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  1. O_SteveO

    2024 Off-season Thread

    Klay has no legs under him anymore. I’d be pretty disappointed if he was a starter on this team next year tbh
  2. I don’t agree that the playoffs is the time to have rookies on the court for the sake of experience. Regular season, sure, but not when every game is this crucial. Just being present in that type of environment is probably beneficial enough, without hurting your chances of winning. We’re really lucky right now to not have to force our raw prospects into a position to fail and just work on their games instead.
  3. These young guys did better in the playoffs than any of the Vuc/AG/Fournier teams. Need to keep growing and make a guard addition
  4. There’s a lotta series left to be played, but I don’t think being humbled by a rough end to the season and poor playoff showing is the end of the world for a young core that’s probably ahead of schedule anyway. We’re past taking swings at upside players, and desperately need to address shooting and rim protection/rebounding. That’s less likely to happen if these flaws aren’t being exposed
  5. O_SteveO

    2023-2024 General Game Thread

    Was gonna say almost the exact same thing. Should be 25
  6. O_SteveO

    2023-2024 General Game Thread

    To be fair Fultz was a great shooter coming out of Washington. Not that the rest of your post is unfounded tho. What happened by the time he got to the league is one of the more bizarre mysteries I can think of.
  7. O_SteveO

    2023-2024 General Game Thread

    This might be our best win this year. Idc if they’re off a back to back from 2OT. We had no actual center against the best center in the league, a starting PG who played 5 mins, our second best player injured, and 3 guys (at least) logging mins who are barely NBA players. Good shhh
  8. O_SteveO

    2023-2024 General Game Thread

    Listen, we’re at least a decade away from figuring out whether Paolo was the best pick in last year’s draft
  9. O_SteveO

    2023-2024 General Game Thread

    We’re very much in this game with Franz and Paolo shooting like ish so that’s a good sign
  10. O_SteveO

    2023-2024 General Game Thread

    It’s been talked about, but there are some noticeable moves that Paolo’s puttin on guys that look just like something he and KD worked on
  11. O_SteveO

    2023-2024 General Game Thread

    Yeah this has been about as bad as a first quarter gets
  12. O_SteveO

    2023-2024 General Game Thread

    It’s gonna get to the point that teams have to guard Paolo’s 3’s closer, and when that happens he’s gonna be unbelievable
  13. O_SteveO

    2023-2024 General Game Thread

    I’m an AB fan, but that’s true. He’s shown some nice flashes and I like him long term, but there are gonna be times he needs to sit for the sake of wins. Uncharted territory for us to not even really need our lottery picks on the floor lol
  14. O_SteveO

    2023-2024 General Game Thread

    I heard some stat on a podcast (I forget which one) that we’re statistically one of the 5 best teams in the league in the first half, and one of the bottom 5 in the second half. Crazy stuff.
  15. O_SteveO

    2023-2024 General Game Thread

    Don’t look now, but Paolo leads the team in points, rebounds, and assists