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  1. Diplo

    Is it time for Penny

    I dont know how good Penny is at coaching but i feel like players would want to play for him and he could be good at recruiting
  2. Diplo

    2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    I have a question, I am thinking about making the drive up to Orlando (West Palm here) and I usually buy tickets close to tip-off, because tickets go cheap at that point (stubhub) but I never been to a playoff game. Does the waiting strategy still work for playoffs? Anyone know?
  3. Diplo

    Magic vs Hawks - Sunday, Feb.10th @ 7:30 P.M.

    I actually enjoy the "Is this anything " segment, i just cant stand Jeff Turner's stupid banter after it. I wish we'd replace Jeff Turner completely.
  4. Diplo

    Trade Thread

    To me it makes more sense now for Philly to trade Fultz for Ross. Ross's contract helps them resign Butler and Tobias. And fits their win now mode they're clearly in
  5. Diplo

    Trade Thread

    Hey I know Simms has a partial guarantee for this summer, my question is if we don't deal him by the deadline, can we trade him in the offseason for a team looking to just waive him? Or does he only have value this week?
  6. Diplo

    Trade Thread

    What can we get from Sacramento in a Vuc trade?
  7. Diplo

    Trade Thread

    Trade Ross for Fultz Trade Simms for Frankie Draft Morant/Garland One of them has to work out?
  8. Diplo

    Trade Thread

    So would you buy low on Frankie on Knicks now?
  9. Diplo

    Trade Thread

    Is it really smart with his injury history?
  10. Diplo

    Trade Thread

    So a Ross for Fultz trade has to happen now right?
  11. Diplo

    Trade Thread

    Can't stand when Lakers and Magic Johnson name is in headlines, always get hopeful.
  12. Diplo

    Trade Thread

    Pass on Conley
  13. Diplo

    Trade Thread

    I think I can only part with the 1st for DSJ is if Dallas takes Fournier. I'm sorry but nobody can convince me that Evan isn't a terrible contract. Also I'll trade Vuc to the first team that offers a 1st round pick.
  14. Diplo

    Trade Thread

    Fournier/'19 pick for DSJ and Matthews would be such a home run for us. I always thought Fournier was a bad contract and getting off that would be huge, not to mention hes by far my least favorite player haha. I'd throw in the OKc 1st too, mainly because I don't expect anything out of it. It's just something that sounds good.
  15. Diplo

    Trade Thread

    That pick has to be heavily protected, no? I'm not sure I like DSJ over the top 10 prospects in the draft.