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  1. Mike1989

    2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Toronto will be doing everything in their power to keep Kawhi happy in the hopes he'll extend with them. As for Butler, he's probably still on the trade block and not entirely in favor. There are reasons to rest him from him having a niggle to a trade about to happen, but it's an odd decision for them to rest their best player.
  2. Mike1989

    2018 Official Offseason Thread

    True but there are some that could require a starting PG... - Knicks are a possibility unless Ntilikina breaks out as a passer. - Bulls are another if Dunn doesn't improve, he's alright not great. - Heat could be in the market for someone if Dragic leaves or they decide not to pay him. We have a chance at attracting someone but we'd need to show significant progression this season. AG would need to have a borderline to all star caliber season, Isaac would need to stay healthy and prove he's a potential high end two way player, and Bamba would need to translate his game to the pros and prove he can be that dominant center and potential unicorn if his outside shot develops. If that young front court plays high level defense and shows a lot of promise, we'll have that to sell FAs on, but another so-so kinda season and they'll likely shun us.
  3. Mike1989

    How Can The NBA Become Balanced Again?

    1990s was dominated by the east: 7-3 1980s was a tie: 5-5 1970s was a tie: 5-5 Now granted since 2000 the west have won 13 to the east's 6 titles, but prior to then the east had 17 titles to the west' s 13. So swings happen in the NBA much like they do in the NHL, NFL (etc) when one conference dominates then things change. All it takes is for Boston and Philly to become legitimate title contenders for the next decade, or the Knicks prying away a max level free agent to put alongside KP, Knox, Ntilikina (etc), or ourselves attracting a max level player to put alongside our young front court trio. There's no reason why a few eastern teams can't develop into title contenders and win titles in the near future if the ascending young teams put it all together.
  4. Mike1989

    2018 Official Offseason Thread

    It's possible we could be in a similar position if things go our way. Jonathan Isaac is a high upside player. He is already a very good defense player, if his offense ever improves to the same level he can be an all star. Aaron Gordon had his best year so far in his career last season. If he continues to work hard and get better he has all star potential. Mo Bamba is another high upside player. Defensively he could be a stud. If he develops offensively and adds that beyond the arc shot he's a potential unicorn and all star talent. So that's potentially a trio to build around. If we land another top pick this year that could see us add Barrett or Reddish to slot in at SG. If we don't struggle we'll eventually free up cap space when Vuc and co' s contracts come off the books, and if our young front court become show signs of potential dominance guards might consider coming here via free agency. Alternatively trade players for picks and young talent, hope to get lucky and those picks turn out to be very valuable or some team trades away the next Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert (Denver drafted and traded them to Utah!). Granted all of this comes down to whether our front young court puts it all together and become borderline all star to all star talent, and then us either hitting on future draft picks or moves made in free agents or through trades. But it possible if all goes well for us to be a play off team ascending towards contender status within the next five years if things go our way. Conversely if things don't go our way we'll be drafting top five pretty much every year between now and then, but let's think positive and believe in our talent, our coaching staff and front office. Maybe our time is coming...
  5. Mike1989

    2018 Official Offseason Thread

    Another PF/C. Decent stats in a limited role so might be a useful addition.
  6. Mike1989

    2018 Official Offseason Thread

    Well Vuc did average 4 assists per game on his per36. So maybe the answer to our point guard problems was already on our roster and we've been looking in the wrong place!
  7. Mike1989

    2018 Official Offseason Thread

    So our roster consists of... PG: Augustin, Grant SG/SF: Fournier, Ross, Simmons SF: Isaac, Iwundu, Frazier PF: Gordon, Jackson? C: Vucevic, Bamba, Mozgov, Birch, Johnson A third of our team are centers!
  8. Mike1989

    2018 Official Offseason Thread

    I wouldn't want to be tanking for top odds next year. There's a 48% chance that the teams with 1st-4th worst records can end up picking outside the top four. So teams trying to do their version of the 76ers' process could end up risking it all and ending up with a pick in the 5-8th range, that might still be a franchise changing talent, but looking at next year's class I wouldn't be tanking hard and risking the coin toss going against us.
  9. Mike1989

