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  1. Send Fournier to the G League...or just release him. Maybe a trade for someone on the French national team???
  2. Take Fournier OUT of the game...and keep him out!!!!! Horrible offense AND defense!!!!
  3. Fournier is just horrible defensively...and when he is not scoring, a complete and total detriment to the team. He would be no better than a 11th man on the Warriors, or most teams that are not fooled by the RARE shot he makes at the end of a couple of games.
  4. davyboy

    Magic vs Pacers Thursday 31st Jan 7pm ET

  5. davyboy

    Magic @ Rockets - Sunday, January 27 @ 7 pm

    Can we please get a comment from Hammond or Weltman on what plans they have to rectify this situation? Are they content with what is on the floor? Guarantee when we were up by 16 points, Vooch, Fournier and the rest were wondering how long will it be before the lead is lost. This team has a losing mentality for 5+ years that is nearly impossible to lose. Even Clifford seems to be resigned to losing. Need to wipe the slate clean with players that are only used to losing and get some from winning programs that will do more than talk about being ready to win.
  6. davyboy

    Magic @ Nets - Wednesday, January 23 @ 7:30 PM

    Magic will NEVER be successful with Fournier as the 2. People seem fooled by the RARE game ending shot he'll make. And most of those rare shots he makes are do to a poor defensive play him. Horrible, horrible defender. Sick and tired of his post game comments "we need to do this, that, play harder, play together, smarter" etc. Just do it. Please include Fournier in any trade that may be made!