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  1. Magic @ Charlotte

    Yes! I was in hysterics when I heard it!
  2. Magic @ Charlotte

    Decent start I guess
  3. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Wow, how is that ref not being banned, he's the one who walked into him and pushed his head forward and instigated that. Just when you think NBA refereeing can get any worse than what it already is. . . .
  4. Magic vs Knicks

    Can't see Vogel being happy with the rebounding effort again tonight, been non existent.
  5. Magic vs Knicks

    Early game woop woop!!
  6. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Yup, I would say Ross will be out 3-6 months :(
  7. Magic vs Thunder

    That's the game. Jinx averted.
  8. Magic vs Thunder

    What a suprise, you run plays and give shots to your best player and you win games. Who would have thought . . .
  9. Magic vs Thunder

    Vogel clearly pissed with the referees tonight!
  10. Magic vs Thunder

    Get that guy who made the half court shot in the starting line up please.
  11. Magic @ Indy..................

    I actually turned this off with about 4 minutes to go in the 2nd. There were a couple of plays in a row that just really annoyed me. AG had a mismatch in the paint and was calling for the ball so Fournier ignored him and passed the ball to Simmons who then took a contested 3 and then Fournier took a stupid 3 with a player right on him early in the shot clock that clanked the side board almost straight after. This was after watching Vooch play no defence at all then Biyombo came in and actually did what we need him to do, grab boards on both ends and block and alter shots. Then I wake up this morning to find out Biyombo didn't play in the 2nd half at all and we give up 121 points. I'm really glad to hear AG call out the coaching staff. We need him to be taking over leadership of the team and having the locker room follow. That way there is nowhere for Vooch and Fournier to go. I still believe that those 2 think it's their team since Oladipo got traded and that they are the 2 best players and I honestly don't think they like the fact that AG has improved so much this off season (Afflalo has already made comments alluding to this.) Either one of them needs to go, preferably Vooch, or Vogel needs to say this is AG's team and back him because our best player should not be getting only 10 shots in a game especially one that is shooting over 50% on the season and 43% from 3. You don't have those figures if you are 'forcing shots'.
  12. Magic @ Indy..................

    Just tuned in, Ross on the bench, don't get that at all? Oh well, hopefully it's the random change that finally gets us a win I guess . . .
  13. Magic vs Utah

    Is there anything that Hezonja can actually do . . .
  14. Magic vs Utah

    I'm still pissed over that bull**** call
  15. Magic vs Utah

    Is that call serious . . . .