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  1. rekraprovert

    Magic vs Charlotte 14th Feb @ 7pm

  2. rekraprovert

    2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Not sure if it was mentioned in the game thread or not, but last nights game was the only one I can remember off the top of my head where one entire team had a positive +/- and the other team had every single player in the negative. If you haven't yet, go pull up the box score and gaze upon it. It's a thing of rare beauty. Go Magic
  3. rekraprovert

    Trade Thread

    All along, I've been of the belief that we should resign Ross if it's at all possible to get him on a decent contract. When you're building a team, you don't let guys like him go without at least trying to keep him. Now that we've kept him past the deadline, it seems to me that we feel pretty good about resigning him. He seems like a cultural and scheme fit with the direction we're going and it's always a good idea to have a couple vets like him and DJ. Fultz/Ross/JI/AG/Bamba.....man the potential of that lineup has me really excited.
  4. rekraprovert

    Trade Thread

  5. rekraprovert

    Trade Thread

    I hate everything.
  6. rekraprovert

    Trade Thread

    I'd honestly rather be working that sitting around waiting for a trade I know is not coming. But here we are.
  7. rekraprovert

    Trade Thread

    LAC: we're probably going to waive Teodosic Weham: we'll trade you Bamba and 2 1sts for him. final offer.
  8. rekraprovert

    Trade Thread

  9. rekraprovert

    Trade Thread

  10. rekraprovert

    Trade Thread

    Just a negotiation tactic I'm sure. This is all really annoying and stupid.
  11. rekraprovert

    2019 NBA Draft Thread

    oops wrong thread
  12. rekraprovert

    2019 NBA Draft Thread

    Just a negotiation tactic I'm sure.
  13. rekraprovert

    Trade Thread

    Getting back to the "Bamba has trouble handling the ball" discussion- I have noticed that he loses a lot of loose balls and rebounds where he briefly gets control and then gets stripped. I chalk that up to him being a weak, incredibly long and skinny 19 year old and it doesn't worry me at all. He's going to fill out over the next few years and develop some man strength to go along with his insane length. I'm still 110% on the Bamba bus. I'm super excited by what I've seen this year. The motor thing could be a little concerning, but I think it really is nothing more than a kid who is playing against full grown men. I see timidness due to being overpowered more than a guy who doesn't care.
  14. rekraprovert

    Trade Thread

    Can you guys even imagine how hard this front office would have evaluated Earl Clark? I mean c'mon, length for days with that guy.
  15. rekraprovert

    Trade Thread

    They'll be valuable when they become expiring contracts and we can perhaps flip them for a couple of promising young scouts.