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  1. JamminJ21

    2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    same, getting me pumped. weltman doing a very good job showing the love in the intro
  2. JamminJ21

    Welcome Markelle Fultz glad to have ya

    I'm right there with ya on that daydream. sensing a shift and a strong second half of the season
  3. lots of positive buzz going around after yesterday's trade and win. hope to keep building off this turning point
  4. JamminJ21

    Welcome Markelle Fultz glad to have ya

    still super pumped that we landed fultz and am excited to see his transition to our team and watch him grow and hopefully flourish!
  5. JamminJ21

    Trade Thread

    there was a reason markelle was the #1 overall pick in the draft that year. he has mega talent.
  6. JamminJ21

    Trade Thread

    simmons is a black hole on offense and we would not retain him after next year if we even kept him that long. okc pick wasnt even ours and is projected in the 20s and a second rounder. psh i'll try to land a kid who has legit superstar potential for that package every day of the week
  7. JamminJ21

    Trade Thread

    4 young studs to build around
  8. JamminJ21

    Trade Thread

    they should just show him the past 5 pages of the forum about how happy we are that he is here and that should be a big boost to his confidence
  9. JamminJ21

    Trade Thread

    we still have our first rounder this year too. this trade is such a win
  10. JamminJ21

    Trade Thread

    when he was drafted by philly the pressure was immense. they expected him to be the savior and ultimately push them to the next level. here he will have time to reset and become great
  11. JamminJ21

    Trade Thread

    but we literally gave up a can of pinecones to net him. its not like we traded aaron gordon for him. he has so much potential to be great and our staff will rehab him and there will be minimal pressure on him like there was in philly.
  12. JamminJ21

    Trade Thread

    what a move. agree completely only gave up simmons okc pick and a second. that is incredible. i am so stoked
  13. JamminJ21

    Trade Thread

  14. JamminJ21

    Trade Thread

    i am running around my office looking for people to tell!