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    Ross’s problem starts with the coach letting him fire at will every time he touches the ball. There’s no accountability with the veterans when they play the way they usually play. That’s bad coaching plain and simple. Why Iwundu didn’t sniff the court after having such a good first half makes me think Clifford has no clue how to effectively run a good rotation/offense. Our second unit offensive scheme is having Ross curl off screens and jacking up heavily contested 3’s and 2’s. The dude is super athletic and hardly ever takes it to the rim. If I were the coach I’d tell him he can only attack the basket and if he forced a crazy 3 he would be coming out plain and simple. Clifford doesn’t have the balls or offensive IQ to do something like that.
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    Yeah. I'm really happy about adding him I just want to maintain proper expectations. He hits the right analytic numbers for "guy who surprises people and becomes a star seemingly out of nowhere". But it's not right to throw that on him today when the most likely career path is a 4th or really good 5th starter
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    Eh. You might want to temper your expectations. He's got significant upside but he's probably going to be something like a more productive Joe Ingles or a Morris brother without the baggage and a higher basketball IQ.
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    He needs a chance to play on a team that plays with pace and utilizes his strengths. Ideally that’ll be us after we bail on that bum Vucevic this summer. I’m not gonna let a lucky 3 that hit the rim a dozen times before going in allow me to forget he got dominated by Christian Wood
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    AG and Fultz share Player of the Game honors this evening.
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    Great games out of Gordon, Fultz and Iwundu. Everyone else was miserable. Ross was especially miserable
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    Haha! I am happy we don't have anymore games until after AllStar. We all need a break. :)
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    Gordon with the near triple double. He's played well the last month or so.
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    Did ANYONE have any doubt whatsoever that Fournier would miss one of the two shots????
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    To allow one team to play physical but not the other is a crime!’
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    I wish we could utilize Birch in a pick and roll when he is on the floor. Briscoe and Birch were very effective last season, Fultz is an excellent passer and should be able to get some points for Birch. This would also collapse the defense a bit and allow Fultz to kick some passes out to the three point shooters. Did I mention Fultz is an excellent passer?
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    In a previous life I had a severe case of the flu and the medication they put me on gave me hallucinations. My wife (at that time) later said I told her she was orange and walking on the ceiling. I have no memory of that event.
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    I’m in the hospital right now dying from flu like symptoms so hope he’s ok
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    he's playing on that defensive star centre of ours, what did u expect? he's an absolute abortion on defence. man
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    Win or lose from here this has to be rock bottom right??
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    Evan has seemed to disappear. I'm sure most of you are worried about that. Lol.
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    don't wanna wish an injury on anyone, but gee my eyes lit up there