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    Yup. Your number 1 draft pick has a limp. He looked better than the #3 draft pick in almost every way. Even though it was ugly, he helped the team to a gutsy win in OT. Might as well give him some rest and gear up for the season. I could care less about summer league. Winning a SL championship means nothing. It's not even helpful for the organization because it's not your starting lineup on night 1 of the regular season. Of course, everyone wants to see the #1 v #2 but I'm not worried about it. Let's just get the W when we play them in a few months. Let the starters continue to build rapport off-court and start working out together, come into camp with good chemistry and build toward that future. We have a lot of things to be excited about! Don't sweat the small stuff.
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    The good thing is we know Paolo, Fultz, Suggs, and Wagner will all find him.
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    Not as bad as Chet's "Supercut's" haircut. Imagine signing a multimillion dollar rookie contract and having your mom give you a flowbee fade.
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    Franz is honestly such a mature guy. Im glad that he's got a humble mind set, I think it'd be hard for a lot of guys to have the rookie year he just had and then see Paolo come in and be immediately labeled The Guy but I have complete confidence that that won't affect Franz at all. Moe can stay for as long as we have Franz too (hopefully the next 15 years), he's a great guy and he's an underrated player in my opinion.
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    So we are woried about injury and body and ankles with chet, but now Paolo has an "injury"
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    What in the world else do they need to know about Paolo, Suggs, Franz, etc. that they would learn from basically another pickup game? They’re actually looking at more guys who might make Lakeland, and Houstan. Of course people wanna complain about something smh
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    Honestly though with that Karen cut if Chet seriously hits the weights, a decent career in the WNBA isn't difficult to imagine.
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    Woof… this summer league team is pretty bad haha
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    Let us win SOMETHING, Magic brass. Give us a chance at an NBA Summer League championship - come on!!
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    Yeah …I just did a quick search for player quotes from summer 2021 and could find nothing . Anyway, “The Ringer” live in Vegas with some Banchero comments that will leave Magic fans salivating …I mean, I coulda sworn I heard him use the “Bird” comparison !?!?
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    Nobody on this roster is going to be on this team. Just another pathetic management move. We have one of the youngest rosters in the league and yet have none of them are playing on the summer league from now on. Is this the best way to evaluate your talents? Hell no. It’s lazy and another sad reflection on this whole dam organization.