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    Thanks, Magicpassion. I've been wanting to post the same sentiment about my friend MagicOne. I'm still at my vacation home in Maryland and just returned here from visiting relatives in New York. That being said, I don't see any harm in MagicOne's posts about the playoffs. It's not about the Magic. Besides, for me, some of what he says is funny and makes things less boring on this message board during the off season.
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    Ok so now that the WCF's are over after the Warriors won in 4 or 5 games there is a great chance that KD will be ready for game 1 of the Finals. They should have about 4 or 5 days off which will give others more time to heal as well. When they face the Bucks in the Finals it might not be as competitive as most would think. Wouldn't be surprised to see Golden State take it in 5 games. Regardless, when it's all said and done they will have their 3rd straight championship and 4 out of the last 5. Quite impressive indeed.
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    Hes not hes a Blake Griffin but the kid is box office . He can be your second best player on a championship team
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    I'll be happy with anybody that can make baskets and run fast.
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    Unless we were picking in the top 4 or 5 there's not really that kind of guy in this draft.
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    Hey Magic One, not sure why anyone would down vote you, but I gave you an up. There’s some spiteful folks on board. Good insight :)
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    Wasn't aware of that. Hopefully Luka is a fan of the Vooch.
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    The Blazers are done. This series is over. O....V...E....R. Over. They have no chance to win. NONE. It will be cruise control for Steph on his way to the Finals. The Raptors versus Bucks series will be more competitive. This series is men versus boys. They won't need KD. Steph has this on lock. Plus by them sweeping or winning in 5 games it will give Durant more time to fully heal.
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    I think the real point is that good management is able to find those second round contributors with more consistency, that is part of how they establish themselves. The Spurs are good at it, and used the late second round for "draft and stash" players. It is no accident that 40% of the MIL/TOR starting lineups are 2nd round picks, 20% are "late" second round picks. It is a testament to the management of the teams that found them. They were selected by Milwaukee, Detroit, Cleveland, and the Lakers (Gasol, who was immediately part of the trade package for his brother!). It is promising to me that WeltHam had a hand in one of those 2nd rounders, and found Giannis with #15. It says something about their ability to assess talent. So, I think that your point about little value at the end of the second round is a little simplistic; finding value there is definitely difficult, it isn't there every year, it has to fit your team, and the odds for finding it greatly depend on who is doing the looking. I think we may finally have the right guys in charge to be able to find it, now it is a matter of the rest. We don't have a lot of slots open right now, even if we did find it, now you have to find a space for it. You don't give up an Iwundu for a late 2nd rounder who gives you 75% of what he does, there isn't a real value there; but if you find someone who gives you more than Frazier, you consider waiving him and opening his slot up.
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    I was thinking. What do guys think if Seth Curry as a free agent. If Ross leaves, he is a guy we need to look for. I don't think will be that expensive and decent shooter off the bench.
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    YEAH but i think the point was can we get lucky and hit a donovan mitchell (13) or pascal siakim (27) or terry rozier (16) or Jusuf Nurkić (16) none of those guys are sure fire HOF but they are probably future allstars... if we can hit rightly this draft - usually there's 2 from 10 -20 that can become impact players...we just need that spark of luck
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    http://www.espn.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=yd7yd2k9 This i would do and throw in a draft pick swap or our OKC pick etc... Then resign redick and draft a PG and now you got a deadeye shooter who can retire in orlando
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    I think that even if he ends up just being a career DJ augustine (backup) its still a deal in our favor. I say rest him if he wants till after the all star break or suit him up tonight if he wants, lol
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    LOL.... he actually said Dramastically
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    I think this second unit with Briscoe & bamba would be better then bamba's first half, the problem with that second unit was bamba was playing with Simmons and grant and thats not good
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    Yeah he still wants to go that's for sure. Does this change it.. who knows. Woj and Shams say he still wants to leave
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    Thank you may I have another; you know who you are. I don’t care it’s not a win.
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    Definitely think a combo guard who can guard 2 to 3 positions.
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    It's not me fwiw. Proof:
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    Consensus isn't a combo guard. It's BPA. BPA might be Nickeil Alexander-Walker who happens to kind of be a combo guard in the sense that he's a two who can dribble and pass a bit. But this conversation is more of a draft thread conversation.
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    Reading back through the last few pages, I've seen you complain about +/- over and over and over again. +/- has no effect on anything, yet you're super hung up on it and somehow don't realize that complaining about it just makes people give you even more down votes, which again, don't mean anything.
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    I downvote anyposts where someone is complaining about downvotes... i'm not a coward. Then i go down the page and downvote the same user till i reach my maximum allowed downvotes. If i am reminded of this then next day then i do it again.