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  1. davcivic

    Would you welcome Dwight Howard back?

  2. davcivic

    How did you become a Magic fan?

    Penny Hardaway....I was born in the dominican republic, long story, raised betwen Florida and Puerto Rico....Growing up I played and watched a lot of baseball..Then I saw this man playing basketball. Michael Jordan. I became a diehard basketball fan with Michael back in 90-91. Then I saw Penny, I loved his game, he made me love the Magic. His Nike's where my first ever player shoe purchase. I had to pay for them, my parents where like, we are not going to pay $120 for shoes..ha. Good times. After Shaq left, and Penny was gone too I stayed as a Magic fan, then I moved to Central Florida and stayed a fan....But Liking MJ's game and then seeing how good Penny was made me a Magic Fan for life
  3. davcivic

    BBD emerging as a potential All Star?

    Alright....back on topic..BBD All-Star, not likely MIP if he gets a bigger role with this team, which it looks like he might get, maybe. Maybe he will be considered if he improves that much. But he will be one of our team's all-stars. Its all we have so far
  4. Wouldn't we all really?
  5. davcivic

    ESPN Summer Predictions for the East

    I would be happy with 25. Anything over that is gravy. I would like to see all the young kids get tons of playing time and experience. A real test of their skills and hope they can get better. Anything over that will be a surprise. It be nice if Jameer can get back to All-Star level and kick butt
  6. Turk might retire as a Magic.....he's the closest we have right now, well with Jameer, as a longtime franchise player. Not that I enjoy his game lately, at all. But he did do a lot for us a few years back. oooor, we can use his money to get better soon.
  7. I don't think you understand how some of us feel. I agree with you that, while booing is ok with me, the extreme throwing stuff to the court is too much. I also agree that free agents have the right to go where ever they want....BUT the way both Lebron and Dwight chose to leave their teams....thats BS. You don't need a one hour ESPN special to go somewhere. You don't need to be a baby and cry and yell that you won't go to any team unless its this and that. The way they did it is where I have a problem. If you quietly choose to sign somewhere else. Fine. Don't spend years saying this is where you want to be, when you know you don't. Don't play with your fans. Just be honest. Go somewhere else, who cares, but don't make it a spectacle. That's why I hate those types of players. Which sadly most stars of this game are turning into big Divas. I guess since I started watching the NBA in the early to mid 90's and seeing how guys where loyal to their teams pretty much their whole career, win or lose, that's the game I grew up to like and enjoy. This newer(maybe the last 10 years or so) trend of just playing for fame and a ring...I just see it as lack of principles, loyalty, morals....and those players moving around following the title I see as little prostitutes or junkies that would do anything to get what they want..
  8. davcivic

    Ray Ray not to sign with Heat?

    http://espn.go.com/nba/truehoop/miamiheat/story/_/id/8156692/ray-allen-rashard-lewis-sign-miami-heat old story he did sign
  9. Long time magic fans as I am, will remember the days of the 19 win season, the first round exits, our weird and sincerely disappointing fear of the Pistons, etc, etc. After tasting wining, and being so close to the trophy, I can understand why some would feel like next season will be crap... And it possibly will be, and the one after too...But its the cycle of the business I guess. Only a few teams can remain relevant forever. I think we are on the verge of being like that. Since our GM seems to be solid and will bring new and exciting things to Orlando. We can either wait, hold on tight and enjoy the ride.....or be big cry babies and follow Dwight to where ever he might go next. I for one have never been a fan of a player(except Michael Jordan, I stopped following the Bulls after he left for good) I'll always be a fan of my team. Good or Bad, the Magic is my team. Will it be rough? maybe, but not having huge expectations can bring us an exciting season. So be it. Our GM is not done. I expect a few more moves this season. Nothing major, but tweaks, as we prepare for a better future....Plus Durant and his SuperThundernics have given me hope that thru drafting and smart moves the NBA is still a fun game to watch......If only we could get rid of the Miamis and Lakers types it be an excellent league.
  10. It just won't happen. And I rather win a title right, and with some type of dignity than bring back this guy. There are other ways.
  11. No I don't want him back, ever. I don't care. He abandoned the team, he is not welcomed back
  12. davcivic

    the new guy

    Welcome We shall see
  13. Sorry some of us are actually Indonesian...It is not all the same.
  14. Cheer? Are you insane? He can suffer a career ending injury for all I care. I mean he has enough money to live already. Is that mean? maybe Maybe I don't really wish him that....but cheering him? not even if they pay me.
  15. davcivic

    Glen Davis has truly been something special.

    Its kinda sad to say that he is the best player on our team...What has become of us? Anyhow. He is a solid player. Hustle, heart, and will give you all on the court. It appears that the over the top doucheyness that prevailed in Boston stayed in Boston. I'm glad of that. I do appreciate what we have in him. The nickname comes from college, it's here to stay. Unfortunately. So might as well just embrace it.