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  1. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Henny was doing great until he started getting micromanaged. That's why I have nothing against Hennigan. He was just severely unlucky. The micro management along with the not losing out enough for REAL draft acquisitions screwed him over. The oladipo trade was a WIN NOW move to me due to the pressure our management and organization put on him to keep his job that he was going to lose anyway. I'm truly starting to believe our problem is management and ownership more than anything now. I can even extend this to the Van Gundy drama in which they placed Howard's priority in front of Van Gundy's priority which ultimately led to his axing. Then Otis Smith started trading assets for his best friends. Now we can't keep a coach for more than 3 years. The Magic players we put on court are skittish deer. The Organization has built up a reputation of starting decent then falling apart 25% of the way through the season. The culture here is severely....severely damaged. Its critical...the Magic are in a coma. Some people blame Hennigan for the culture he instilled here. You can say that's most likely the damage he caused but it's not only up to the GM to instill the culture.
  2. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Indiana is the perfect place for Oladipo to be. It shouldn't be any other way and I'm happy for him. The popularity of Oladipo being a Hoosier is reemerging, but of course, with a higher pinnacle as an NBA player. From the highlights today, you can tell Vic takes pride in the culture in Indiana and being the guy leading the team. Oladipo is at 25 years of age now so everything has come together. The influence of westbrooks playing style has improved his patience with the ball. Oladipo is displaying better poise than westbrook and meshes well with his teammates. He looks under control and fully confident when considering his scoring strategy on drives. This isn't just on a sporadic basis. He's scored 20 points in over 18 games (26 games played) which makes him completely legit unlike any of our current players. We already know Oladipo's defensive reputation so he's probably top 25 player in the league now. From his emotional state, he loves to taunt which the Magic didn't allow him to do here. BE HIMSELF. Oladipo is enjoying the game and enjoying protecting home. You can tell he loves that town along with the attention. Expect him to be with Indiana for an extended period or for the rest of his important career years. I would be surprised if they trade him. Indiana's attendance is on the rise with the Oladipo show. After wins or critical buckets, he faces the crowd and points to the floor with pride. Never have I seen him do that as a Magic player.
  3. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    You should see what I would say if we were. :shard:
  4. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    ***** Dwight. I'd rather the Magic struggle than remarry with that c***.
  5. Magic @ Hawks

    So......what money does the league need to make off this game by intentionally tampering to make the magic lose?
  6. Magic vs nuggets

    Congrats to Oladipo for beating the Cavs twice. As you all know, I hate the Cavs with all my heart.
  7. Magic vs nuggets

    Because the Magic make them look good. It was great to see them bend over once Golden State came to town.
  8. Magic vs nuggets

    Meanwhile...in Indiana.
  9. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Fournier is out?!!! Release the beast! Gordon!
  10. Magic vs hawks

    Awful game by both teams. Hitting the side of the backboard an open shot. Definition of high school shooting
  11. Magic vs hawks

    Losing by 9 to Cpu generated players. Show me.how low you can sink magic. How low.can you go!
  12. Magic @ Charlotte

    Ok. I'm glad it's over. Boy oh boy......The Magic need to be rinsed of everyone. Even ownership. Everything about the culture and display on court annually just gives me a clear sign that they'll lose indefinitely for another decade. It's completely believable with the Magic's luck at signing critical players in free agency and not losing out enough to get the next generation of franchise players through the draft. Everything is just not going anywhere. It's just a seasoning more or less mirroring the previous. We win...we lose...then we lose indefinitely.
  13. Magic @ Charlotte

    Look at that. That's embarassing. Dwight Mocking Vucevic. How long will it take for Vucevic to realize people are clowning him.
  14. Magic @ Charlotte

    First they have to give a **** about playing first then they complain about the officiating. You as well as I know that the Magic will never win a championship depending on the whistle. The whistle has screwed us over in the playoffs enough for me to learn the lesson and it has benefitted superficial players more than ever. In order for this team to win, they'd have to be Spurs like. Eliminate all mistakes.
  15. Magic @ Charlotte

    LOL......and look at that. Dwight shoots the ball against us to add to that one on one fast break. That's how confident Charlotte is playing against us. It's embarrassing. Pathetic. IT'S *****ING BULL****. It's a bunch of *****! Get your **** together Magic.
  16. Magic @ Charlotte

    This game went exactly as I predicted. Its painful...............................to be right about this team. It's so *****ing painful. I just have to laugh. Kemba lights us up..with assistance from a scrub. Vucevic with an easter rabbit performance. Of course.
  17. Magic @ Charlotte

    That's game.
  18. Magic @ Charlotte

    Yep. Continue to let Walker beat you down the floor. Show us that you have learned anything Magic.
  19. Magic @ Charlotte

    Time for the officials to bury the Magic in fouls.
  20. Magic @ Charlotte

    Well...this is getting spicy.
  21. Magic @ Charlotte

    I don't even know how the Magic are down 1. That's a miracle considering that we've let Kaminsky kill us.
  22. Magic @ Charlotte

    Good thing Michael Carter Williams is awful.............STILL.
  23. Magic @ Charlotte

    Wes Iwundu...looks like he has more energy than anyone tonight.
  24. Magic @ Charlotte

    Here comes another free throw parade.
  25. Magic @ Charlotte

    I hope you're trying to be funny. LOL