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    You would think someone having the worst shooting season of his career would focus on improving his shot instead of spending the next 2-3 weeks practicing dunks.
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    Don’t get too excited; they don’t play until tomorrow
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    We have the perfect wing and center couple. Both for adoption. Not recommended to separate.
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    http://bkref.com/tiny/mG90H there's everyone since the 04-05 season. It's happened 41 times http://bkref.com/tiny/wVwlj there's everyone since 04-05 with at least 3 made threes. Only 4 times. http://bkref.com/tiny/iFIpS there's every time in NBA history. Gordon is the only player in NBA history to go 13/15 or better with 5 made threes.
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    Man y'all let my man Jay be as optimistic as he wants. Who cares if it's realistic. He provides a nice balance from all the super negative post on here.
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    Some of you guys need to figure out what the end goal is and then figure out whether your moves are designed to achieve that goal. Golden State plays a style built to maximize the strengths of Steph and Klay. They need spacing and movement. More shooters multiplies the effectiveness of those two guys. Something as simple as Harrison Barnes going into a shooting slump destroyed their offense and cost them a title. Sacramento was being built to play fast. To use conditioning as a weapon to maximize the strengths of Fox and hield as well as all of their athletes. The main reason they've struggled this year is a change in that philosophy due to their change in coaching. Boston is built around interchangable wings and high level team passing. They need high IQ players and good passers at all positions to take advantage of off ball cuts. San Antonio is built to exploit the mid range game that defenses are built to give up. Specialized players. Well defined roles. Competency. Houston. Get to the rim, get to the foul line, shoot high volume threes. Slow things down. Play off harden isolations. Do you want to build around fultz and Isaac? What does that mean? Fultz is an athletic guard who can get to the rim but can't shoot. So you want to pair him with a pick and roll/pop partner in the half court. He can't shoot which means you want the ball in his hands a ton. He's fast with the ball so you want to feature transition a bunch. Isaac is versatile on both ends. He can play 3 positional roles on both ends. He's good at creating deflections and turnovers. How do you take advantage of that? You surround him with other versatile players. If you take a super versatile player like Isaac and surround him with typical positional players you force Isaac into a typical role himself. The best way to take advantage of versatility is with more versatility. This is why MCW looks better here than in other places. So if the goal is to build around fultz and Isaac you need to find wings that are big who can defend multiple positions, cause deflections, run, and play off ball. You need a center who can set good screens, move well both laterally and down the court, with either proficiency as a rim runner or a shooter. You need a bench that mostly compliments that style with allowances for some counter cultural situational players that aren't perfect fits if you have enough coverage where it's not going to be a disaster if they have to start due to injury.
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    An actual, factual four-team trade. This validates everyone who has ever used the trade machine
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    Augustin and Vucevic for Drummond and Rose Both sides take some risk and get some return. Magic has the chance to clear the books if Drummond doesn’t sign and Rose can come off the bench and groom Fultz or play SG. Pistons move Drummond and get a former all-star, stretch 20/10 center and give up Rose to get it done who is injury prone anyway/time to maximize his value while the window is open
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    I was really disappointed when we re-signed Vuc, I wanted us to take a little step back and start Bamba. Clearly Bamba wasn't/isn't ready to start, the FO would have seen this so had to have someone start at center. So my question is, what realistic options could we have had in the off-season if we let Vuc walk, who was available that would have been on reasonable deals? I no longer blame the FO for not throwing Bamba in the deep end, it would have been a disaster.
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    Cliff loves to be a hard ass in the media about the shortcomings of the team and accountability, but he needs to look in the mirror sometimes. He's done plenty of dumb things this season (some that continue bc they seem to be part of his philosophy) that go on without much criticism because he is only answering questions from like 6 local media members. PnR coverage scheme against Kemba/Dame types Forcing Birch into a major role he isn't suited for (much of this is injury-induced, but I still think he's overplaying him) The Vooch keeping his hands down thing (makes no sense and happens so often I can't imagine Vooch is just doing it on his own) Inconsistent enforcement of accountability where Bamba gets pulled for one mistake but Vooch is allowed to tank the game for 9 straight minutes
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    Release Fournier. Would be a pure case of addition by subtraction.
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    I might get hate for this but I don't really care. Not all opinions on here will be or should be liked that's why they are called opinions and not agreements. I will will throw two major celebrations when these happen in my sporting fandom. #1 as a Dolphin fan when Brady finally retires. #2 when Vooch and Fournier are no longer on this roster! Please let the suffering end!!
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    Isaac has defensive player of the year upside. Fultz has definite star moments and the pedigree to give him that kind of ceiling. This month alone he has a 6 steal game, the highest single game +/- in the post Dwight era, and a 12 point 4th quarter against another playoff team. We played the draft pick game already and it didn't work. It requires considerable luck and the right guy to be there and we're not in a place to sacrifice seasons of guys we already have. And is Boston succeeding simply because of jaylen Brown and Tatum's talent? Or are they succeeding because they added those guys to a 48 win team that had good vets to teach them how to win? Is Toronto succeeding simply because of siakam and Fred Vanvleet's talent? Or are they succeeding because they added those guys to a 56 win team that had good vets to teach them how to win? What about Utah with Donovan Mitchell? I think a lot of player's value is natural but a large underrated portion is putting them into the best position to succeed. I don't think you can just lose for several years and gather a ton of young players together and expect them to turn into winners. It's why Phoenix hasn't succeeded with their 10 lotto picks in the last 9 drafts. It's why the Lakers looked terrible before they dumped all their young players. It's why Minnesota hasn't had any sustained success despite being in the lottery almost every year since 2005. You gotta get talent then develop it. You can't just let the talent lose and develop bad habits.
