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  1. Franchise408

    2022-2023 Trade Idea Thread

    That doesn't explain then why we aren't requiring Beverley to report. If we just got Beverley to waive him, then that seems like a salary cap move to me. Either way, it is what it is. I'm not a big fan of the trade but we probably weren't getting much else for Bamba anyways.
  2. Franchise408

    2022-2023 Trade Idea Thread

    So its purely a salary cap move?
  3. Franchise408

    2022-2023 Trade Idea Thread

    Can anyone explain to me the purpose of the trade if Beverley isn't being required to report? I didnt like the trade initially but like it even less if we're basically getting no assets from it
  4. Franchise408

    2022-2023 Season Thread

    On another note, as a 49ers fan, it was nice to see the Magic get at least a small sliver of revenge for me against Philly on Monday night. Too bad we couldn't double up last night as well.
  5. Franchise408

    Magic at Trail Blazers - Tues. Jan. 10th @ 10:00 pm

    Nevermind the fact that before he got injured in 2020 (I think?) the Magic had the best record in the East. Markelle is a changer for the Magic. When he is there, the Magic are a better team.
  6. Franchise408

    Magic@Kings - Mon. Jan. 9, 2023 at 10:00 pm

    Why are we talking about trading Cole?
  7. Franchise408

    Magic at Warriors - Sat. Jan. 7th @ 8:30 pm

    I feel as though he may be the most expendable of our youth core (Paolo, Franz, Fultz, Cole) I still have high hopes for him tho. He shouldn't be the floor spacer, that should be Anthony who is a better outside shooter. I like Suggs going to the rim - although he can be a bit chaotic doing that at times, he can also be a rather strong finisher at times as well. I think with continued time and developing, he can be a solid scorer for us.
  8. Franchise408

    Magic at Warriors - Sat. Jan. 7th @ 8:30 pm

    I agree with this. Markelle Fultz isn't some super tier all star player, he is certainly a disappointment from a #1 overall perspective, but I firmly believe he is one of our most important pieces and the glue that holds it all together. I am firmly pro-Fultz and I hope he stays healthy because the Magic need to be looking at him as a long term piece along with Paolo and Franz.
  9. Franchise408

    Magic at Warriors - Sat. Jan. 7th @ 8:30 pm

    I'm a bay area native, and I will be at the game tonight. Let's go, Magic!
  10. Franchise408

    2022-2023 Season Thread

    It's no dilemma. Tanking is not a valid strategy. Compete.
  11. Franchise408

    2022-2023 Season Thread

    So now that the Magic have 4 straight, including a 50 point quarter, are we starting to see some flashes of what this team can be capable of now that some key guys (i.e. Fultz) are getting healthy?
  12. Franchise408

    Magic vs Raptors_Friday Dec. 9th @ 7 pm

    Kelle is back. Wasn't serious. Just an ankle roll
  13. Franchise408

    2022-2023 Season Thread

    I have 0 interest in a tanking team (intentionally, that is). I have full interest in a team that is out there competing as hard as they can, regardless of if that's 20 wins or 70. Right now, I have a fairly high interest in the team because, even tho they are losing nearly night in and night out, there are young players with a lot of potential who are certainly working their a's off to compete as hard as they can. I do have a bit of a hit to my interest because of signs of possible tanking, the things that you pointed out. But then when I see Cole and Fultz immediately off of minutes restrictions, and the minutes that guys like Franz and Banchero get, it makes me think that perhaps we aren't (intentionally) tanking, and the team just isn't ready yet (due to young, undeveloped talent and injury bad luck).
  14. Franchise408

    Magic vs Clippers - Wed., Dec. 7th @ 7:00 pm

    I'm happy to have to walk back my post from earlier in the other thread. Nice win
  15. Franchise408

    2022-2023 Season Thread

    So basically the high point of our year will be that 2 game win streak we had in November.