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    There is no doubt he puts up numbers. But aside from the defense issue, sometimes it looks like he’s determined to be the one taking the shot no matter what, and that takes opportunities away from the rest of the team. Ultimately the question is not just whether he puts up big individual numbers, but also if makes the other players on the team better when he’s out there, and in so doing helps us win games. Right now it’s way too early to tell, but I wouldn’t say that the answer is clearly yes.
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    No, Victor or Scoot do not make tanking a sustainable or viable strategy.
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    Not directed at you, but that's the same thing i remember reading last season... Also, before competing for championship you usually need to take a first step and compete for a bottom playoff seed.
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    Totally agree. I’ve had this theory that we’re tanking in the announcing department to get a better announcer but so far it hasn’t happened.
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    the predraft concerns about Paolo and his defense were correct. He doesnt follow his shots, he kind of just floats around, doesnt crash the boards. I think he can be better so hopefully he just picks it up.
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    That seems a bit dramatic. You’ve seen half of a single game and your calling it quit?
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    Bol at the 5 doesn’t work. For all the good that he does, he can’t control the paint on D and his screens are so weak and he can’t rebound at a high enough level. Really missing WCJ. And his ability to man the middle.
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    Playing that matador defense. Not boxing out and letting guys get whatever they want at the rim. That’s just unacceptable we should be putting a body on someone whenever a shot goes up that’s just basketball 101.
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    Bol's got some moves for a tall skinny player. Did you all see that spin move around a hawks' player, and was about to make a move to the basket for a layup, but a whistle blew before Bol finished.
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    Gotta love Jeff Turner getting all excited about a Ross dunk when we’re getting blown out. Makes me want to throw something at the TV.
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    Okay, Paolo. All fancy dribbling needs to stop and pass the ball. You are not Steph Curry. :)
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    I’m very unhappy with his effort on that end of the court. He’s a bit of a black hole on the offensive end as well. I think Ross plays harder on defense.
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    JT being JT. Worse announcer in sports. IMO. this team needs leadership from the coach. Obviously the coach does not lead or hold players accountable. He needs to go.
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    Tonight is the 1st game of the season I am watching and I can honestly say I will not be watching another one in the near future… our team’s game is so poor, no organization or coordenation between players on the floor, no tactical plays in the attack, passive motion on the defense… But the worst is the atitude: we are loosing by 20pts in the last minute of the qtr and we just slowdown the ball and wait for the shotclock to run down!?!?! What is this?!?!