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  1. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Schroeder is a wannabe thug. ***** him and that's coming from my heart. I'd take Spencer DinWiddie or Jordan Clarkson.
  2. Magic Lace Up for the Pacers

    Wubba Lubba Dub Dub pretty much sums up how I feel.
  3. Magic Lace Up for the Pacers

    I'll wait on Isaac. I want to see Isaac. Right now, I'm bitter about the Magic missing out on sure top tier talent.
  4. Magic Lace Up for the Pacers

    I smell a extended losing streak of pedestrian Magic basketball. Time to go back to my cave. During these next games hindsight is going to slap the Magic in the face for not being in position to draft any of these players that we're going to face. Wiggins and Towns will us with their ability to get to the line. We have no point guard like jeff teague. Who's going to guard Butler? Jamal Crawford plays for them. The Celtics approach speaks for itself. You think the Celtics would lose to us with how they're playing. Tatum and Jaylen Brown will eat us alive with Marcus Smart having dessert. The sad thing is that none of our magic players are tougher than Aron Baynes; the Red Anaconda since Red Mamba is taken. The Celtics rebuild going completely better than ours. Why couldn't it have been any other team other than the Celtics. They've won too many titles. Even Philly's future looks more promising than the Magic. They've been awful for years....and I mean..super **** awful. We have no one to guard Ben Simmons or Joel Embiid. They'd probably sit one of them because they would assume they were capable of beating us with a handicap. JJ Redick would probably do all the work since we haven't had a percentage scorer like him in ages and this is just Jonathan Redick people. Russell Westbrook's reputation against us pretty much sums up the up and coming Thunder game. Now he has Carmelo and Paul George and they're feasting for wins. It's not going to well for them and getting a win against us will just be more the merrier. And come on, we'd need 3 Aaron Gordon to be capable of guard this team. Our performances against the Pacers tonight concludes the upcoming matchup against them. Lastly, the Golden State Warriors. That's just a loss in advance for a team factoring the mental instability and confidence breaks like ours. It's a loss for 99% of league truly.
  5. Magic Lace Up for the Pacers

    I called the win tonight. Guess I was wrong. The bleeding continues and lessons haven't been learned. The Magic under .50.
  6. Magic Lace Up for the Pacers

    Ok. At this point, I'm satisfied with trading Payton. His approach to the game is as serious as his haircut. On impulse, I'm willing to see the Magic give up the following: Hezonja, Fournier, Biyombo, Payton, Mack, Vucevic My keepers are Gordon, Isaac, Simmons. Everyone else they can decide. I don't give a damn.
  7. Magic Lace Up for the Pacers

    25% shooting this quarter. One of those scoring droughts again.
  8. Magic Lace Up for the Pacers

    So many teams have passed the Magic and they're at .50. Very costly losses.
  9. Magic vs Utah

    Like I said..it's ugly as hell to watch. It's unwatchable..yet they're winning. I don't believe at all that they'll win it all.
  10. Magic vs Utah

    You're right. Sample size but it hasn't been just one game and it's truly our starters struggling. We can't have both our bench and starters clicking throughout the game. One, the other, or even both will fail at scoring. With each game, our scoring is dwindling. The league has adjusted but do the Magic have an answer. I should place more emphasis on the last two games. Golden State and Denver were games the Magic were incapable of winning but that's part of the problem. Coming into the game believing their incapable. Is this...the approach we want our team to have or was it realistically fair? Tell that to Houston. That philosophy isn't always necessary to win if you can overwhelm your opponent on offense which the Rockets do. However, Houston is a disaster to watch because of Harden's game. Its ugliest style of individual play style I've ever witnessed. They also deserted us sending us to a rebuild that we're currently on. These type of centers are going extinct with the league adjustments. They are a handicap in situationals. Yeah, that was pretty harsh of me but I'd rather them overwhelm opponents with offense then defense. Let me lose my **** for a second. I'M TIRED OF *****ING SEEING THREE TO FIVE AIRBALLS A GAME. I'M TIRED OF IT! I KNOW...for SURE..you all are tired of our quality of offense compared to other teams. I know you're tired of turnovers and/or failures on fast breaks. Most of all, I know you all are tired of the meltdowns which lead to point differential swings in favor of the opponent. The ones the Magic never come back from or lead us to the now, forum meltdowns. -------------- With all that said..we win tonight. Go Magic.
  11. Magic vs Utah

    We only scored 85 in that previous game. The Magic weren't answering on both sides. Since they've progressively gone on drought's throughout the previous losses, they're offensively challenged. The Magic haven't outscored opponents on this losing streak have they? I feel that the trade off for Vucevic for DeAndre Jordan is even more painful. You'd get....another terrible free throw shooter who can't score other than dunk. The Magic also can't play him in the clutch due to his terrible free throw shooting. But hey, they'd have that alley oop play open all the time. It's a trade off to Vucevic being able to score (not consistently) having more dimensions on offense than Jordan. Other than that, if the Magic are going to tank this year and create cap space, they should trade for him. I personally do not like centers that can't shoot free throws. We've had too many of them throughout our history.
  12. Magic vs Utah

    If there's one person DOM didn't like, it was DeAndre Jordan. LOL I don't like the trade off. Right now, we're offensively challenged. If we could get him for Biyombo...(In my dreams), I'd be fine.
  13. Magic vs Utah

    If DOM were still around, he'd light you up.
  14. Magic vs Utah

    No. I don't think it's like that. I just feel there is a leadership clash. I don't think Gordon is an ******* at all. I think they're holding it in and they're tense towards each other. I'm sorry if my speculation gets to you but this team is broken now. This is not pretty. You infer that there is a locker room problem right now easily. Honestly, I expected some of our players to get frustrated with one another visually on the court. That's just the floor. As the ceiling, I expect one of our players to lose it after all these years of holding it in and take it out on a teammate. ----------------------------- My major regret for the Magic is hindsight; missing out on major draft prospects like Simmons, Tatum, Wiggins, etc. We did great with oladipo but after that, we just weren't in the right position for sure talent. We did not lose out enough. I feel the Magic are stuck in purgatory and there's nothing any coach can do about it. We need to lose out completely but the cost will be major for our current culture. The Magic are becoming a team that lets their fans down after promises of a great season. The Magic have established an identity of melting down after about 20 to 30 games annually. Remember those fans that we're pissed off at the Magic losing out after trading dwight? Well...now....its hard to say they weren't right. We've developed a losing culture. ----------- The Magic are at 50%. Its not too late to salvage the season but how many times have the Magic been in this position?
  15. Magic vs Utah

    You all may be right about the Fournier,Gordon controversy.