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  1. The Ryan Anderbads

    2013 - 2014 Regular Season Thread

    Oladipo is a warm sight. He attacks the basket, something I haven't seen in some time at Orlando. He has been getting blocked quite often but I love the effort, he is a rookie after all. No idea what we are going to do with BBD when he returns. I don't think he fits Kinda scares me that we might actually be a mediocre team this year and miss out on some crazy talent in the draft...
  2. The Ryan Anderbads

    PHX @ ORL Game Thread 11/4

    I think our best bet is Free Agency, if we continue playing like this, sure we aren't going to win every game....but we will have a team that I believe is attractive to certain players. Most likely having a team that is around the 6-8 seeds. Also, Jacque Vaughn will be very helpful in us landing these potential prospects. Might be one of the most well spoken coaches I've seen. This whole team is still a huge question mark. Nobody knows how good or how bad we are yet....two basketball games doesn't prove this. I personally believe we are much better than a lot of people think. Mo Harkless hasn't even stepped on the court yet....he is supposedly the player with the most upside on this team. A lot of these players we have I think will start to become increasingly more valuable as the season goes and they continue to prove themselves. Possible trade assets.
  3. The Ryan Anderbads

    Arron Afflalo: A Day in the Life

    http://www.nba.com/magic/video/rise-of-a-rookie-the-beginning Wow. Sick video...Some quality videos coming out from the Magic !! Hyped for this team!
  4. The Ryan Anderbads

    Where's the Excitement?

    This forum will be in full swing again mid December I think. Not many people have actually even seen the team play yet. I'm hyped though......GO Magic!
  5. The Ryan Anderbads

    The Tumbleweed Hangout: Post-Dwight Era discussion

    Edit: So we haven't even seen our team step on the floor yet and we are already predicting failure for 3 seasons and that we should embrace it, and welcome it? I am not that kind of fan...and never will be. I don't go to games expecting losses, I expect us to compete, every single game.
  6. The Ryan Anderbads

    The Dwight Howard Drama Unfolds

    When the nuggets traded melo they actually got some decent players in return and also multiple draft picks, and didn't fall off the map completely. They competed with the lakers till game 7 this past season in the playoffs and have some nice young talent. You would think we could get a similar kind of deal with a BETTER player then melo.....if we just had a bit more patience. There are teams out there that have plenty of talent. So, I disagree with this....you shouldn't fall completely off the map like we have with this trade when you are trading a top 5 player, you really shouldn't.
  7. The Ryan Anderbads

    Glen Davis has truly been something special.

  8. The Ryan Anderbads

    The Dwight Howard Drama Unfolds

    Memphis has the best assests imo. Rudy Gay/Gasol/ZBO/Conley/Allen. I would take Rudy in a heartbeat.
  9. The Ryan Anderbads


    Very thankful my GF bought me a meer jersey on my birthday instead of a d12 jersey two years ago. That boy will retire as a magic...I can feel it.
  10. The Ryan Anderbads

    2012 Offseason

    Lowry to toronto. Zzz
  11. The Ryan Anderbads

    2012 Offseason

    Why are we not looking at memphis as a possible trade partner? They have some serious young talent there...
  12. The Ryan Anderbads

    2012 Offseason

    http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=7rtwxdz Boom.
  13. The Ryan Anderbads

    Official Gamethread: Dallas at ORLANDO

    I've been saying this since the playoffs last year... Hedo will not get us anywhere but a early first round exit if he continues playing...quite simple. I have wanted Stan fired since we lost to boston 2 years ago. Bass clearly was a better fit to play against Boston then Ryan Anderson, but he continued to play him despite the terrible play and obvious lack of production because of the way he was being defended. He completely doesn't care about matchups and just prays that maybe this player will make a turn around and play well when that certain player has never played well in those situations. I don't know of a great coach who doesn't even "consider" changing the lineup despite horrible play from certain players consistently over a 2 year period....and letting young players ride the bench for years without getting any serious playing time is not helping the future of the Magic either.
  14. The Ryan Anderbads

    GameThread Cavs @ Magic 3/23/12

    22-3 against teams below .500 9-15 against teams above .500 I see an early first round exit again. Fate will probably match us against the Hawks again. I'm not really confident against any team in the 6-8 seeds. Stan also refusing to make any lineup changes is just another example of how much of a joke this season has been. Not giving our young guys any burn really makes no sense considering our starting lineup can't get any better then what it has already performed...getting swept in the first round. Just like last year
  15. The Ryan Anderbads

    The Official Dwight Howard Everything Thread