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  1. Live or Die Magic

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    He's gonna get beat out by Hedo.
  2. Live or Die Magic

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    Based on comments from Memphis folks on Twitter, ramifications for the Wiseman thing are still forthcoming. That surely must be a factor in Hardaway's thinking. It could be a messy separation, if it happens. Penny moves on, but Memphis still gets punished. If Atkinson (and Hammond??) are still in the mix, I'm not sure what the hold up is anymore. Billups was hired by Portland while the Clips are still playing, so I don't know what is stopping a Magic/Atkinson deal, unless Atkinson is just not in the mix from the Magic's perspective. And really, with Weltham playing this so close to the vest, we don't know for sure if all the candidates that they have reportedly requested permission to interview - Willie Green, Charles Lee, Wes Unseld Jr. - have actually had their interviews yet. The Magic FO is definitely being deliberate and careful with this...but yeah, Memphis would appreciate knowing if their head coach is leaving/staying sooner than later.
  3. Live or Die Magic

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    If you only go by Twitter over the last day or so, the Penny-to-Orlando thing is a done deal. I don't know if I have reservations because he doesn't have a ton of experience yet or if it is the whole Magic nepotism thing that bothers me. I think my feelings may be related to specific issues we know as Magic fans. Kind of like if we brought in a free agent on crutches. Or if we acquired another center in the draft. It is something that Magic fans would get iffy about, because of our past negative experiences. If Penny is good at coaching guards, then he may be a great option for us. Between the guards we currently have on our roster and the ones we might draft, we need someone to get the most out of them. Most importantly, we need someone to inspire all of these young players while also instilling discipline and that nebulous "winning environment." Penny can probably do the inspiring part, but is he also capable of tactically winning games once this talent we have begins to flourish?
  4. Live or Die Magic

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    I mean, I wouldn't say it's permanent just yet. We never went away exactly, just moved the discussion to a different format. And still been feeling the pain of Magic fandom during the interim. Still, it is nice to see familiar faces.
  5. Live or Die Magic

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    I'm also tired. I'm tired of hearing Marc Acres complain to me about the sorry state of this team. Then I am forced to say things like, "you can't polish a turd, Marc." "Get back on the boards," I said. "Use that outlet to vent your anger," I said. I never thought he'd actually do it. I can't let him go back in all alone, so dammit, I have to go in with him.
  6. Live or Die Magic

    Magic sign Channing Frye

    All four years are guaranteed. No team or player options.
  7. Live or Die Magic

    Magic sign Channing Frye

    If you checked your FB at all you'd know that I already told you all four years are guaranteed. I told you this during the Magic's SL game! Jerk. Also, with Nelson and AA gone, Frye immediately becomes the best shooter on the team.
  8. Live or Die Magic

    Who's going to be our starting PG ??? (zach lowe)

    Not positive, but I think his head coach is a former point guard. So, I think he'll have plenty of guidance. I say play him 35 a game.
  9. Live or Die Magic

    The Official Soccer Thread

    16 saves for Howard. Unreal.
  10. Live or Die Magic

    2014 Draft Thread

    Do NOT make me pull this car over!
  11. Live or Die Magic

    Jameer Nelson Farewell and Appreciation Thread

    The thing that made Jameer Nelson great is the thing that made Nick Anderson great: they both WANTED to be Orlando Magic players. They both felt honored to be here and be a part of this team and this community. I feel heartbroken right now and I will miss Nelson greatly but I want to thank him SO MUCH for his leadership and his commitment to this team. Jameer, you are one of the few to wear Magic pinstripes that truly deserved our adoration and love. I wish you well and I can honestly say that I you are one of the few now-former Magic players that I hope wins a ring elsewhere. Please come back to us once your playing career is over.
  12. Live or Die Magic

    NBA Draft Grades - Negative (Pelton and Others)

    He has influence in the way a stop light does. When it's round, red, and in your face, you pretty much have to listen to it.
  13. Live or Die Magic

    NBA Draft Grades - Negative (Pelton and Others)

    Bianchi used to routinely mine our boards for story ideas. So, consider that when you use him as a source, you may be using yourself. Whoa, I think I just Bucher'd myself!
  14. Live or Die Magic

    2014 Draft Thread

    This is easily the best, most successful example of this. I can't see it ever happening again like that. Too many variables had to align perfectly.
  15. Live or Die Magic

    Summer League Thread

    I talked to a long-tenured Magic employee yesterday and he said Oladipo is likely to only play one Summer League game. If so, I hope that he, Gordon and Payton log major minutes together.