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    Absolutely …I was a lifelong gym teacher in public schools …breaks my heart to see how kids are being indoctrinated with all this sexual stuff …it’s crazy and blows my mind …as a fellow Christian I love what JI stands for and is unafraid to speak up about . I was really more shocked with Charles Barkley …grabbing a mic and using language like that …dude is just about as popular as Michael Jordan these days …he’s like the lead analyst for NBA and college games …a highly, highly visible public figure . The article insinuated he was falling in line with the Woke agenda …I’m hopeful we can get somebody in office in the near future that can stop all this indoctrinating of kids …anybody can see all the confusion and chaos it creates ….my kids just recently graduated HS …they told me some stuff going on …I will continue to say as a fellow educator …what the heck does sexual orientation/stuff have to do with educating kids in school .
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    I’ll be honest, I’m not impressed with our team's approach to summer league. To throw a bunch of scrubs out there with our rooks and expect something meaningful to develop is foolish thinking. Last night was barely watchable. Yes, AB and Howard flashed, but the overall game was a mess. Bad shots, bad passes, bad defensive rotations, etc. Why not play a few guys who know our system (Harris, Houston and Schofield) with the rooks? Raw players playing with raw players will create raw results.
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    Welcome to the Shaedon Sharpe fan club everybody. Lolololololol
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    There’s really no way to explain it other than off-season fatigue if we’re really debating if we should’ve picked the kid who we all thought would be made of glass, that wound up being made of glass and missed his entire rookie season over our pick who just won rookie of the year and put up one of the more impressive first seasons the NBA has seen in years.
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    Jon, I respect everyone's right to their own opinion, but damn, I don't think I've seen a positive post or opinion from you yet, man. If you're that negative about the roster, the management, and everyone else's opinions, why are you here? Do we need to start calling you Debbie Downer? In all seriousness though; 1) When you have this many young players, many of whom can be "loaned" to the G-League affiliate, I agree it could be difficult to find everyone playing time. So maybe Black, Howard, and Houstan all spend some time in Osceola, or maybe they just work in practice learning habits from veterans like G Harris, Ingles, and to a lesser extent, Fultz, and WCJ. 2) Considering how many "player injury games" we have lost over the last few years, having extra young talent for depth is a benefit. Also, if they're all competing for minutes, nobody is getting complacent - everyone keeps working to earn their minutes. Plus, if guys do get injured, they can spend time down in Osceola when they are "ramping up" playing time for their return - like Isaac and Okeke did for a bit last season. 3) We don't know yet that the front office is done. Currently we seem to have a roster full of guys that can switch and play/guard multiple positions. That's not a bad thing, either. I expect that they will try to bring back Moe Wagner as well, and I wouldn't be surprised if they give Kevon Harris at least a training camp and/or 2-way contract again. Doing both would bring us up to 16 players - you're allowed about 20 for training camp. Once you get to the season you get 15 on the roster, and I think with the new CBA you get three 2-way contracts for a total of 18 players. We will probably still see some action on the free agent and/or trade market before we get to opening day. 4) We don't know if Isaac is going to be back healthy - if he isn't, I would not be surprised to see them release him. He is "only" guaranteed $7.6M until 1/10/24, if they cut him before that, the remaining $9.8M can be used elsewhere. We are currently sitting at 14 players (counting Black, Howard and Ingles) and just barely over the league-mandated minimum of $122.4K. If we sign Moe to about $3.5M, that still leaves us about $10K under the cap, in a great position to trade with someone needing to cut salary, or as a third team to grab additional assets. I personally don't think we are done, and my bet is that they do move a backcourt guy or two to try and balance the roster a little more evenly. I could see someone doing a trade to free up space and take a chance on continued improvement from Anthony, Suggs, or a healthy Okeke. I can see a path to a trade involving G Harris for a SF/PF who might be getting similar numbers but making $4-5M more, with the other team throwing in a top-20 protected first. With the new CBA and the (extremely) punitive 2nd apron, I think there may be some trades to be made that would both better balance the roster and bring additional assets. I do think that the front office moved a little slower rebuilding this roster than I would have liked; but, we also have to think about where we were when they were hired - over the cap with few prospects to get better. I would have liked to see Payton, Vuc, Gordon, and Fournier all moved sooner than they were, but sometimes the moves just aren't there, or the return just makes you worse without actually giving you a path to improve. I think they have done a reasonable job, and have (with some luck) put us in a position to really make another jump this year. I think G Harris needs to be more active without the ball, running off of screens to find open shots (a la Reddick), I think both Anthony and G Harris are a little undersized to play the SG, but I think with Gary's improved health and if Anthony can improve his shot selection/play less "hero-ball", we can definitely expect to see some improvement from that position. I think the game was starting to slow down for Suggs near the end of the season, he seemed to be playing with the same drive, but less frantic. I think Moe is important to bring back for several reasons beyond the obvious connection with Franz - he gives us additional backup for the PF, where we've had health issues with both Isaac and Okeke; and he gives us a faster backup at C than Bitadze. Also, he definitely plays with more attitude than most of our team - Ingles should contribute that as well. Fultz/Black/Suggs G Harris/Anthony/Howard F Wagner/Ingles/Houstan/K Harris (2-Way?) Banchero/Isaac/Okeke Carter/Bitadze/M Wagner(?) I don't think this is a championship roster yet, but I definitely think this is a playoff roster; and with a few more tweaks and internal growth, I think we could surprise a lot of people this year.
