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  1. 2018 Official Offseason Thread

    I'm not surprised Jimmy wants out of Minny. Neither KAT or Wiggins want to play any defense or put in the work to become great players. Both are extremely talented, but are they hungry enough to get to the next level.
  2. Summer League Thread

    Very doubtful....
  3. Summer League Thread

    Not to mention Karl Malone is telling it like he feels it.... lol ........... He's just trashing the culture of AAU ball.
  4. Summer League Thread

    You have to admit though that's it's tough watching guys like Kevin Knox just eat it up out there in Vegas. He's been killing it as the SL has progressed.
  5. Summer League Thread

    Mind you that over half of the guys with our Jersey on aren't even a player of ours. Most of these kids are auditioning for a job anywhere.
  6. Summer League Thread

    Birch left the lineup midway through the 1st quarter. Even on a few fast breaks we couldn't convert on a couple of simple putbacks. That's a bad looking squad in Magic Jerseys.
  7. Summer League Thread

    We got our asses kicked that quarter.
  8. Summer League Thread

    Yup. Looks like they're shutting them down. We'll probably see lots of Wesley and Frazier being featured.
  9. Summer League Thread

    Way too soon to write him off, but I agree he's struggled the last 2 games pretty badly. If only Wesley would show some improvement. Especially his damn shooting.
  10. Summer League Thread

    Yeah. I know... They didn't show today's games yesterday... I've been confused since it started. When I looked at the schedule just before it started, I only saw the 1st 3 games on it.
  11. Summer League Thread

    I'll put my money on DJ.
  12. Summer League Thread

    I think we play tomorrow. We'll see. ESPN isn't showing anything past the current days schedule now.
  13. Summer League Thread

    Colleges have no interest in developing these guys for the nba. No they don't. They have more interest in lining their pockets at their expense.
  14. Summer League Thread

    College basketball is about corrupt Big money programs and college coaches that make more then NBA coaches.... It's complete corruption to the largest degree. Plus they hold these kids to servitude with their draconian BS rules..... How is it people can't see this.
  15. Summer League Thread

    Actually I agree with him completely. The NBA is going to go the way of MLB and create a minor league so to say to develop young players that want to bypass college. Let's be honest. When it comes to sports programs nothing was more corrupt then the **** we were seeing in the college programs. When these kids hit 18 years old they have the right to work and get paid if someone's willing to do it (owners.).....
  16. Summer League Thread

    At this point in time our PG position is anything, but open. If we don't make another personnel move then Clifford already has DJ penciled in as the starter. That I'll pretty much guarantee you.
  17. Summer League Thread

    Pretty much..... Our bigs weren't too bad... JI was struggling in ISO's and I think his confidence got rattled early. Tough for him with both JJ and Ayton waiting. Bamba looked rock solid, but his weight is going to hurt him early. Big centers will muscle him in the post, but his pure natural ability on defense is plain to see. He'll be an immediate impact player for us.
  18. Summer League Thread

    Wesley..... SMH
  19. Summer League Thread

    You're basically looking at Phoenix's starting lineup minus Booker. I'm not surprised they're playing this well in SL.
  20. Summer League Thread

    True dat.... I'm getting old and I quite often forget my sense of time...... :)
  21. Summer League Thread

    I was really hoping that he'd work on his jumper in the off season.
  22. Summer League Thread

    Wesley just can't plain shoot the ball.
  23. Summer League Thread

    Very much so..... I'm taken back by it....
  24. Summer League Thread

    If we can stay out of foul trouble then we're gonna be tough to score on. I'm liking this...............
  25. Summer League Thread

    Mo Bamba amazes me when he speaks..... You'd swear he was 50...... Mature beyond his years......