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  1. s1n1st3r12

    2020 Official Off-Season Thread

    Would you ever trade AG for someone like Michael Porter Jnr?
  2. s1n1st3r12

    2020 Official Playoffs Thread

    So how do people feel about Dwight getting a ring? I mean he stopped thinking he was a game changer and understood his role with the Lakers so good for him there but to get one with the Lakers irks me a little.
  3. s1n1st3r12

    2020 Official Off-Season Thread

    I quite liked a few of these scenarios for AG, if you keep going there was another article who the Magic should target in the North West https://orlandomagicdaily.com/2020/10/08/orlando-magic-trade-targets-aaron-gordon-trade-scenarios/
  4. s1n1st3r12

    2020 Official Playoffs Thread

    The Heat finals run reminds me a bit of our playoff run in 2009 where a lot of teams didn't think we were much till we beat them. Was our run arguably harder having to go through a tough Boston team and a Lebron lead Cavs team?
  5. s1n1st3r12

    2020 Official Off-Season Thread

    Do we ever entertain the Bucks and ask what they want for Giannis?
  6. s1n1st3r12

    2020 Official Draft Thread

    I watched his highlights and he reminds me of JJ Redick but seems to be just pop a shot more so than coming off screens. He would be a good choice for us however also having Ross would that be too much of just jacking shots?
  7. s1n1st3r12

    2020 Official Off-Season Thread

    Damn wish we really pushed for Jalen Brown when those rumors popped up about him getting traded.
  8. s1n1st3r12

    2020 Official Off-Season Thread

    Been reading a few articles stating the Magic should have a look at Buddy Hield for a sign and trade. Any chance our team looks into this?
  9. I think Mo needs some minutes before we can make an assumption on him.
  10. I doubt it, I was looking at the box score and really the Bucks only blew us away in the 4th qtr other than that we were with them. I did not watch the game but was it the same old story of missing wide open shots and jacking up on contested ones?
  11. s1n1st3r12

    2020 Official Off-Season Thread

    We need players that can consistently put the ball in the hoop and I think we should have been using AG differently but I agree time to move on from him, Fournier and Vooch.
  12. Refs still have our back hahaha
  13. Vooch has gone a bit cold but hopefully he keeps going
  14. Hmmm lead is now only 11
  15. I think MCW is probably more important than AG