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  1. Name Your Favorite Draft Prospect

    Haters gonna hate
  2. Name Your Favorite Draft Prospect

    Fab Melo His name is fabolous
  3. 2012 Offseason

    They're NOT offering Aldridge
  4. 2012 Draft Discussion Thread?

    Fran sucks I watched some Barcelona games in the playoffs against Valencia and Real Madrid and Fran is soft as ****
  5. 2012 Draft Discussion Thread?

    That's why we have Tinychat. If Beast isn't here to host a chatroom I'll do it
  6. 2012 Offseason

    Those tweets are really informative...
  7. 2012 Offseason

    Haven't you seen LeBron's NBA TV commercial? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjZ3Hx7KI2c
  8. 2012 Draft Discussion Thread?

    Well said
  9. Scott Brooks next Magic Head Coach?

    I'd like Brian Shaw because of his human aspect, but Scott Brooks is also a very positive coach, very different from SVG's negativity that Dwight complained about, and he could also help us land some of the OKC studs like Harden
  10. 2012 Draft Discussion Thread?

    Well, I like Taj Gibson and I like Boozer's post game but he's old and way overpaid. Noah shouldn't be anything more than a role player My hatred for these Bulls is because of the amount of bandwagon Derrick Rose fans (even here in Portugal) so I hope they get older and older and never win a championship, I don't want us to help them land Dwight :panicworker: I'd rather get someone like Ibaka and Harden or Marc Gasol (plus picks in both scenarios) and obviously make Hedo disappear
  11. 2012 Draft Discussion Thread?

    If we trade Dwight to the Bulls I might just kill myself waits for jokes
  12. 2012 NBA Finals

    Like that would've made things different. Dwight had a **** supporting cast and Miami just owns the Bulls
  13. 2012 Offseason

    I'm happy for LeBron
  14. 2012 NBA Finals

    Congrats to the Heat
  15. 2012 NBA Finals

    7 threes for Miller now :) Congrats to Erik Spo too, no one seems to know he even exists