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  1. Welcome Serge Ibaka

    Exactly my thought. There had better be a lot of pieces going in around him, because a lot of what he is and was are due precisely to who was playing with him. We don't have a KD or Westbrook on our team. *I'm agreeing with Jec - somewhere penguins are skating in hell. :D
  2. Welcome Serge Ibaka

    I would have loved this three to four years ago, but this is not a good trade. Ibaka benefits a LOT from having two of the highest scorers and best three point shooters in the league on his team. I just think this is going to be a mismatch fit where we expect him to be the same kind of player he was in OKC. If we don't put a lot of pieces around him, this is going to be a Steve Francis-esque move.
  3. Skiles resigns

    :( It would be nice if there was SOME stability and vision for the head coach position.
  4. The Official 2015-2016 Regular Season Thread

    Obviously we're going undefeated this year.

    Like a 6'8 JJ - good pick.
  6. Welcome Home Coach Scott Skiles!

    Woooooo! Been calling for this since he left Chicago. TOTALLY unbiased.
  7. Welcome Scott Skiles?

    Guys: Reggie Theus.
  8. Welcome Scott Skiles?

    Really this - he took a Chicago team and molded them back into a legitimate threat. I'd say they still have a little of that unselfish, defensive mind that he instilled. I'd love to have Skiles here.
  9. Welcome Scott Skiles?

    Well obviously I'm all for this.
  10. GAMETHREAD: ORLANDO vs Washington

    Our record says otherwise. I mean yes: we were going to suck this year no matter what, but the rotations, preparations, and other aspects that fall on the coach are falling short, too. Sure - part of it is the talent, either too young or just not good enough, but part of it is definitely coaching.
  11. GAMETHREAD: ORLANDO vs Washington

    I really like JV as a person, but I said when they first hired him as HC that we should really have someone with more experience in there. A rookie coach with a bunch of rookie and young players going through a ground-up rebuild... That was an experiment that was doomed to failure.
  12. Official 2014-2015 Strapped-In Season Thread

    This is what I'm hoping to see. I see that duo being the backcourt duo of our future - might as well play it out and see how it looks.
  13. Official 2014-2015 Strapped-In Season Thread

    I'm still waiting for Payton and Oladipo to mesh. If we could get both on the court at the same time and be used to one another...
  14. Official 2014-2015 Strapped-In Season Thread

    This. I want to see Clay Bennett cry. And then be lit on fire.