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  1. Captain

    2022 NBA Draft Thread

    That’s what I feel like happened
  2. Captain

    2022 NBA Draft Thread

    Double welp
  3. Captain

    2022 NBA Draft Thread

    I wanted Jabari… this is crazy to me
  4. Captain

    2022 NBA Draft Thread

  5. Captain

    Trade Thread

    We should have never let Harris go in the first place
  6. Captain

    2022 NBA Draft Thread

    I 100% agree with this. I would take Sharpe easily with our pick. I just worry that they might think we are guard heavy at the moment. I hope I’m wrong
  7. Captain

    2022 NBA Draft Thread

    Would we even take Sharpe after taking Suggs last draft?
  8. So happy to see Kelle back! He looked great overall but sometimes he looked gimpy on his acl knee. His shot also looked good!
  9. Captain

    2022 NBA Trade Deadline Thread

    I hope not
  10. Captain

    2021-2022 General Game Thread

    Do we have any legitimate news that Fultz and Isaac are coming back?
  11. Hi everyone. I haven’t been on here much since the season hasn’t really been to great. However, I’ve been keeping up with box scores and is Franz really playing that good? Or is it more so of being on a bad team? What’s your thoughts?
  12. Captain

    2021-2022 General Game Thread

    Franz in summer league made me question if he could even play in the NBA. Now, he’s been arguably our best player and exceptionally good. I honestly can’t believe it
  13. Captain

    2021 NBA Summer League Thread

    Agree, which he didn’t do that well either
  14. Captain

    2021 NBA Summer League Thread

    Here’s my honest opinion about our team and how it’s performed so far in SL. First let’s start with Cole. I think he was focused more on trying to be better defensively and lead the offense more. I know his shot wasn’t falling, but I’m not panicking. I just think his focus was elsewhere. RJ showed some flashes and with more development he’ll be a good starter down the road (IMO). Suggs is better than I thought! I thought he would just kind of play within the offense and not being a scoring force, but he’s proven so far that he has it in him. Future all star for us for sure. Overall the team didn’t play with ANY cohesiveness. They looked out of wack. Idk if I should be concerned because we have a new coach or because our coach isn’t great at X’s and O’s? Or is it simply just summer league and it’s not a big deal? Lastly, Franz needs more confidence. 2 to 3 years from now he will be very solid for us. tldr; it’s summer league so don’t panic, but Suggs will be great for us.
  15. Captain

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    Is there any news coming from the practices?