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  1. Mike1989

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Interesting, though I'm not convinced the Grizzlies would go for it. Surely they want Morant to be their PG of the future? I think a deal with the Knicks could be a possibility. Not sure what the moving parts would be, but I think they are more likely to move back one spot than the Grizzlies would be to move back two. Unless of course the Grizzlies are getting Lonzo, then perhaps that would solve their PG of the future need.
  2. Mike1989

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Makes sense if Horford is leaving. With Vooch adding three point shooting to his game he could slot in nicely for them. Though I do hope he stays here. So the Bucks are sending Snell and the 30th pick for Leuer? I don't see how that deal balances out. Snell is the better player, a useful 3-and-D player, whereas Leuer is a mediocre player and he failed to be the stretch player SVG brought him to Detroit to be. And to top it off, sending the last first round pick weights this deal in Detroit's favour. Odd.
  3. Mike1989

    2019 NBA Draft Thread

    In our current position we realistically need to add contributors. I don't think a project would be an ideal fit for us. In all likelihood we will want to bring back our veterans and make another play off run. So while a raw high upside pick might have appeal, it is quite likely they wouldn't get sufficient court time to make the desired impact, whereas a more pro ready player with less upside could potentially get more court time because they can make more of an impact. That's not to say we should ignore a high upside pick over a 3 and D guy if someone falls that is too good to pass on, but I suspect we'll want to add a player that can make a more immediate impact to our roster and help us improve the win count and play off seeding next season.
  4. Mike1989

    Magic @ Raptors - Saturday, April 13th at 5:00 P.M.

    That's a nice trend to have, not as good as the Miami Marlins winning the World Series in their two play off appearances to date, but it's still a good trend to have in that when we win the division we win a play off series. Let's hope that continues! I'd love to see AG breakout in the play offs. It would be nice to see Ross and Vucevic do the same. Ok that would potentially increase their market value come free agency, but having watched this team grow over the past number of seasons, it would be nice to see the guys we have invested time and money in breakout in the play offs and get it done for our Magic.
  5. Mike1989

    Magic @ Raptors - Saturday, April 13th at 5:00 P.M.

    I'd say we have a chance of pulling off a first round upset. We split the series with them in regular season. One of our wins they had Kawhi but no Lowry, and the other win Kawhi didn't play but Lowry did play. In the two defeats both all stars played for them, one game we played it close and lost 93-91, and the other we lost by a dozen points 121-109. So in a sense we don't have anything to fear. We are a young and improving team with no play off scars, whereas the Raptors do have some play off scars. They got swept by Washington; the year after they nearly lost to the Pacers in round one, and the Heat should have beat them; and three straight defeats to the Cavaliers, though it was always going to be tough to displace LeBron James. But they have their scars, whereas we come in young and fresh with a nothing to lose attitude. If we lose the series, fine, it's a learning curve. But if we win, well, that's great news! So although I think we will probably lose the series something like 4-2, we could spring a surprise if our guys step up and take advantage of the Raptors mistakes. Obviously it is going to be a tough series, but the Raptors have never really dominated in the play offs to date, they have always left openings that their opponents have failed to take. If we can take them, we can win. It's a great way to celebrate the 30th season of Orlando Magic basketball. Division champions and a play off appearance, which will hopefully be a play off run. As I'm the same age as the Magic, our last play off appearance came when I had finished my masters degree, so it's a long time and hopefully we aren't going to have to wait that long again!
  6. Mike1989

    2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Not strictly true. Does defense win championships in today's NBA? We currently concede an average of 106 per game. That's better than the Bucks 108, the Raptors 109, the Warriors 112 and the 76ers 112 per game. But are we in the same tier as those teams? No. All four of them are better than us and more likely to lift the title at the end of the season. The big difference with them is offense. We average 106 per game while they average 117 (Bucks and Warriors), 115 (76ers) and 114 (Raptors). That's not to say those teams can't play defense - they can - but their advantage comes in being able to offensively overpower their opposition. Now think about how good we could be if we managed to up our scoring to say 108 per game. We would likely have a greater win count and be a top four seed contender like the Pacers. So while defense can be important, teams in today's NBA need to be able to score and shoot. If we can continue to improve on both counts we'll be fine even with Vuc in the line up.
  7. Mike1989

    2019 NBA Draft Thread

    The concern with letting Vuc go is that he finally made the all star game this year. Now perhaps that was only down to the stars that have gone west, but he's played well this season. Do we bring him back on the basis that this team will kick on with him on it? Does his signature with us make it more likely we could tempt someone else to come play here? Or do we accept that we need to move on from him and go with our young center and bet on him being better? The issue I have with the latter is that if Bamba is another Isaac, that's not an all star player. They are good players to have starting, but we would clearly lack a go to player or more consistent offensive outlet. With all due respect to Gordon, Fournier (Ross) and Augustin (Fultz) - they aren't a top there on a good team. I guess adding Vuc doesn't make that significantly better but at least he's a proven near 20 a night guy with proven production. We can make up for any shortfalls elsewhere. Problem with Isaac and Bamba is if they aren't consistent offensive threats, even with good defense, it might be a step backwards. I know the Grizzlies managed to go against the grain for a while with their grinding and smothering approach, but the league has moved on. For me I'd hold onto Vuc and retain Bamba as the center off the bench. But if we do let Vuc go, I suspect without any other significant moves or improvement, we'll take a step backwards next season. I'd be aiming to kick on with what we've got and add to it.
  8. Mike1989

