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  1. 2018 Official Offseason Thread

    The trade was fine. Has no effect on our cap space for two years time which is clearly where the front office is planning to make their moves. Fits with the timeline of Isaac/Bamba as they were viewed as the biggest projects in each draft. It frees up more minutes for Bamba to come off the bench instead of having to deal with Biyombo/Vuc compaining about lack of playing time, now there is only one to deal with instead of 2 with Birch as 3rd string. Moz will be DNP and trade bait next season as an expiring or just let go for cap space. We get to take a punt at a PG that probably has little to no impact but can be moved/gone easily over the next 2 seasons and fits in with the FO's 2 year timeline or we luck out and he is ok as a backup. We gave up two 2nd rounders that likely held no value anyway, while still keeping our own 2nds. The move basically gives us more minutes for Bamba, less locker room drama regarding minutes at the 5 and keeps us flexible to make moves in 2 years. I get that people have had to deal with 6 years of being bad but they are going to have to deal with another 1-2 years of it so that the FO can go all in in 2 years. They've made it clear they are going to take their time and not rush. We've already seen the damage of rushing a project, so for me, the moves are fine and it's in 2 years we see what the front office is really made of in terms of putting a winning team out there.
  2. 2018 Official Offseason Thread

    He will 100% take the QO if Magic low ball him, not that I think they will. It's looking like he will probably be offered low 20's from the FO at this rate which I think is right for him. Not remotely bothered about Hezonja. His agent was actively shopping him all last season so he was gone the minute he wasn't picked up. Despite him being terrible at the time it was a stupid thing to do as he immediately ceased to have any trade value. It was plain bad asset management no way around it. Him leaving or re-signing will have no impact on this franchise going forward, all he showed towards the end of the season was that he 'might' be an ok bench player instead of being out the league and playing in Europe. Losing the ability to use him in a trade or aquiring some sort of pick is annoying however.
  3. Draft day thread

    Yeah I went to bed as well. Pleasantly suprised with Frazier had no idea he would drop to the 2nd round. We've had a good draft, can see us standing pat at the PG spot for another year if we can't find a good deal for Vooch. I'm happy they've decided to not rush the process.
  4. Draft day thread

    Oh I know, I'm just hoping we really push to move up a bit.
  5. Draft day thread

    I wonder how low Porter ends up. He can't be in a good place right now.
  6. Draft day thread

    So its down to Okobo now (crosses fingers)
  7. Draft day thread

    SGA to Charlotte as expected. Hedging bets with Kemba maybe
  8. Draft day thread

    Really good pick for Philly!
  9. Draft day thread

    Well Charlotte are meant to be high on SGA so it could be possible I guess. Crazier things have happened.
  10. Draft day thread

    Sigh, Knicks fans are so dumb
  11. Draft day thread

    Ok now im praying we find a way to get SGA. Don't see how anyone takes Vooch for 12 or 13 though.
  12. Draft day thread

    Pretty pleased, he was 3rd behind Luka and JJJ for me. Really happy one of them dropped to us.
  13. Draft day thread

    praying for JJJ but he'll go 4 :(
  14. Draft day thread

    So we are on for Bamba then
  15. Draft day thread

    England repping it at 12.45am in here today.