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  1. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Doncic, Ayton, and JJJ have solidified themselves as the top 3 (in no order) for me. Hard to see that change from now to draft. I like Bamba a lot too and think Bagley is ok too but I'm not jumping for joy with them Don't really like anyone else, I guess I would take a shot at Porter if nobody in my top 5 is available I think we would have been better off taking DSJR last year and one of the bigs this year but we will see. .
  2. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I'm not sure Bagley is a full-time C. JJJ looks like he can play center but than again Porzingis is playing PF. But I really want to know if this is your criteria for why these players are centers. What makes you think Isaac is a 3?? Not trying to knock it but I was always against drafting Isaac because I thought he and Gordon would be best at PF and I've seen nothing from him this year that suggests he's a 3 either.
  3. Would you do a Evan Fournier and DJ Augustin trade for Reggie Jackson, Luke Kennard and Stanley Johnson? Detroit gets some guard help while we get to tank and get 2 prospects. Stanley Johnson just started playing a couple good games and Kennard can shoot.
  4. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    I dont think PG13 to the Lakers is a done deal like a lot are saying. The Lakers are still pretty bad. OKC has a good chance to retain both Russ and George if they show they can compete.
  5. 2018 NBA DRAFT

    We definitely going to be one of the worst teams next year. Is this upcoming draft supposed to be any good?
  6. 2017 NBA Draft Thread

    The chatroom doesnt work here anymore?
  7. 2017 NBA Draft Thread

    As long as we dont draft Isaac or Markkanen, I'm happy.
  8. 2017 NBA Draft Thread

    Lonzo Ball looked pretty damn close to a savior today. I'm definitely picking him #1 if I was GM
  9. 2017 NBA Draft Thread

    love it. and would totally welcome this on my team
  10. 2016-2017 Trade Idea Thread

    I do not want to see Vogel be a Coach/GM. Those guys will never tank, and will salvage so much to remain mediocre.
  11. 2016-2017 Trade Idea Thread

    Woj is livestreaming Ask Magic questions!
  12. 2016-2017 Trade Idea Thread

    http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/18686427/zach-lowe-andre-drummond-reggie-jackson-detroit-pistons Zach Lowe mentions us being linked to Reggie Jackson.
  13. 2017 NBA Draft Thread

    Mario's floor is Maurice Harkless.
  14. 2016-2017 Trade Idea Thread

    I just need a juicy rumor! That Stein article he put out today literally told us nothing we didn't already knew.
  15. Is It Time for Rob to Go?

    Noel, Exum, Hezonja were my 3. With the #12 pick in the 14 draft, I was hoping for Stauskas, but Vivek. Payton was actually high on my list, but I had us taking Exum. I guess it wouldve been either Saric or Payne. Anyway, guess I wouldn't make such a good GM after all.