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    Wednesday, April 14, 2021 United Center - Chicago, IL TV: Bally Sports Florida 22-31, 3rd in Central Division | 17-37, 5th in Southeast Division LET'S GO MAGIC!
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    If we were going to win a game this would always be the one to win. Would be pretty awesome if the Bulls pick ends up 6-10 range. I only see us winning 2 of the next 10 games and I hope through this next 10 game period we don't catch OKC.
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    Fun game, the fact that it helps the Bulls pick be a good one should calm the tankers down. Wendell obviously played hard in a revenge game and was great. Cole getting to the rim and finishing was awesome. RJ Hampton locked in a little on defense and it was nice to see, he'll need to do more of that to see the court consistently in the future. Donta Hall is awesome. Hope he sticks around. Mo Bamba better get healthy quick or we might have another Khem Birch situation. Also, it feels like this is an obligatory comment whenever we play well, Chuma Okeke is so so good. In a game where he only had 9 points on 4/10 shooting there were still multiple moments where I just thought 'god Okeke is great'. Also the vets of Ennis, MCW and Harris all played really well. When everyone plays like that and we're sharing the ball and playing hard we're always going to be tough to beat.
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    They was up 3 with 30.secs left. Jerami grant decided to just hold the ball and they took it off him and clippers hit a 3 to tie the game at 98 98 Then the timeout came and pistons threw it away on the inbounds play. Reggie jackson hit a 2 pointer with 2 secs left. No timeouts left pistons lose
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    What a fun game. Loved Harris, Ennis, Okeke, Carter, Anthony and Hall. Also give Clifford credit: Check out Hampton’s minutes over Bacon.
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    The team made it personal after Vuc made that sarcastic comment about Bamba not playing tonight. I guess the Bulls caught Magicitis tonight. NEXT!
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    Wouldn’t it be great if we finally found an unheralded player who could exceed expectations?
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    Once Cole gets a season or two under his belts i think those shots of his are going to fall a little more consistently....not sure about his shotput form on the three though.
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    Yep. Moving the ball. And it doesn’t hurt that Chicago’s defense is horrible.
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    Even if Bamba is more skilled, it’s so much fun to watch someone playing with intensity and effort.
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    I think Hall earnt himself an extra 10 days already lol
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    https://www.patreon.com/posts/g-i-d-d-ey-49984471 If you've got a spare half hour to read about my current draft crush (Giddey!) I recommend this piece. The writing style is raw and unfiltered but the dude who put it together knows basketball and has built a whole online persona around basketball prospect development. There's also a bunch of clips to illustrate the points being made. Here's a snippet from near the conclusion: "My interest in Giddey is that he is a rare prospect with multiple independent developmental pathways to value - physical development, OTD shooting, handle. If any one of those aspects were to grow, Giddey becomes a different sort of prospect and with corresponding lineup considerations. Josh “Eevee” Giddey, many people are saying. There is a chance that all aspects could grow, even to medium amounts and then Giddey the t5 value play is made clear. That’s the main difference between Giddey and like Hali or Zo, they were always gonna be something similar to what they are and the connector idea was a fit idea. Giddey could be a pull-up shooter, Giddey could become an athlete, Giddey could be a primary with a handle - and thats not a connector in any real bet. The relative odds of that circumstance are very relative to your own beliefs on how skills develop." EDIT: I just realised that yesterday alone I read this, watched a 30 min interview/film breakdown with Giddey and also listened to a podcast where he was discussed. I might be inconsolable if we have the chance to draft him and don't.
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