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    It is going to be so interesting to see what happens with Young because it is going to seem so obvious in hindsight. If he's a superstar, it'll be: "Of course he's amazing! You can't put up stats we've never seen before with those physical limitations unless you're a prodigy! He did it as a freshman too. With the way the league has trended toward outside shooting, he was the obvious first pick." If he's disappointing: "Well I mean they should've seen this coming. A small dude like that with no athletic advantage? He put up a bunch of empty stats on a team without great prospects because he was allowed to do whatever he wanted."
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    It is very rare for someone to develop a frozen shoulder without any other pathology associated. Something is making that capsule to get thicker. It could be biomechanics but then again it is extremely rare on an athlete to develop this at a young age. I think is definitely a scapular issue. Maybe he suffers from a weak scapula(winging of scapula) and has been over compensating with the shoulder causing chronic inoingment and thickening of the capsule, hence the frozen shoulder. If that is the case, then he might beed more than just a few weeks to recover. I just dont understand why Philly doesnt shot him down for the year like they did with Simmons and Embid if it is really that serious. This doesn't smell right. If I am the owner of that team and I see one of my players struggling like that, I will fligh him immediately to Alabama to see Dr James Andrew and shot him down for the year.
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    Guys the Spurs are not trading Leonard. Dude is an MVP caliber player in his prime
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    First post in the non draft thread for ages. Been kind of zoned out on this whole NBA season once the losing started. Just read the last few page of this thread: we're trading Vuc I guess?! That's potentially exciting... Also I'm sure it's already been done to death but Oladipo being an all star this year is like seeing your ex girlfriend get super hot and start dating a movie star while you're still single and lonely... Man this team is depressing right now... I'm going back to the draft thread where I can hope for a better future.
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    I am excited to see Gordon redeem himself in the dunk contest. He needs to do away with all the flash of intel and all that jazz. Just get back to the basics and go out there with Stuff on the hoverboard and dominate again.
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    Lol Some scout prospects. We scout healthy swimmers.
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    It's shooting a ball...how does this even happen in such a short time? He has shot the ball the same way for what 10+ years? Changes his shot for 6 months and now can't shoot or go back to his old shot? It's so weird.
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    “If we make a trade it will likely be a deal that helps us 3-4 years from now not this year or next” This is the best quote I’ve heard from Hammond. He’s finally 100% realized just how awful this roster is. No quick fix half assed moves. Gotta do it the right way.
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    Or, we will hit the lotto, draft Ayton, have him carry us to the Finals before losing, and then lose him to the Lakers.
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    Only problem I have with that is setting such a low bar for himself. Kind of a built in excuse if the team is terrible for 4 more years. I can't see how you change the culture that way.