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  1. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    So did I miss anything this season?
  2. Welcome Serge Ibaka

    Exactly my thought. There had better be a lot of pieces going in around him, because a lot of what he is and was are due precisely to who was playing with him. We don't have a KD or Westbrook on our team. *I'm agreeing with Jec - somewhere penguins are skating in hell. :D
  3. Welcome Serge Ibaka

    I would have loved this three to four years ago, but this is not a good trade. Ibaka benefits a LOT from having two of the highest scorers and best three point shooters in the league on his team. I just think this is going to be a mismatch fit where we expect him to be the same kind of player he was in OKC. If we don't put a lot of pieces around him, this is going to be a Steve Francis-esque move.
  4. Skiles resigns

    :( It would be nice if there was SOME stability and vision for the head coach position.
  5. The Official 2015-2016 Regular Season Thread

    Obviously we're going undefeated this year.

    Like a 6'8 JJ - good pick.
  7. Welcome Home Coach Scott Skiles!

    Woooooo! Been calling for this since he left Chicago. TOTALLY unbiased.
  8. Welcome Scott Skiles?

    Guys: Reggie Theus.
  9. Welcome Scott Skiles?

    Really this - he took a Chicago team and molded them back into a legitimate threat. I'd say they still have a little of that unselfish, defensive mind that he instilled. I'd love to have Skiles here.
  10. Welcome Scott Skiles?

    Well obviously I'm all for this.
  11. GAMETHREAD: ORLANDO vs Washington

    Our record says otherwise. I mean yes: we were going to suck this year no matter what, but the rotations, preparations, and other aspects that fall on the coach are falling short, too. Sure - part of it is the talent, either too young or just not good enough, but part of it is definitely coaching.
  12. GAMETHREAD: ORLANDO vs Washington

    I really like JV as a person, but I said when they first hired him as HC that we should really have someone with more experience in there. A rookie coach with a bunch of rookie and young players going through a ground-up rebuild... That was an experiment that was doomed to failure.
  13. Official 2014-2015 Strapped-In Season Thread

    This is what I'm hoping to see. I see that duo being the backcourt duo of our future - might as well play it out and see how it looks.
  14. Official 2014-2015 Strapped-In Season Thread

    I'm still waiting for Payton and Oladipo to mesh. If we could get both on the court at the same time and be used to one another...