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    alright. I challenge you on this.. Name 20 PG that are better! Again. Fultz can do everything besides 3 point shooting. He can get wherever he wants, whenever he wants to his spots. He makes the team around him better, he sets players up for good shots. He can make tough passes but also the easy passes. Mostly he makes great decisions. He hustled on defense, plays great defense. He gets rebounds, especially in the clutch. He won us numerous games where the game was on the line and he managed to get multiple offensive rebounds, due to his hustle. He never gives up. He’s a true leader of this team. Great person on and off the court (from what i can tell) So yeah name 20 PGs that have that impact..
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    condolences to the Van Gundy family
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    Let's rename the topic: 2023 NBA Summer League Shaedon Sharpe Watch Thread
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    I rarely post but I feel this should be mentioned- In addition to his shooting and passing and experience, Joe Ingles is a "tough guy". He brings an aggressive- don't take crap from anybody type of mentality to this team that I feel we've been lacking for a while. I LOVE this move for our young guys.
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    He's an NBA basketball player, standing or not standing is going to be public whether he wants it to be or not. What you're essentially demanding of him is to set his own views and beliefs aside and literally pretend like he supports a cause that he does not. He literally had two options and he went with the one that actually represented his views. Going against his views would've made him a sellout, you have things reversed. I can tell you that there are MANY black people that want nothing to do with BLM. JI is hardly alone here.
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    His teammates are doing something he doesn't believe in or support, he should be commended for this not criticized. Far too many people going with the crowd these days, especially public figures, I'm glad some people don't let it phase them and literally stand up for what they believe is right.
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    We need to check the shocks, bearings and some joints on the ol' bandwagon. It's been a long time since it was parked hah
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    LMAO!!! Here we go again! I blame you for all the bad results we get!
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    To be fair, our record of 289-512 over the past 10 years continues our streak as the worst team in basketball. Management has given us a lot of reasons to despise this team. I’m happy with anyone who still cares enough to post to this forum despite enduring year after year of awful basketball.
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    Putting Penny with that group is wild.
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    Please explain the reasoning. To be a good off ball player, don’t you need to be a legitimate three point threat? Otherwise, defenders sag off and clog up the middle, making our spacing problematic. Honestly we’ve seen that scenario play out countless times in recent years.
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    I think if we can get him for a decent amount of money for a shorter term contract, I'm all for it. Something that does align with our team is he's seemingly a really good, down to earth guy. I remember seeing a story where he had The Eastern conference championship trophy and took it around to all the workers / non-players and media members on the plane home to ensure that everyone got a picture with the trophy, of which he offered to take the pictures. A few other stories like that out there on him. Always thinking of other people, which is the kind of player you like having in a locker room.
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    Anthony Black 3pt shooting improvements - shot over 18,200 3's in the weeks leading up to the draft.
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    Define "dysfunctional" and "won't work" because this team won 34 games last season with it's best players being a rookie and a 2nd year player and with a bunch of injuries that caused us to start 5-20. It's not unrealistic to believe this team will win 40+ games and contend for the playoffs this season.
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    I would only pick Black, if he agrees to cut his hair. Dealing with EP’s hair was bad enough. Ant is worse.
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    I used to like Ausar at 6, but now feel Coulibaly at 11 offers basically the same size and wingspan, with a similar skillset, is a year younger, and plays in a professional league that's easier to gauge. My preference now is Hendricks at 6, Coulibaly at 11.
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    I'm so glad Paolo is in these buildings watching the finals and what he said about Joker making the right basketball play every time down really fills me with hope. I was watching some of his highlights yesterday and while it's undeniable he's got the bag to be a great scorer, I think he's a better passer than he showed at times last season. So often on those highlights he's got guys draped all over him and he makes a tough layup or a tough jumper which is awesome for the highlight reel but on most of those he's also got a team mate wide open that he's missing (and not just bad shooters but guys like Cole, Gary Harris, Franz). In year two if he can just take what the defense is giving a little more I think he could up his assists considerably while also improving his efficiency by not forcing so much. And then the threat of the pass can open up easier scoring opportunities also because teams will hesitate to double him.
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    He's partially guaranteed. He can be cut for a cap amount of $7m ish. So he could offer relief to a tax team. I.e. they trade us stuff amounting to $17m, we send them back Isaac and they cut him and save $10m. EDIT: people are up voting this, I already commented this further down the thread but: This isn't actually possible. Isaac only counts as his guaranteed amount in trades until his contract is guaranteed.