varies, but there always are some. And often as not there are a couple potential stars there.
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    We need to figure out how much of vucevic's defensive issues are Payton related (maybe it had no impact but we need to find out). We need to figure out Fournier's true offensive impact. Can his offense be replicated collectively by the other wings or does he really have a tangible impact? We need to see additional growth of Gordon on the offensive end. We need to see Isaac actually play.
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    Sure, we can think that now. But people say that every year, to an extent. This past year was a crazy deep draft for star potential, everyone saying that you could get a potential star in the top 8 or 9. Who's the best rookie of this class so far? Donovan Mitchell, pick #13, who no one thought would be this good. 2009 was the year of Blake Griffin and then no one. Except Steph turned out to be Steph. No one saw that coming. 2010 was the John Wall Sweepstakes year. Except PG was picked 10th. 2012 was AD and no other stars, remember? except Beal and Drummond are great. There weren't supposed to be any stars in 2013. Oladipo, McCollum, and Giannis came out of nowhere.
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    No, the reason we are in the situation we're in now is because of Rob Hennigan's moronic attempt to rebuild this team after trading Dwight. We stripped the roster of talent in an attempt to go young and lose a lot. Which created the culture of youth and losing we're stuck with today. At the time of the Dwight trade, this city and franchise was hungry for championships since we were not far off from playing in the NBA Finals and b2b Eastern Conference Finals. Which is fair to a point, but now 6 years later we are as far off from a championship as ever. Straight up tanking doesn't win you championships. All the teams contending for the title this year didn't tank to get where they are, this idea that you need to strip your roster down and just suck until your savior comes is just crazy because you're gambling your franchise on getting lucky on a 19/20 year old. Plus, even if your team sucks enough doesn't guarantee you the pick to get any potential star players. The only pro-tanking argument I see much of these days is the 76ers, which kind of makes me laugh since right now Philly is a fringe 8th seed who does have a lot of young talent but these talented youngsters have a lot of injuries and question marks on them going forward. The 76ers HAVE to win a championship with this core to be worth putting their fans through some of the worst basketball in NBA history to get a chance to land them. Like I said, this season is a lost cause already and the draft has good potential so I'm fine with just tanking to finish. Which Vogel won't do, we'll have to rely on our own terrible play. But going forward, please put an end to this BS.
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    Gave you an and 1 for that! I don't hate it at all, I actually think it is really cool, it would look great on a rapper. I also think it is very unprofessional to let your personal choice of style negatively affect your performance in professional sports.
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    BEST NEWS AT THE TRADE DEADLINE: Aaron Gordon remains in a Magic uniform
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    Payton got lit up by every starting PG in the league lol. That's why he's gone.
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    He said Payton and Gordon will get a similar contract in the offseason
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    This team will be fully healthy soon and we will win ourselves out of a top 3 pick and probably even a top 5 pick. Which is literally what we continue to do every freaking year.
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    Vuc back starting and Biz to the bench makes both units worse so hopefully we dont win too much. Depends if Gordon remembers how to shoot or not.
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    #trustthepurgatory #2030..2040...2050maybemykidswillgettoseetheplayoffs?
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    If it's their 2018 1st then I'd think about it
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    What do you guys think the 8th pick is worth? I mean you all have to be kidding me. Jamal Crawford, DeSagana Diop, Chris Wilcox, T.J. Ford, Rafael Araujo, Channing Frye, Rudy Gay, Brandon Wright, Joe Alexander, Jordan Hill, Al-Farouq Aminu, Brandon Knight, Terrence Ross, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Nik Stauskas, Stanley Johnson, Marquise Chriss, Frank Nitilikina- Those are the names of the players drafted 8th since 2000. So, at best you get a sixth man type player like Crawford or a good role player, like Ross or Frye.
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    Here's what we have. When Payton is on the floor we play our worst defense. When Payton is on the bench we play our best defense. http://on.nba.com/2EcJ4SZ But that's not enough. We need more context. Biyombo's defensive rating improves by 9 points when Payton is off the floor http://stats.nba.com/vs/advanced/#!?PlayerID=202687&VsPlayerID=203901 Vucevic's defensive rating improves by 12 points http://stats.nba.com/vs/advanced/#!?PlayerID=202696&VsPlayerID=203901 Speights defense rating improves by 6 points http://stats.nba.com/vs/advanced/#!?PlayerID=201578&VsPlayerID=203901 Gordon's defense improves by almost 8 points http://stats.nba.com/vs/advanced/#!?PlayerID=203932&VsPlayerID=203901 Fournier improves by almost 9 points http://stats.nba.com/vs/advanced/#!?PlayerID=203095&VsPlayerID=203901 And so on. Here's satoransky's numbers with Payton on the court vs off the court http://stats.nba.com/vs/#!?PlayerID=203107&VsPlayerID=203901&Season=2017-18&SeasonType=Regular Season&LastNGames=1 And here's video evidence First basket Payton loses him completely. Second is switched onto speights Third Payton leaves him open in the corner but helping when he shouldn't help. Fourth Payton screws up a box out and gives up a close basket Fifth he loses satoransky in transition by helping when he didn't need to help and completely turning his back to his man 6th probably on Fournier 7th on Fournier 8th Augustin
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    Who cares about the stats anyway. All you have to do is watch the games and it's obvious that EP is not the starting PG that we need for the future. The modern NBA calls for a PG that is a threat to take and make the open outside shot at a decent percentage. Also a lot of PGs feast on EP.
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    Valuing Isaac over Gordon doesnt mean you think Isaac is better, it means Isaac will be paid over the next 4 years total what Gordon is about to make in 1.
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    You wouldn't at least wait to see what the return would be?
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    There is nothing wrong with that. I am glad to hear that they are not closing any doors. This is the only way you can explore the market and see the value of your players and even if there is a 99% chance they dont trade him at least you are doing your due deligience as the GM. As long as you dont write it on a board
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    Looking at tonight’s line up like
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    "We like the injured guys we have, but the guys on the court now, woof"
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    Last thing he needs is more stress on his shoulder...
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    Kyler likes to do that after something already happened
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    today at 2:15 on ESPN is Trae Young Vs. Collin Sexton (Oklahoma vs. Alabama) they're the top 2 point guards in the nation. This has been a public service announcement.
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    See, problem solved. He just needs to shoot backwards!
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    Yes and it would be just like the Magic to do a bone headed thing like that! Hell we only have 4 centers, we should draft another one of those too!
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    never underestimate our ability to suck
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    I still cant believe that a guy signed for his defense, rebounding, and energy has helped negate some of our problems with defense, rebounding, and energy.
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    Damage control And nobody is giving them an all star while taking back a bad contract. So they effectively just pissed off their best player for no reason.