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  1. 2018 Official Offseason Thread

    Mo workout with KG, pre draft
  2. Draft day thread

    Mo Bamba workout with KG, pre draft
  3. Draft day thread

    Damn some of y'all are so negative... We were lucky that Bamba landed in our laps.
  4. Draft day thread

    See above
  5. Draft day thread

    Justin Johnson pee draft workout..
  6. Draft day thread

    I'd take IT on a short deal
  7. Draft day thread

    Damn he's athletic... will be fun to watch in summer league
  8. Draft day thread

    In other news Bamba was wearing a blue suit so maybe there is something to this blue suit thing lol
  9. Draft day thread

    Depends who we pick up as our PG
  10. Draft day thread

    I know we all have different opinions but how can anyone not be happy about Bamba, pairing Isaac, Gordon and Bamba in our front court is gonna be crazy good in both ends of the floor
  11. Draft day thread

    I hope Welt and Hammond are working the phones, I would love to go into next season with a new starting PG and C
  12. Draft day thread

    Unless we can get Okobo, or Holiday
  13. Draft day thread

    Well that's obvious me too, but Schroeder is not a bad 2nd option
  14. Draft day thread

    Let's trade for Schroeder
  15. Draft day thread

    I literally would trade VUC for pick 60 in the 2nd round