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  1. Still about 3/4 of the minutes played were by the guys currently on the team, including Anthony, Okeke, Carter, Bamba, Harris, etc.
  2. I wouldn’t consider that tanking at all. I hope we try to win every single game but that does not mean putting players at increased risk.
  3. Let us see where we are at game 50 or so and then we can continue the discussion. I agree that right now, unlike last time, I don’t see a commitment to a long term tank. Yet. But if we’re, for example, 15-35, we will be looking at calls from most here to tank again and we get back into the same cycle. I stand by my comment about most of the team being the same. It’s true that we won’t be playing some of the g-leaguers that we played at the end of last year, but they were only getting a fraction of the minutes compared to the guys still on the team.
  4. Not correct. You can't just turn off a tank. You have mostly the same players who you tanked with still on the team.
  5. Ummm. Let's see how the rebuild goes before we make any claims on the success of our strategy. No one has ever said that tanking won't get you better draft picks. What we have said is that the overall process usually doesn't lead to success because your team is so bad that even getting a good draft pick or two doesn't change the overall picture. There is also the issue of a losing culture and not developing your young players properly. I'm glad we got what we perceive as good draft selections right now. I hope we'll field a good team this year and not be looking at more calls for tanking after 50 games or so of the upcoming season, but I'm not too confident it will work out that way.
  6. Traded it for a future second and $$
  7. We thought the old group had a lot of potential also. We are going to lose a lot of games this season. Whether we can gel into something good or great remains to be seen. I hope we do and I hope it’s fun to watch, but history has taught me not to count on these things happening. It will be a wait and see approach for me.
  8. JJZFL

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    I suggest a new thread. That way anyone looking at this in the future doesn’t have to scroll to page 180-200 to get to the actual draft discussion. However, it’s a very minor deal either way.
  9. JJZFL

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    At times in the past, we started another thread when it was time for the actual draft. Not sure whether we want to do that this year or not.
  10. JJZFL

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    As someone who doesn’t really follow college basketball, I’ve definitely benefited from your posts.
  11. JJZFL

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    Amen. It’s been fun to follow.
  12. JJZFL

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    I agree with you
  13. JJZFL

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    I hope this turns out to be true, but it’s way overstated at this point. Right now, we don’t have anyone who’s even close to being an All-Star. Maybe some of our current young players will get there some day, but it’s a long shot and I wouldn’t call any of these players “steals” unless they prove themselves.