    2018 Official Offseason Thread

    True there's a risk Butler leaves, but there are risks that come with acquiring Lonzo Ball (How much of a negative factor will his dad be? Will his shooting improve? Can he boost his scoring? How good will his defense be? Is he a star?). Both paths come with the risks but I'd rather take a gamble on Butler since he's a proven all star. We'd also own his bird rights so we could go over the cap to extend him if I'm not mistaken? So that could help us when going for another max level talent next year if we've already got an agreement on board with Butler. With that said if we did acquire Lonzo I wouldn't complain about it. It would be another young piece to add to our front court trio.
  10. Mike1989

    2018 Official Offseason Thread

    Butler is a proven all star and high level defensive player. Add him via trade then try to persuade one of the free agent point guards to come here. Ideally it would be Kyrie or Kemba, but Teague or Dragic would be decent additions on short term deals to help us move up the eastern conference. Add in development from our front court trio and we'd have upside as well. I'd love Butler to come here but I suspect he'll end up in New York with Kyrie as his running mate.
  11. Mike1989

    2018 Official Offseason Thread

    Perhaps they have a deal in place for Schroder? Not sure the Knicks would be interested. They've got Ntilikina, Burke and Mudiay at the PG spots. Hardaway Jr, Dotson and Baker at the SG spot. So guard wise they seem to be fine and without Porzingis they might be looking to tank for a top pick in next year's draft. It would be great if we could get something in return for Vucevic or Fournier, but knowing us we'll not get much in return for them...
  12. Mike1989

    2018 Official Offseason Thread

    It's a case of who needs a starting point guard and are willing to throw the dice on him. I honestly don't see a team in either conference with an open spot, so it was likely to be a backup role for IT. I am surprised he's signed for the deal he has, but at the same time it's a prove it deal and that might make him more appealing this time next year if he's stayed healthy and returned to form. However I suspect a sixth man like role is probably going to be his thing going forwards. Denver is ideal for him and adds a scoring punch to their bench unit. When you can take Jamal Murray off and put on IT that's a good rotation to have.
  13. Mike1989

    2018 Official Offseason Thread

    It does make me question what our intention is for next season. A healthy IT could have been an upgrade over what we've got here, but do we want to win games next season or is our intention to stick with our young talent and development them (ie a semi-final for another top ten pick)? If it's the former then signing IT makes sense because if he does get healthy and return to form then he would boost our win count. However if it's the latter then signing IT makes no sense because he could boost our win total too much. Part of this depends on what our intention and aims for the coming season are. Obviously we need to factor in injuries, do we believe he can overcome them and stay healthy? If not, passing on him makes sense. Then there's the culture side of things, if we want to build a team based around lengthy athletic players that play good defense, again passing on IT makes sense. After his injuries will he be better than DJ? Maybe, maybe not. So even if we push aside the win-loss side of things there are reasons, and perhaps more reasons on top of this, that made us pass on signing IT even at a cheap price. The shame here is that we didn't have the space to take on a salary dump like Faried for a first round pick next year. It would be nice if we could stockpile some picks for future drafts.
  14. Mike1989

    2018 Official Offseason Thread

    Kemba is a potential trade candidate for the deadline if the Hornets are out of play off contention. I see them trying to keep hold of him unless they are blown away by an offer or he gives them the impression he's off. Rozier would be a nice addition, however I see the Celtics keeping him as insurance for Kyrie. The rumors are already rife that he wants to go play in New York, with the risk of him leaving they should keep Rozier around because he's their replacement starting point guard if Kyrie leaves. It would be nice if we could trade for a good starting point guard, but I'm struggling to think of someone that does the bill that's realistically available without a high price tag...
  15. Mike1989

    2018 Official Offseason Thread

    What will probably hold this team back this coming season is the point guard situation. DJ is not really a starting point guard for a good team, and Grant is nothing more than a depth chart player. So unless we get some unexpected production from them I think that will be what will hold us back from becoming a 40 or win team. I still expect us to get into the 30 plus win range next season, but I'm not going wild with my predictions because Isaac and Bamba are having a good summer league. It's one thing to dominate players at the same or similar stage of their development, it's totally different when they come up against the Embiids and Jordan's of the center world, and the LeBrons and Goerges of the forward world. I'd say 35 wins is a realistic win count, with upside to add more if we have an all star breakout from AG and/or get unexpected point guard production.