    2019 NBA Draft Thread

    I think there are times when you just need to draft the best player available and worry about the fit or what happens to your existing players at a later date. If there is a centre that we believe has significant upside and can become a special player, then we can't pass on that player because we already have Mo Bamba. Same goes if a can't miss forward falls on our lap, we can't pass on them because we have Aaron Gordon and Jonathan Isaac. We aren't in a position to be picky. We have to continue to add franchise changing talent and if that means sacrificing an existing piece to make way for the new talent, so be it.
  9. Mike1989

    Welcome Markelle Fultz glad to have ya

    The potential is there for him to be better, however he's yet to do much on the court. At least Smith has shown what he can do on the court and has shown flashes that he could be a good point guard at this level. With further development Smith could be really good. But I would agree that Fultz potentially can be a lot better, the issue is whether he can stay healthy and get his game together. If he can, he can be special. If he can't, he'll be a bench player heading towards spells in China. With that said, I'm glad we took the risk on Fultz. Let's hope he can get on the court and realise his potential!
  10. Mike1989

    Trade Thread

    Or could that work out to be a good thing? Their trade offer included Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart, Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, Ivica Zubac - this here is a new young starting five including two high draft picks and the others were late first round or second round players. Add in KCP and two first round picks, and that's a lot to give up for Anthony Davis. On the one hand some might say adding AD to pair with LeBron is worth giving up all of that, but who would have been left? Rondo, Stephenson, Bullock, Beasley, McGee, Chandler. If I'm not mistaken all of those guys are out of contract in the summer. That would leave LeBron, AD, Wagner and Bonga under contract. I suppose that's cap space to pursue another big name to form a big three, but it's a fairly bare roster if they had given up all of those assets. To be clear, AD is a top player and perhaps worth giving up the farm for. But the price was steep and I'm not entirely convinced LeBron and AD plus a bunch of so-so veterans would be enough to compete for a title. It should get them into the play offs, but not enough to win, and they'd need a lot of work come the summer to build a competitive supporting cast.
  11. Mike1989

    2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    How many seasons have we spent heading for the worst record post-Dwight Howard? This could be our seventh season heading in that direction. Granted one of those seasons under Skiles was similar to this one in that we tried to win but wasn't very good at it, but point is we've spent a lot of time trying for top picks and they haven't worked out for us. Do we keep doing it and hope we finally get that guy? Or do we try and win and hope that development curve is good for the team and we potentially hit on someone outside the top five to ten picks like other teams have? It's a tough situation to be in. And it's annoying when you see teams like the Pacers go from the PG13 led era with guys like Hibbert, West and co to the Oladipo led unit. Or the Jazz going from the Hayward led team to the Mitchell led one. One of these days we will get it right...
  12. Mike1989

    Trade Thread

    It has appeal since the Knicks pick could land them Zion. The Knicks would have a talented duo to build around in AD and KP, but a pretty injury prone duo at that. So I'm not entirely sure the Knicks give up their youth and potential top pick for AD, especially if there's no guarantee he'll extend with them, but it would be a typical Knicks move.
  13. Mike1989

    2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Toronto will be doing everything in their power to keep Kawhi happy in the hopes he'll extend with them. As for Butler, he's probably still on the trade block and not entirely in favor. There are reasons to rest him from him having a niggle to a trade about to happen, but it's an odd decision for them to rest their best player.
  14. Mike1989

    2018 Official Offseason Thread

    True but there are some that could require a starting PG... - Knicks are a possibility unless Ntilikina breaks out as a passer. - Bulls are another if Dunn doesn't improve, he's alright not great. - Heat could be in the market for someone if Dragic leaves or they decide not to pay him. We have a chance at attracting someone but we'd need to show significant progression this season. AG would need to have a borderline to all star caliber season, Isaac would need to stay healthy and prove he's a potential high end two way player, and Bamba would need to translate his game to the pros and prove he can be that dominant center and potential unicorn if his outside shot develops. If that young front court plays high level defense and shows a lot of promise, we'll have that to sell FAs on, but another so-so kinda season and they'll likely shun us.
  15. Mike1989

    How Can The NBA Become Balanced Again?

    1990s was dominated by the east: 7-3 1980s was a tie: 5-5 1970s was a tie: 5-5 Now granted since 2000 the west have won 13 to the east's 6 titles, but prior to then the east had 17 titles to the west' s 13. So swings happen in the NBA much like they do in the NHL, NFL (etc) when one conference dominates then things change. All it takes is for Boston and Philly to become legitimate title contenders for the next decade, or the Knicks prying away a max level free agent to put alongside KP, Knox, Ntilikina (etc), or ourselves attracting a max level player to put alongside our young front court trio. There's no reason why a few eastern teams can't develop into title contenders and win titles in the near future if the ascending young teams put it all together.