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  1. Jason Funderburker

    2024 Off-season Thread

    Did anyone actually have expectations that Biyombo would be good?
  2. Jason Funderburker

    2024 NBA Playoff Thread

    It was hard to watch the end of that game. It is funny though that after Haliburton wearing the Reggie Miller choke shirt the Pacers did essentially the same thing at the end of that game. It does make the series more interesting though. The Cs seem better built to win but Tatum has been a playoff loser up to this point
  3. Jason Funderburker

    2024 NBA Playoff Thread

    one thing I appreciate about the Knicks Pacers matchup is both of these teams made significant trades around the deadline and are now one win away from the conference finals
  4. Jason Funderburker

    2024 Off-season Thread

    We are just not going to be under the cap when we those three get new deals. Ownership has shown the willingness to spend over the cap before when it meant competing so I’m not too worried about that. I think I probably agree we don’t need an elite PG, but we do need someone. Paolo is a bit away with his handle from being a full time ball handler, plus even then someone else needs to be able to handle the ball. Also those two you listed are way different players and also both have high salaries anyway
  5. Jason Funderburker

    2024 NBA Draft Thread

    Two names that I have seen at or around our pick in mocks that I have warmed up to are Kelel Ware and Devin Carter. I think Ware provides some needed rim protection with potential stretch shooting, and Carter definitely fits the defensive identity and could eventually fit in to Cole’s role off the bench with maaaybe potential as a starting 1. Da Silva is still the guy I think fits best for someone to come in and contribute day 1
  6. Jason Funderburker

    2024 Off-season Thread

    I think there are some good names further down the list of shooters we could add that wouldn’t break the bank, tho I am still hoping for the pipe dream of George and Monk. PG names are pretty bad tho, makes me hope more for a trade but more likely makes me expect Fultz to be back
  7. Jason Funderburker

    2024 Off-season Thread

    I think Ingles would be a perfect vet min guy but idk if he would take it
  8. Jason Funderburker

    2024 Off-season Thread

  9. Jason Funderburker

    2024 Off-season Thread

    I actually would love this. I think his days of being disruptive in the locker room are behind him and I bet he could still defend the paint at a good level. That plus his experience plus the nostalgia would make it really fun
  10. Jason Funderburker

    2024 NBA Playoff Thread

    Would not have called the Cavs winning one in the road
  11. Jason Funderburker

    2024 Off-season Thread

    Exactly. Go sign Paul George and Malik Monk while you still have the capability to do it because the cap space will be gone whether you have them or not.
  12. Jason Funderburker

    2024 NBA Playoff Thread

    Outside of Denver there are no teams left who have won in the playoffs, and Denver is down 2-0. With how Brunson is playing I think the knicks could actually win the title
  13. Jason Funderburker

    2024 Off-season Thread

    This is precisely why we should use cap space now while we still have it. It just isn’t going to be available once those guys are given extensions either way outside of the MLE
  14. Jason Funderburker

    2024 Off-season Thread

    Listening to Nate Duncan’s pod (who I think have always been a bit harsh on the magic in general) and I thought there were lots of legit criticism of Mosley’s thought process in his lineups but more prominently a very pointed critique of Franz’s limitations and how the team is going to have some tough decisions to make about his role in the team with the upcoming cap jump. Past couple years I think we have all been optimistic about already having a potential top duo who can compete but I think this season and series in particular brings that into question and highlighted the deficiencies where he needs to develop. Obviously is a young player and I expect him to get better. Some other thoughts: rim protection is a bigger need than has been talked about. I think Wendell is only so-so at it but we were absolutely crushed at the rim when he wasn’t in, especially since Isaac wasn’t deployed in that role. Think it is lower down the list because the team defended well as a whole and different rotations could probably help but something to think about. Also it has been fun but while I don’t think he would be expensive to bring back I am fine with letting Fultz walk. The offensive limitations are just too much of a liability in the playoffs to give him the ball, especially because it is clear Mose doesn’t feel that way. However I do expect him back
  15. Jason Funderburker

    2024 Off-season Thread

    I prefer the more recent talk about Paul George than Klay. PG and Monk and we are off