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    So in a hypothetical world where both Kelle and Cole are healthy next year, would it be feasible to start both? Cole is improving extremely fast. We could use them kind of like how the Raptors use VanVleet and that chubby bastard who I won’t say his name because he’s my most hated player in the NBA
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    Bamba straight to work with Coach https://twitter.com/OrlandoMagic/status/1415345602582433796?s=20
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    A lesson I've learned from all our trials and tribulations during the rebuild is that we collectively -- and certainly myself individually -- don't know **** really. I was happier on draft night with Bamba than I would have been with Trae (big yikes). As you've highlighted, that was not an isolated opinion. Was deflated about not landing Doncic after there were some legit rumors we might move up for him. I was ecstatic when we drafted Hezonja. I thought Isaac, Okeke, and Cole were all good picks (seems like this could be true, but the injuries are a problem). A combination of good & bad opinions. It's why I'm trying not to get too flustered with falling to the 5th pick this year. What if Kuminga (if we pick him) DOES reach his potential, even though I am not super high on him? I'm just some random dude who happens to watch a decent amount of basketball. I've been wrong many times before. I will try to take a wait and see approach, which will almost assuredly expire a few days later.
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    **NOTE: You can use one of the calendars as a desktop wallpaper - Each month contains a calendar without times and a calendar with times** APRIL CALENDAR/without times APRIL CALENDAR/with times MAY CALENDAR/without times MAY CALENDAR/with times
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    To clarify, I understand that there might be pain at the end of this rebuild, but not trying to make moves would have been a million times worse as a fan.
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    Team and coach deserve a ton of credit for this one... if it was the last game in OTown for Evan and Aaron, I appreciate them going out playing hard until the end. Fun game and good win
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    If someone feels led to make individual game threads, fantastic. In the meantime, I’m going to make and pin this thread for game interactions. Go Magic!
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    Haha! You guys have been wondering what happened to Payton4thewin. I dumped him on Cleveland.
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    Sunday, February 21st @ 7:00 P.M. Amway Center - Orlando, FL TV: Fox Sports Florida 8-21, 5th in Central Division | 12-18, 4th in Southeast Division LET'S GO MAGIC!!!!!!
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    This would be solved quickly by getting a new young coach with a 21st century basketball mind. Cliffords methods are old and dated.
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    Just showing Terrence Ross some appreciation. The guy is legitimately one of the best shooters in the league
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    Perhaps the greatest gift of this "rebuild" is not getting new players but a new coach. Time will tell...
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    I just can't see why people would want Penny, besides nostalgia.
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    I’m not saying culture change isn’t important. I’m saying you can’t have a winning culture in the absence of winning and you can’t win without talent. Moral victories by games being played by G-leaguers, rookies, and bench players in starting roles vs. teams tanking or teams resting multiple starters aren’t going to improve the culture, and potentially might cost us a shot at a top talent who could help to establish the winning culture that you’re wanting. Regardless, this current team IS going out and scraping to compete and has shown a fighting spirit even whilst being outclassed talent-wise most nights. A loss (or a win for that matter) in game 72 of a lost season isn’t going to have any impact on the culture of this team moving forward
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    Dare we say, you’d be Giddey about it?
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    Worst injury luck, most snakebit BS season ever. Don’t know what we did to deserve it, but this is out of control... thoughts out to DC, just not fair man... Also, shoutout to Mo.. the wherewithal and the compassion for his teammate to be there for him right away and to take off his jersey and shield Cannady from his open fracture shouldn’t go unnoticed.
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    Nevermind.... they’re getting spanked in Cleveland (sounds like my bachelor party). 42-18 early in the 2nd
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    I see Okeke has chosen to become the Franchise Player tonight haha
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    I like the 1st rounders. Credit where credit is due, at least the front office blew it up. No criticism from me for the next 3 to 4 years
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    Good result longterm. I just seen someone a post on Realgm, that could u imagine if we hired Penny as coach, JI, AG, Cole and Fultz back and we won lottery and drafted Cade. Wow one can dream!
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    I don’t want Wiggins but think that’s what it would take to get the MN pick from GS. In the trade I’m suggesting, we could end up with two top five picks (MN and our own) plus Wiseman. Add in our young guys and we’d have a high ceiling young core for years.
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    I want to tip my hat to Vuc tonight for actually playing defense. He finished with 3 blocks and I saw him leave the ground a handful of times which is very uncommon. Great overall team win!
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    This feels different. At no point in the previous 8 or so years would we have won that game. The bench really fought. Markelle was clutch in the 4th after being lackluster in the first half. MCW, Cole, Clarke, Birch. Those guys were all crucial tonight. EDIT: Also TRoss obviously.