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  1. Spaceman

    2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    I think Boogie is going to the lakers and Vuch to the mavs
  2. Spaceman

    2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    I hope our boys are paying attention to crap like these fools are spewing and also what hollywood kuzma had to say, and come out the last 23 games with a big chip on their shoulders. These last games could really be fun for the first time in many years. Now if we could just get through this break and get back to business.
  3. Spaceman

    Magic vs Charlotte 14th Feb @ 7pm

    I think the team played really well but " I'll have to check the film"
  4. Spaceman

    Magic vs Hawks - Sunday, Feb.10th @ 7:30 P.M.

    Another good win. As good as we are playing maybe we can now take care of those stinking hornets and then use the all star break to work Fultz in. I'll say it again 40 wins is very possible.
  5. Spaceman

    Magic vs Bucks - Saturday, February 9th @ 9:00 P.M.

    Take a look at the remaining Soft schedule. I'm saying if they continue this level of play I'm seeing 40 wins.
  6. Spaceman

    Welcome Markelle Fultz glad to have ya

    Welcome Markelle. Time to get healthy, get your head right and blossom to your full potential. Lets go " FnBIG"
  7. Spaceman

    Trade Thread

    I'm loving this day. It's all about Hope.
  8. Spaceman

    Trade Thread

    Obviously he doesn't understand we are going to resign Ross and trade Fournier at the draft.
  9. Spaceman

    Trade Thread

    SG Probably can now grab someone like Reddish in the draft
  10. Spaceman

    2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Vuch in the skills competition? What are they thinking?
  11. Spaceman

    Magic vs nets

    A couple months ago I didn't think Iwandu was an NBA player, but tonight you could see he is gaining some confidence. It's funny nobody has ever mentioned him in trade talks. I think we like him.
  12. Spaceman

    Trade Thread

    The Knicks seem to have an extra PG or two these days. Any thoughts on trying to get Nitlikina or Mudiay for a try out. Maybe they would take Simmons?
  13. Spaceman

    Trade Thread

    Right now the way he fouls we would be lucky to get 24 minutes per game out of him against starters.
  14. Spaceman

    2019 NBA Draft Thread

    We need to figure out how to get Ja Morant. He is the type of player that would fit well with our young guys and seems to be an alpha which we desperately need.