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  1. Magic vs Clippers

    At 6'11" and 220 I'd rather JIsaac NOT come back before totally healed. He needs to add some muscle and strength.
  2. Magic vs Clippers

    Agreed. His head is not there.
  3. Magic vs Clippers

    Forcing shots. We're done.
  4. Magic vs Clippers

    We were bad when healthy. What did you expect. Vogel playing a 9 man rotation is confusing. Get Birch some minutes.
  5. Magic vs Clippers

    The offense has sputtered when Vuc hits the bench. His passing and opening up the floor helps us greatly
  6. Magic vs Clippers

    You an me both.
  7. Magic vs Clippers

    This is looking like a complete repeat of the 1st half. I predict we lose by 10 to 12.
  8. Magic vs Clippers

    Well. We look energized again.
  9. Magic vs Clippers

    Yup. That was ONE play..... We don't yank EP when he makes 4 bad plays in 4 minutes. Or Fournier or hell even Vuc. This is one reason why Mario can't develop.
  10. Magic vs Clippers

  11. Magic vs Clippers

    Actually Mario defended Williams pretty decently off the screen. We had the one TOTAL breakdown where we had 4 guys back on the break but someone left there guy alone on the opposite wing.
  12. Magic vs Clippers

    We're losing because our MAIN offensive weapons can't hit a damn shot. Period.
  13. Magic vs Clippers

    EP is at +8 so far...... LOL.............. Shows you how misleading that stat is.
  14. Magic vs Clippers

    By FAR .................
  15. Magic vs Clippers

    That was a nasty block......