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    **NOTE: You can use one of the calendars as a desktop wallpaper - Each month contains a calendar without times and a calendar with times** APRIL CALENDAR/without times APRIL CALENDAR/with times MAY CALENDAR/without times MAY CALENDAR/with times
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    Caught up with the game just now (was going to do the Utah game first but saw the score and didn't bother). Clifford and his staff and this roster deserve a tonne of credit. With 8 healthy bodies, 3 of them barely healthy, we went into Denver and the altitude on the second night of a back to back against a rolling Denver team and battled really hard for 3 and a half quarters. We just ran out of gas in the back half of the 4th which was understandable given the circumstances. Really fun RJ Hampton game. He's raw and he's inconsistent and he makes bad mistakes at times but the talent is clearly there and as he grows he has a chance to be a very very good player. Ran out of adjectives for Okeke. Wendell Carter Jr might be a huge get for us to be honest. He's such a solid all around player on both ends. He might start for us at C for the next 5 years. Or his presence might push Bamba to reach higher end outcomes as they compete. Either way it's exciting. Happy AG has found a home and a system that plays to his strengths. Good for him. But as I see more of RJ I'm pretty happy with what we got in return.
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    Weltman deserves a lot of credit... we bashed him for inactivity so now it’s due. On top of the Fultz deal, drafting Okeke was huge... he’s the real deal. Also optimistic about Cole..... and of course, the getting Carter and 2 firsts and getting out of the Aminu mistake for Vooch, and getting RJ and a first for Aaron... the futures so bright I’m gonna need to find some sunglasses
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    We're about to (more than likely) have 2 lottery picks added to this group. They'll keep the excitement going a little while longer.
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    Just watched it. Yea that didn't come off well at all. He talks about how guys should just come into the league and know how to execute and his example is "Redick did it" which seems to me like a bizarre piece of revisionist history since JJ (who came into the league at 22 not 19 or 20) was playing limited minutes and picking up DNP-CD's until year 4. Maybe it's just some tough love stuff to try and motivate guys to get better.
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    I'm impressed with WCJ on D again. He played hard all night.
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    im ok with this team losing if this is the effort we give.
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    Here I was thinking I would be able to go to bed at halftime...
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    Win or lose, I love this team. They are fun to watch.
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    Well, I guess it will be a waste of time posting one of my game thread starters since the majority of participants didn't show up for the party last night. / just kidding Anyway, in a few minutes I will be posting a Game Thread Starter for tonight's game against Denver. . .if anyone is interested. The game starts at 10 pm (Est)