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  1. jjgator

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    I got an email from YouTube TV: You can now watch the last 19 years of NBA Finals games on YouTube TV. Find complete, commercial-free games from '00 - '18 on NBA TV; just search 'Hardwood Classics,' and 'NBA Playoff Playback' to relive all the championship magic. I'm not sure, but I'm guessing it works for any provider that has NBA TV (searching hardwood classics has finals games from 00-08 and NBA Playoff classics has finals games from 09-18).
  2. I think it's pretty impossible to not root for him.
  3. I guess we're making up for our lack of injuries last season.
  4. Well, that was something. We beat the Lakers with our D League team. It's the top story on ESPN.com right now.
  5. jjgator

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    What if Steele steals it for is it anything?
  6. jjgator

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/28222229/rockets-hopeful-nba-acts-james-harden-dunk-not-counted I didn't see the game, but the NBA comes out and admits blown calls all the time. They don't change the outcome though, why should they in this case? Because it's Harden? Doubt we'd even be hearing about this if it wasn't a high profile player.
  7. jjgator

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    That was beautiful, thank you.
  8. I guarantee victory tonight.
  9. jjgator

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    I think with what we've seen it is just a matter of time until Fultz starts. He brought him off the bench really early, and like you said he's already using him to close the game.
  10. jjgator

    2019 Offseason Thread

    I don't think they'll be terrible. They might not be great, but I don't see them being terrible.
  11. jjgator

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Not officially. There might be separate devices you can buy (like video capture devices, Elgato or something is one I've heard of) that can record the video from PCs and various other devices. There might even be separate programs that do this. It's probably not technically 100% legal, but I'm guessing it wouldn't be too hard to do with an internet search.
  12. jjgator

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Looks like you're right. You only get regional sports with the 70 dollars or more plan though(although it does come with HBO, but you can buy that as a standalone for 15 bucks anyways through HBO Now). But yeah, it has a free trial too so anyone new to streaming cable can pretty much try all of them. I've tried all the major services and I'd rate them 1. YouTube TV 2. PlayStation VUE 3. Hulu Live TV 4. DirecTV(ATT) Now. I won't even put Sling in there for lack of Fox Sports Florida (although I am using it for two months before basketball season starts) and Fubo TV has no ESPN networks (although I guess it's good if you like Soccer or something?) Also, you don't actually need a PlayStation to use PlayStation VUE. Some people are confused by the name (they really should have called it Sony VUE). The unlimited DVR on YouTube and VUE is really nice and puts them ahead (VUE deletes recordings after 28 days though, YouTube it's 9 months).
  13. jjgator

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Plus it just changed to some other thing att now or something. More expensive and I think you have to sign a contract.
  14. jjgator

    2019 Offseason Thread

    No ESPN though.