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    I find it funny listening to national media (NBA Radio) how you rarely hear mention of any of the Magic players and when they have been discussed it was always negative. Now after these trades it's like the Magic traded away the best players in the league, they got fleeced bla bla bla.. I liked the guys we traded because they were our guys but we weren't going anywhere with them. Would I have liked to have gotten a better return? Sure, but at least now we have some young players that we can hopefully develop into something more than a 35 win team.
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    I have posted a game thread for tonight's game against Portland. . .if anyone is interested. The game starts at 8 pm.
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    To clarify, I understand that there might be pain at the end of this rebuild, but not trying to make moves would have been a million times worse as a fan.
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    I feel great about this new beginning. Can't wait
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    Hoping that Wendell Carter Jr. takes the torch from Vuc as 'young player acquired as part of package for All Star Center that becomes way better than we hoped'
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    Simple take about yesterday: I won’t miss watching Fournier and AG jack up ill advised shots, but I will miss watching Vooch’s smooth game. To Vooch’s (and Cliff’s) credit, he’d become a great player. That said, I like our new direction, and I can’t wait for the draft. Now let my guy Chuma shoot the ball the rest of the year!
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    I'm feeling pretty negative about this whole thing right now. But let me tell you even if we don't get Cade but we do get a top 4 pick I'll feel a lot better when I see this group of guys tearing it up next season: Fultz Anthony Isaac Okeke Bamba Hampton Carter Our top 4 pick (if not Cade hopefully Jalen Green) Like if we get 70 games of that team healthy I won't care how many we win because it should at least be fun.
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    Have to disagree about this thing coming up multiple times where there is some strong assertion that more could have been had in the past or even present. Just because someone posted it as a rumour, or a beat writer speculated it or "sources said" ... without any acknowledgement from all of the parties involved over what they offered or what was "rejected" allegedly, it is hard to come to this conclusion logically.
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    I see some people are disappointed by the return on these trades and they could have been a little better. But what did you expect? We are trading our best players but we are not good. From the other teams perspective our players will be filling lesser roles on their teams.
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    Mixed feelings. I've been the one that wanted to trade Vuch for a long time, or at least surround him with better players, and I'm happy we finally have a direction. I've also always suggested that his trade value was not that high as many could have thought, and that contenders weren't lining up to get him... I think that this move confirm the impression. Now, even if into the trade we've included one year of moderate bad contract (Aminu), is this really all FO was able to get for an All-Star playing the best basket of his career? Why don't wait a little more until the end of the deadline? Maybe something better could have been offered... same story for Fournier, maybe some other team was going to get desperate as the deadline approached. Gordon... I don't know, I'll always regret the fact that is traded now that the Nik&Evan show is over. Maybe he'll regret it too... I really think it was worth to try him with this new "core", and see if he really has another gear we haven't seen. In general, none of the three trades get us back a great package. So, I'm still not convinced about managemente ability, even if they FINALLY chose a path. Return value is a little low, but at least the cap space hell is softened, there're some assets we can work with, and we handed the key to the young group. One obvious question: what's the deal with coach Cliff now? Will he embrace the rebuild? Will give minutes to the young guys and let them learn through the errors? I'm not sure he's the right coach to do that, and that will embrace that new situation. I can still envision mediocre veterans "stealing" minutes to the young guys.
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    The trade deadline has gone and with it any interest I had in this team. I’ll see you guys around draft time maybe