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    While I’m glad Evan is playing well, he’s basically in a contract year. I really am not a fan of giving him a big long term deal.
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    His activity level is up. I do think some of that is focus and effort, but I also think he’s getting to his spots quicker, playing a little more aggressive and being better in his defensive positioning. He still has these Bamba moments where he gets outrebounded by a player that shouldn’t outrebound him, he goes up too soft around the rim and it results in him missing a lay up on offense or giving up a lay up on defense and some bad moments in pick and roll defense, but overall, you’re seeing him take incremental improvements rather than severe regression.
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    Of course! The diagonal line is the average on the slope. The x-axis is points added when the player is on the floor by their individual contribution on offense. The y-axis is points saved when the player is on the floor by their individual contribution on defense. Anywhere above the diagonal is a plus performer, anywhere below it is a minus, on it is average. The higher in to the top right corner you are the better and the lower in to the bottom left corner you are the worse. You’ll see Aminu and Bamba are solid at savings points on defense, but are a net negative by being worse on offense. Fournier is a net positive because even though his defense is bad, his offense has been good enough to make up for it so far. Isaac is way up there because so far he’s been about a zero on offense, but he’s been elite on defense. Vucevic is our only player that is providing a positive in both offense and defense so far when on the floor. Augustin has been our worst contributor so far (sorry, I know you love him!) because he’s been bad on both sides of the ball.
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    I love this, "B3mb3". That should be his moniker/nickname (The spelling, that is) If it has not been put out there by anyone else, you should register a trademark. Of course, I don't know how the law works in such matters.
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    I root for DJ. . . I Iove DJ. But I agree with you about him running to the sideline and getting pinned. That is when I really get disappointed with him. Stop it, DJ!!!
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    Yup. That's ass backwards. DJ should be playing off the ball and hitting treys.
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    I don’t care. There’s no reason he should be playing 15 mins straight and then be the lead ball handler when Fultz finally returns. It’s idiotic
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    I don’t see the reason for Fultz-DJ lineups if it’s going to be Fultz playing off ball
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    Fournier has really been terrific this year so far
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    Watch out now. . . cause any day, Bamba might turn into Shaq or Dwight and start busting a move.
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    It's become a 'one man's show, and it will become a problem with the make up of this team. Ball movement will stop and will not allow more teammates to get involved in offense. Can't afford that to happen.
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    In light of the Mozgov news we should absolutely move Gordon this season.
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    I don't understand the attraction for Beal
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