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  1. Magic vs Spurs

    I think the absolute poor shooting is what sapped their will tonight. They were playing well defensively even to open the 2nd half, but the misses continued.
  2. Magic vs Spurs

    Night's like this happen...... They're RARE...... I'm just glad it happened in the preseason.
  3. Magic vs Spurs

    OMG....... The kid finally got one.
  4. Magic vs Spurs

    Agree..... Once they built it up to 16 in the 3rd the defense just collapsed....
  5. Magic vs Spurs

    I just think we were way too impatient on offense, but it's tough when the entire team can't hit a perimeter jumper.
  6. Magic vs Spurs

    We can't hit a single jump shot.... This is a complete anomaly...... You'll see this from this squad about once every 100 games.
  7. Magic vs Spurs

    LOL..... Frenchie is our leading scorer now.... AG's getting PUNKED......
  8. Magic vs Spurs

    I think we all are at this point... It's totally *****ed up and out of character for the players we have.
  9. Magic vs Spurs

    Nobody can hit a FT on our team right now.
  10. Magic vs Spurs

    Aaron can't buy a bucket.
  11. Magic vs Spurs

    I'll live with a defensive identity. The scoring will eventually come.
  12. Magic vs Spurs

    Both teams are playing good defense, but we're missing all of our perimeter shots.
  13. Magic vs Spurs

    They're taking away passing lanes and giving us absolutely nothing in the paint. They're playing good defense.
  14. Magic vs Spurs

    LOL..... I've never seen a team shoot the ball this badly.......
  15. Magic vs Spurs

    We can't hit ANYTHING. Their defense looks incredible now.