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  1. HighAngleDad

    Clifford the big magic coach

    SVG is an America-hating fat slob. If he returns I will put the Magic away until he is gone. I have been a Magic fan since they started and went to the preseason game they played against Miami in Daytona before their first season. I watched every game last season even when half the team was out injured. I will not tolerate the people who disrespect my country. I have also been a Tampa Bucs fan from day one, did not watch their games last year. Flame away all you want.
  2. HighAngleDad

    Magic @ Celtics Game Thread

    Have we won a game when he did not play?
  3. HighAngleDad

    Magic @ Celtics Game Thread

    Do we have Jonathan Isaac back yet?
  4. HighAngleDad

    Magic @ Warriors

    I had a bowl of ice cream at 6 for this.
  5. HighAngleDad

    Magic @ Cavs

    I thought the refs were garbage in the first half. Then about halfway through the 3rd quarter they realized even they were not going to beat us and they gave up. I saw most of the game and enjoyed all I saw, except for the refs.
  6. HighAngleDad

    2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    I only saw the 2nd half of the game but did like what I saw. I hope we have a better season this time around.
  7. HighAngleDad

    2016-2017 Season Discussion Thread

    The league office will decide when, and where he goes.
  8. HighAngleDad

    2016-2017 Season Discussion Thread

    They lost last night to the Lakers and you could see some serious breakdowns in team defense. That is something that takes a bit of time to develop no matter how much talent you have on the floor. They definitely have a much weaker bench. I could point out they haven't meshed yet as a team but the flamethrowers would not like that comment.
  9. HighAngleDad

    2016-2017 Season Discussion Thread

    I forgot about Borrego, but he had been there the whole season so not drastic. Yes, they all have a transition their rookie year, and don't we have lower expectations because of the magnitude of the transition? I will also point out that GSW has a rather new roster this year with nearly new bench and some new starters. Despite all of the talent, and despite all of the experience, they have already lost more games than they lost in the first two months of last season. :rolleyes: My point with Payton, and others like Gordon, is that they have no stability to build on. Not much carries over from one season to the next.
  10. HighAngleDad

    2016-2017 Season Discussion Thread

    I have "weird reasoning" for pointing out why Payton is not torching the league? Pointing out a total lack of consistency in coaching and roster is "weird reasoning"?
  11. HighAngleDad

    2016-2017 Season Discussion Thread

    For a point guard it is a team effort. He has to know where every player is, but that hinges on every player knowing where they are supposed to be and actually being there. Our issues are team offense and team defense which will improve as the players mesh. Also, try counting from his final year in college and you will get four consecutive years with a new coach, a new offense, a new defense, and a lot of new faces on the roster.
  12. HighAngleDad

    2016-2017 Season Discussion Thread

    Final season in college, now in his 3rd in the NBA. Doing some basic math, this is his 4th consecutive year on basically a brand new team.
  13. HighAngleDad

    2016-2017 Season Discussion Thread

    Payton: 4th coach in 4 years, 4th offensive scheme in 4 years, 4th defensive scheme in 4 years, 4th roster in 4 years. How on God's Green Earth is he not TORCHING the entire league and rewriting the record books?????????
  14. HighAngleDad

    Gamethread Orlando at Philly

    STOP SHOOTING LAYUPS!!!!!!!!!!!!! How many decades has it been since we have had ANYONE who can just make a layup actually go in???
  15. HighAngleDad

    2016 Off-Season Thread

    I predict he will have a career high for free throw attempts.