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  1. Babir_9

    2020 Official Off-Season Thread

    Best case scenario he opts in and we trade him during the season. His expiring contract would be valuable. Or he just opts out and leaves.
  2. Anyway guys....thanks for helping me through another torture ) hopefully somehow we get better one day...
  3. This one is on Clifford!!! Why on earth to change the lineup which was doing great and cut it to 3!!!!
  4. We are so unlucky...daaaaamned! Nothing comes our way...draft, free agents, refs, GMs, can’t make open layups and 3s, dumb coaches etc
  5. Clifford is an IDIOT!!!!! Got Ross out and put again Fultz alongside DJ!!! And all the momentum lost!
  6. If Ross catches fire we have chances
  7. Vuc from the regular season emerged
  8. Why Ross only plays 10 minutes in a half? Fournier can’t make a shot and anything else, plays 16. Augustin 13...
  9. There is no player on this team I would like to keep... every player has obvious flows and most of them not suited for the modern NBA
  10. Too many turnovers and missed 3s.
  11. Ross made one 3 out of eight
  12. Babir_9

    2020 Official Off-Season Thread

    Please no more Evan...whatever it takes. I am a crazy guy who supports Magic since Shaq’s first season. I can’t convince myself to stop my love with this team. I will be watching and supporting no matter what ://// but damned I can’t stand Fournier I can’t !!!