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  1. Great win by the guys. I love when Cole gets on a scoring roll, but also love a game where he has as many assists as shot attempts
  2. The NBA has been steadily losing fans basically since Jordan retired. The whole “NBA sales are declining” conversation was being had when I first started reading this forum a decade ago
  3. Coming into the season I was really excited to see Franz and Chuma play together. I think it’s safe to say that Wagner has drastically exceeded expectations, and Chuma has pretty much fallen off a cliff. Hopefully he turns it around.
  4. Thank you TMF for the thread! I love how this team battles. Let’s get this second half
  5. The sooner we get Fultz back the better. Even Suggs (despite some of his erratic play) would be helpful, cause this offense falls apart when Cole sits.
  6. Really nice inbound pass, and a good looking shot from Cole that just didn’t drop.
  7. They need to at least beat the rockets and kings. They have it in them
  8. F yeah, let’s go Magic babyyyy
  9. If Suggs can make the kind of rookie-sophomore jump that Cole has so far, we’ll be cooking.
  10. He was several years ago for Denver, but couldn’t stay healthy and it’s really caught up to him.
  11. O_SteveO

    2021-2022 General Game Thread

    Cole is absolutely going off
  12. I would of course, but I can’t see anyone sending us 2 guys who would be anything more than locker room/practice mentors for him at this point.
  13. O_SteveO

    2021-2022 General Game Thread

    Lmao was gonna say the exact same thing.
  14. O_SteveO

    2021-2022 General Game Thread

    Love the celebration for coach’s first dub. This team seems to really love each other and Mosley.
  15. O_SteveO

    2021-2022 General Game Thread

    And to an extent these are things you can do night in and night out. Everyone will have bad shooting nights at some point (see Franz and Bamba tonight,) but there’s more that factors into team success.