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  1. nbr


    better check myself in.
  2. nbr

    Affalo Trade Grade from ESPN....

    That is all.
  3. nbr

    Summer League Thread

    Real keen to see Marble! Kid can stroke it.
  4. nbr

    The Aaron Afflalo Appreciation Thread

    I see nothing but hype on a guy who shone on a team that went 29-53. Vastly overrated and not seen as part of our future, but a piece to shaping it. Says it all for me. I found him incredibly erratic at times and I was never impressed. As this is an appreciation page, he does deserve praise for his professionalism and the effort he gave this ball team.
  5. nbr

    Welcome: Evan Fournier

    I think he'll be a handy player for us. Ta Ta Afflalo.
  6. nbr

    Welcome to Orlando, Aaron Gordon

    Henny is so confident in this pick that I'll back him in.
  7. nbr

    2014 Draft Thread

    My man, Aussie Magic Fan. Fancy seeing you here ; ) Now its all done and dusted I'm content with what we've got out of this draft and trades. I like our picks. Initially I thought we reached for Gordon and when we took Saric I almost had a heart attack, but the boys in the office made it right. Henny's confidence on Gordon has me sold and Payton reeks of class. Fournier has some talent and Summer League will show what we have in Roy Devyn Marble. I'm pretty happy. And chill out on Exum. As an Aussie, their has always been an interest, but he never had me sold. His weaknesses (shooting, decision making) will be exposed at the next level. We've done alright Magic fans. Just got to ride it out.
  8. nbr

    Hardwood Classic

    In a country where you can get practically anything, I want to know if I can get our (black) hardwood classic jersey with custom number 25 and patch? Ridiculous jersey. G.O.A.T
  9. nbr

    2013 - 2014 Regular Season Thread

    To add. One thing that is really pleasing right now as a Magic fan is that management are willing to bring in these guys and give them opportunities. This really makes me happy.
  10. nbr


    He's got a fair amount of skill for a big guy and with maturity he can be a solid pro. That's my hope for him.
  11. nbr

    2013 - 2014 Regular Season Thread

    Intriguing players!
  12. nbr


    Every now and than a player gets a really good opportunity to show his worth. With BBD out, the window of opportunity couldn't be larger for O'Quinn and I hope his play 'really' cements himself as a part of our future.
  13. nbr

    Our Best Asset

    Its going to take a good deal to pry Afflalo! I believe he will be traded at some point, maybe not this season. By the time we hit our next window, I don't think he'll around.