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  1. The Boss

    Magic @ Nets - Wednesday, January 23 @ 7:30 PM

    Fournier is one of my most disliked NBA players of all time, it's such a shame he plays for our team.
  2. The Boss

    Magic @ Nets - Wednesday, January 23 @ 7:30 PM

    Fournier is a piece of ****.
  3. The Boss

    Trade Thread

    I'm all for getting Conley if we can keep BIG out of any deal for him. I think he'd be the perfect fit for us right now. I'm huge on good locker room guys that can improve team morale, that can lead and be huge in the development of BIG. ?4tw (Conley4thewin - 2 syllables, check) pointed out all the timeline stuff and I think it makes perfect sense for our core. We need to have a crack at the playoffs and winning basketball to get the most out of BIG and see what they are (what they can be). Tanking again will just mess with their development, you can't do it forever and just keep acquiring good young rookies and expect all of them to progress into their potential.
  4. The Boss

    Trade Thread

    I think I'll throw up if Vuc and Fournier are starting for us next season.
  5. The Boss

    Trade Thread

    I know it's frustrating not getting a deal done for a PG when we desperately need one but we aren't in a position to criticise the FO over the recent Smith Jnr stuff. We don't know to what lengths we tried to get him, from all reports they wanted Gordon, what do we do if they aren't budging from that? Pull a gun out and make them make the deal? Some people sound like they think that was a possibility, like it's up to us and us only if we make a trade. The FO know we need a PG, they aren't stupid. They may have some things we can be frustrated about but I don't see the lack of trading for a PG so far to be one of them. I'm sure they're in contact with all of the major teams who have potential PGs available (celts, bucks, nets, mavs, lakers, 76ers etc) and there probably isn't much on. Lakers and Celtics are probably waiting on AD. Bucks wouldn't want to mess with chemistry. The others asking price are probably too high. Nobody would really want Fournier, Grant or Simmons and Ross and Vuch's value wouldn't be that high because they are expiring. We have probably put a high price on Ross and Vuch because FO knows they are our only ticket to the playoffs, other teams are probably still low balling us for them because they think we will budge and give them away cheaply.
  6. The Boss

    Trade Thread

    I wouldn't mind Jordan for the rest of the year. Will help teaching Bamba some things that weren't Vuch's strengths and allow us to transition into the playing style that best suits our roster going forward.
  7. The Boss

    Trade Thread

    If the Fultz price is low I don't see why we don't make a move for him, seeing as though we have some expandable players and some picks that aren't too valuable to our future. We take a chance on how he rehabs, if he's a bust, bad luck, we move on, not much lost. If he comes back good we're laughing. I'm sure he'd at least be able to get back to a level of good backup so it wouldn't be all for nothing. If we wait to see if he comes back good and on track to reach his potential then we won't be able to get him any longer, and if we can it will be for a heck of a lot more than what we pay now.
  8. The Boss

    Trade Thread

    Fournier + Simmons Wes + DSJ Thanks.
  9. The Boss

    Trade Thread

    Great to see we're already stuffing up the development of our number 6 pick. By now Bamba would know we tried to trade him already, great for his morale and desire to be great here. You can say that this is a small thing but I think it's important. Wish we just found a good trade involving Vuc at the start of the trade period so we wouldn't have to worry about this. Vuc playing great is going to bite us in the ass, we'll re-sign him and he'll completely mess up the development of Bamba and he'll never be the guy we think he can be, at least not here with us in Orlando.
  10. The Boss

    Trade Thread

    Woke up to 20+ pages in the thread, thought we had to have made a trade! I really don't want Bamba included in this deal, that would mean we'd probably re-sign Vuc and make him our starting center for the next 4 years. I really don't think that's a good thing for this group. We need to play to our young cores strengths and have Gordon more involved in the offense. What 4thewin said about how the offence caters for Vuc and makes him effective but hurts other guys is true. I don't want us to have to sacrifice a whole game plan to make someone like Vuc viable. My dream is for this trade to be for Fournier, Simmons and a pick.
  11. The Boss

    Magic Vs. Rockets - Sunday, January 13 @ 6:00 P.M.

    Is Moz healthy? Could he give 10-15 serviceable minutes every few games? If so, we should find the best trade involving Vuc, start Birch with Bamba backing up and Moz helping where needed (foul trouble, tiredness, as Birch and Bamba both don't have huge tanks yet).
  12. The Boss

    Trade Thread

    The potential is there though, we've seen it in playoff Terry. If he was playing like that all through this season we wouldn't be getting him for Vuc, let alone with Brown thrown in. If a trade is there we have to take it if the price isn't too high. If he doesn't work out, or if we can't re-sign him we at least walk away with Brown. Even if they both don't work out we're not screwed (as opposed to making a trade for someone like Wiggins).
  13. The Boss

    Trade Thread

    I'm with you here 100%. If we could get Rozier and Brown and move Fournier in a different deal I'd be so happy. Those 2 starting at the 1 and 2, hungry to prove people wrong, could be great.
  14. The Boss

    Trade Thread

    What other young 'asset' do we have? The deal surely wouldn't be Vuc + Isaac/Bamba/Gordon, so who would they want?
  15. The Boss

    Magic @ Kings

    Very underrated 'skill'. You'd think guys getting paid this much to play basketball, a game they love, training so hard and being so physically fit, you'd think playing hard would be mandatory, something that just comes with the game at this level. But it seems this isn't the case. Other teams have this issue but I think we'd be one of the bigger improvers if everyone just played hard every possession, every game. If our shots aren't falling we're cooked. At least if you play hard you can still grind out a lot of wins by making it as hard on the opponent as possible.