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  1. That ending..........so....perfectly referenced that its refreshing.
  2. Well.........................Isn't that depressing. My favorite player of all time would have played for my "favorite team"*........WOO.............if someone didn't ***** IT UP!!
  3. Well....this might be an interesting game.
  4. Magic vs hawks

    We better lose for the rest of the season now. Stop playing with my feelings vogel.
  5. Finally we traded him. Took some time.
  6. Since youre the best here at staying updated with stats, would you say that the cavs improved?
  7. Wow. Every team just let themselves get finessed to help the cavs. I am so tired of them being relevant. Make it stop.
  8. If it's Golden State they're playing, they have all the motivation to beat them. Golden State truly has nothing left to prove. The Cavs have been destroyed and exposed to be the cancer of the team they always were. There's no motivation to win this title. There's no one to answer to. They have to create a narrative for themselves. Looking at both the Looking at both matchups, the Warriors CANNOT stop STEVEN ADAMS, Russell Westbrook, and Paul George . They also cannot stop PJ Tucker who is basically the Rockets version of Iguodala because of his hustle and critical baskets. They Cannot stop Eric Gordon from penetrating and scoring. They can't stop Harden and Chris Paul backcourt at all. Capela is as much a problem as Steven Adams for Warriors but Adams has a more complete post game. If the Warriors win a series against one or both these teams, CURRY and KLay thompson will both have to show up at the same damn time. Curry has been a no show in both matchups often hesitating, turning the ball over, or completely throwing up a bogus shot by tossing the ball the rim with no form. Klay takes it more personal than curry but at least Klay can defend. Klay still not stopping anyone though on both these teams however. Curry is forced to defend against both teams. Chris Paul, Harden and Westbrook have lit him up with no answer back.
  9. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Golden State won't win the title. They don't have any motivation or pressure on them to do so. During the course of the season, they've just gotten more casual against opponents and stopped caring about quality ball. Their turnovers have truly cost them. The Thunder and Rockets have all the proper motivation to win..because they haven't gotten a taste. The Warriors have been to three straight finals and they're running out of gas. They are clearly burnt out. Thunder have truly challenged them and in both games have completely control the pace of the game. Westbrook has the proper motivation against Durant. Durant shows up but the rest of the Warriors are worn out. Its either Rockets or Thunder may come out of the West this year. The probability is complete plausible.
  10. I'm glad the Magic split the series with these hacks. I'm glad Kyrie left Cleveland and I'm even more happy that Thomas and Crowder are sabotaging them at every turn. I'm even more Glad that Oladipo won the series against them. I can't wait..till they become irrelevant again and yes I am looking forward to Lebron retirement. Please...go away.
  11. I should have said that I derived the narrative from the that exact chart. Its the first thing I looked at when even to give me some visual of how it went. That chart is pretty helpful for us guys that have seen more than 1500 games. It pretty much tells the emotional state of the game through its course. Yes! Games have feelings! - Nail Biters (5 to 7 point leads till the last 2 minutes of the fourth), - Casual blowout, - Complete swing from 20 which describes this game, - Multiple swing games double digit leads are traded. With that said, that chart can be used for people with imagination.
  12. Wow...My head hurts. I missed the game but I can tell what the narrative was. I can tell this was retribution from the last matchup against them that the Magic should have won easily but the refs decided the game. Not only did they come back from 21...they blew them out. LOL...this would have been something to see.
  13. Magic @ Miami

    I'm glad to see the Magic winning some games here and there. Just keep pace with the leagues worst and give the fans SOME type of enjoyment.
  14. Ok...so the subject at hand is paying Aaron Gordon. My opinion on this if it means anything to anyone is pretty simple. We better mother*****ing pay him.
  15. Ok...so the topic is Isaac. There shouldn't be any controversy regarding Isaac at all. You guys have been through the rebuild TOO DAMN long to be thinking like this. Some of you have been through like four rebuilds. Isaac gets a pass for three years. Let's hope his career doesn't start like Jabari Parker or MKG. Around the NBA: The new Utah Jazz Uni's...are beautiful. Perfect shading for a desert sunset. I loved watching them play Golden State the other night. I think that was part of the reason GS got blown out. Those jerseys are a beautiful distraction. Much envy. Rest in peace to Rasual Butler. He jumped around many teams during his tenure in the league. He's got plenty of older former allstars as close friends. Rasual Butler was also 3 and D for the 2005 champion Miami Heat. His wife was also an American Idol contestant, Leah LaBelle. There's loss for both trades.