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    Look everyone wants this team to be as good as it possibly can be. We’re all Magic fans, especially those who’ve stuck around for more than a decade watching terrible basketball. The area of disagreement is whether we become as good as we can be by doing something with a trade this season or going with what we have. I was in the group who believed we’d be better off trading for improved guard play. We’ve seen enough of our team these 50 games or so for me to be convinced it’s an obvious weakness and makes our two best players less effective than they would otherwise be. Regardless, it didn’t happen. All we can do now is hope that the “good” Magic show up for the remaining games rather than the Magic team we saw last game. I don’t see this team going anywhere in the playoffs as currently constructed, even if we do get there.
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    Nah. I’ve been here for a long time my friend. You’re very optimistic but at times blindly optimistic in an enabling negative kind of way.
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    It’s not about just being upset like crybabies.. I’m just frustrated because we are so passive. Always.. It takes us too long to evaluate!! It is really clear at this point that certain players have their limitations, our roster has its limitations especially with the lack of shooting. Ingles is a huge help right now, but he’s going to be unplayable in a playoff environment. He’s such a defense liability, especially next to M. Wagner. We can only pray for a healthy Isaac. Otherwise we won’t even win a single playoff game it was pretty clear before the season that our coaching staff needed an OC. And then Tibbetts left and we left Mosley out there on an island? Our offensive game plan is so terrible. As a Euro guy who loves and kinda thrive on X and Os, it makes me wanna scratch out my eyes. Then Fultz dealing with shoulder issues, Franchise going silent on it and not providing help in case Fultz goes down again. Fultz cannot be trusted as a starter anymore. I’m sorry. I’m his biggest fan on the internet. I swear, been defending him from the getgo for since his Philly days on was stoked we traded for him. Even though that pick turned out to be .. Maxey Well my 3 favorites weren’t traded. So i don’t know why, if we didn’t make an offer. It seemed like Murray and Tyus were the most realistic trade options. I wouldn’t have gave up a 1st round pick for Tyus, that’s apparently the asking price. So i’m not mad. Murray i really don’t know. That’s a guy that would have been a nice fit, would have made Fultz the leader of the second unit and created a more balanced roster. Especially after our rivals really addressed their weaknesses. Last take. This year, the east seems like there is room for teams to make a run in the playoffs. A lot of teams saw that and improved their roster. The contenders made moves to help them, The teams that are on a hot run like Pacers, Knicks all made their moves. And we did nothing
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    This is a valid point, now that trades haven’t forced Mose’s hand in the rotation, I’ve got him under a microscope for making necessary changes based on how games are going. Cole can’t make a shot and can’t dribble without falling over? Play AB! We can’t get a rebound to save our lives? Play Goga! There’s only like 4 guys on this team that have earned an every game spot without a leash in our current rotation
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    We all will root for our team like we always do despite the players, management and record.
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    I love how some posters on here are content with mediocrity just because we finally barely have a winning record. We clearly lack shooting and there were plenty of guys who were available for 2nd round picks and expiring contracts. What a waste lol.
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    We are all Magic fans. We want the team to win. Pointing out that has 1 three pointer all year doesn’t mean we hate him. He would be better off the bench….Great kid in my opinion.
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    The FO sucks.. They did a great job at drafting, but everything else is a freaking joke…
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    Starting to feel like we ain't doing ****. I dunno why I got my hopes up.
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    Oh, a downvote, surprise surprise. Gotta love the new gen who know nothing of his betrayal.
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    No, watching any celebration of that douchebagg.
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    I always forget that the trade deadline is just like New Year’s Eve part 2 for me. All this misplaced excitement and anticipation for something to happen, but then just an uneventful day and disappointment after the ball drops.
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    And now Bojan to the Knicks for Fournier and Malachi Flynn. We’re watching all of our direct competition in the East pick off the low hanging fruit. 3.5 hours til the deadline
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    Just for clarity I'm using mod powers to hide comments about fake trades, don't want to get any confusion if people are using this thread for actual news. Also, I just had the site not load because it's at max users, which is fun.
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    The Wizards have apparently decided to keep Kyle Kuzma. Which is just the most baffling decision of the deadline if true.
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    I don't understand people wanting Simons. Yes he's a great shooter, but he is horrible on defense. How does that fit what we are doing? Give me Murray or Jones please.
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    Credit where it’s due. Suggs has worked his tail off to become an elite defender and decent shooter.
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    You are correct, fan sites, even here, can get very negative very quickly. But I feel at least on this site, it comes from years of seeing us take a step forward (like the combo of Franz and Paolo last year ) and then seeing us regress. ( Franz and Paolo slipping back and poor rotation decisions.) I know, for myself, even when criticizing, i try to have a positive slant But the fan base wants to win. We have waited a long time. And it is hard not to let frustration show sometimes.
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    Yep. See you all in the summer for *checks notes* A Markelle Fultz extension A Gary Harris extension Using our 2024 first round pick on someone who won't crack the rotation and trading our 2024 second round pick for a future second and cash.
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    we are better than new york that much i do know
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    and we are still better than them
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    This team deserves a chance to grow together and to show how hard they can compete down the stretch and in the playoffs this season. We are so young, but we have something special building here for the first time in a long time. I’m willing to be patient and to let this thing grow organically. I don’t believe there is a team in the NBA that has the chemistry from GM to 15th man that we do. We created that. It’s ours, and it means everything for a team that is so young to be growing their confidence and ability to compete together. And it’s working. Our confidence is building and our ability to compete with any team out there has been on display all season. Bucks, Celtics, Wolves, Lakers, Pacers, Nuggets, Cavs, Knicks, Suns. We have wins over some of the best teams in the league. We are young, we struggle from 3 some nights, markelle’s shoulder, Wendell’s size disadvantage, Cole’s slump…we have issues, but those players in that locker room support each other 100%. They are together and they are here right now this season ready to compete with confidence against anybody. That means something to me. I hope we give this team the chance to show who we are and who we aim to become by giving them a chance to finish this season as is. Dejounte Murray is a hell no for me, and I hope Jeff feels the same. At this point in our growth, chemistry is our biggest strength, and that guy in particular has enough red flags to at least be potentially detrimental to that strength in the short and long term. Not worth it. I mean, of all players, we’re going to bring in the one guy who has had beef with our 21 year old all-star? To play point guard and compete with him for touches? When hes shown to be a whiner when things don’t go his way? Hell no! Not with where we’re coming from and what we’ve shown in terms of growth and ability to compete. I’d be okay with a small move for another bench piece, but I think changing our point guard at this point in the season is potentially disastrous, short and long term, especially if it’s a guy who needs the ball to be effective. These guys know how to play together, even with markelle’s flaws. The off season is the time for a big change like that for a young team in the thick of competing for playoff position and then hopefully playoff wins for the FIRST time. Let these kids show what they got Jeff! We can beat anybody!
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    I wonder if Travis Diener is still playing. Always liked him :) wouldn’t cost much either. Maybe include Jeff Turner in the deal?
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    I think I just threw up. I’ll pass.