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How Can The NBA Become Balanced Again?

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TrueBlueDrew    36

With Lebron going to the Lakers, lets look at the major players in the East now that he is gone. 


  1. K. Irving (BOS)
  2. G. Antetokounmpo (MIL)
  3. B. Simmons (PHI)
  4. J. Wall (WAS)
  5. J. Emiid (PHI)
  6. K. Porzingis (NYK)
  7. D. Derozan (TOR)
  8. G. Hayward (BOS)
  9. V. Oladipo (IND)
  10. B. Griffin (DET)

Other honorable mentions: K. Lowry (TOR), K. Love (CLE), D. Wade (MIA), B. Beal (WAS)

Best Players on teams not mentioned: K. Walker (CHA), D. Russell (NYN), L. Markkenen (CHI), A. Gordon (ORL), J. Collins (ATL)



  1. L. James (LAL)
  2. K. Durant (GSW)
  3. J. Harden (HOU)
  4. S. Curry (GSW)
  5. A. Davis (NOP)
  6. K. Leonard (SAS)
  7. R. Westbrook (OKC)
  8. P. George (OKC)
  9. D. Cousins (NOP)
  10. K. Thompson (GSW)

Other honorable mentions: D. Green (GSW), D. Lillard (POR), C. McCollum (POR), D. Mitchell (UTH), L. Aldridge (SAS), K. Towns (MIN), A. Wiggins (MIN)

Best Players on Teams not mentioned: N. Jokic (DEN), T. Harris (LAC), D. Fox (SAC), D. Smith Jr. (DAL), M. Gasol (MEM), D. Booker (PHX)

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TrueBlueDrew    36

How in the world will the NBA ever get even again? We'll need a crop of young players who steer away from this leave wherever they want and start staying loyal. We might need some young talent to be willing to go away from the Major Markets and be willing to say, I'm going to build something on my own (example: Antetokounmpo in MIL). 

It's just depressing how different the talent gap is. 

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Franchise408    65

I know the NBA already allows teams to offer longer contracts to their own players, but considering that it seems players don't want long term contracts anyways (they want the 1+1 deals), I've been wondering if allowing teams to give their own free agents more $$$ per year would be a feasible way to allow teams to keep their own talent, instead of having all the talent concentrate in fewer but larger markets. Allow teams to offer their own players higher max dollar amounts than what they could get if they were to leave.

I don't know if that could be a good idea or not, but it's a thought I had to counteract this whole superteam craze.

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