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    I disagree with some of those assessments, but you already know that. ;) They had 2.5 years (and 3 offseasons) to change what was a bad constructed team (by Henningan) in opinion of most, and they've maintained a lot of that structure. I understand the first year of evaluation, but after that, a lot of choices were just to confirm the status quo, or re-up it as in the case of a fat contract for Vucevic (we haven't get positive value for him in years, when he had a fairly great contract, I really doubt we'll have it now that he's signed long term for a lot of money. And even if we get a decent value back, sometimes the cap space is just more valuable than a mediocre player) The choice of coach Clifford could be considered solid from the point of view that he's given a solid system to the team and was able to give them playoff experience, but together with the choice of having a lot of defensive - long armed guys, that put us in a stagnant situation in which there's little fantasy and ability to make innovative choices. That team as constructed could have been great on 2000's, but NBA is trending on another path in the last few years. We're too much one dimensional, our defense is not that great to cover other deficiencies, and our coach is not the one that will save us thinking outside the box. While I could agree that the draft choice's has been good, or at least above average, there's still an inability to improve the end of the bench talent/upside as you already recognized. Fultz trade was clearly good, and that a sign that we could/should be more active and creative than what we are. My biggest concern is, as always, that we're already hard capped for a team that isn't going nowhere. Hard capped just for resigning guys that are not really difference makers, in a choice that could hinder our young guys growth in the process. It's normal to have a bolted cap when you're a contender, but right now we're just a mediocre team that could be 7th or 8th in the East, hopefully. We would really need to have space to make more moves and improve that roster, but in the situation we're, we could not really take back any big salary in a deal with other good assets, for example. We're stuck with what we have, and the idea of waiting for 2021 sounds like previous (Henningan again) projects that never materialized. It's good to have Fultz and Isaac as our base (hope) for that project, but we're not exactly talking about sure Top-10 players on the league either. Would love them to become such players, but it's still a long way to go there. Also, are we playing them the right way to become that great? I'm not sure. I obviously really hope that you're right and I'm wrong, for the good of the team we root. But I'm really not convinced at all by the management ability to get us over the top, until now.
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    Scoreboard doesn’t lie. Time to give up on the 7”0, 21 year old, gifted athlete with a freakish wingspan on a rookie contract because we won by one point without him. Obviously Bamba is hopeless. How many MVPs does he have? None? That’s tied with Kwame Brown. Someone needs to go and I don’t care why!
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    For those criticizing AG for forcing shots and bulldozing drives to the basket, I agree. Dude is still rigid and a work in progress on offense. However, just a few years ago we dealt away another overly aggressive, young, rigid player who became a star. That’s Victor Oladipo. If a great deal comes along for AG that balances out our roster, we should consider it. In the meantime, if history teaches us anything, it says we should be patient, especially because we have AG on a favorable contract. Go Magic!
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    I could watch the Fultz deflection, tap ahead, and throw down a million times. That very well could be the play of the year for us! One thing we all knew is that regardless of whether or not he got his shot back he has a very high Basketball IQ and can play some serious D.
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    Nonsense, DJ has played really well in the 4th so he's kept him in. Nothing to do with Fultz.
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    You would think after years and years of following this sport, some would know how this works. Bamba is still a rook y’all. He’s a cerebral player who’s thinking his way through a game. For as long as I’ve known, the two toughest spots for rooks were Pg and C. Today’s game, it’s even harder because of the evolution of big men playing more on the perimeter. A few games into year 2 (not even a full year last season mind you) and y’all are just “he sucks, trade him”. When are y’all ever going to learn? Just stop... Give the kid some time. How long did y’all give Gordon? To me, the one guy that needs to be looked upon as what should we do with if he doesn’t performed as expected is in fact Gordon. I like him and have no problem keeping him but in a role that says “you are not THAT guy.The numero uno. You are a 3 and D player and we then need to make a move that brings in that guy.” Maybe Fultz is that guy IdK. He’s still a rook in my eyes. But please stop with this we need to trade Bamba stuff. Give the kid a full year or two at least.
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    Can we not start writing players off after two games. You guys are better than that.
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    If we’re gonna play a deep bench, give me Iwundu over MCW all day.
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    I've got to agree with him. Getting Fultz was big but it was a very weird situation.We still need that one offensive player to put us on another level. We still have a team of roleplayers, not alpha's.Even though Fultz and Issac have star potential they look to me as number 2 options. Everyone else, including Vuc,Gordon and Fiba Fournier are complimentary pieces. Evan might be gone after this season and he is by far our best offensive player. Vuc and Evan have been in their primes for years and consistently have trouble getting us an eighth seed. Let's not sugar coat it, it's a problem. Let's get help.