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    6 games of horrific, pour-acid-in-your-eyes level offense to start the season
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    The Magic are going to start destroying teams when someone finds the evil Tiki that Bobby Brady hid in the locker room. Unreal! I'm not sure a team could shoot this bad if the mob kidnapped their families and told them to lose on purpose. My theory is they all spent too much time in the weight room this summer. All those muscles messing up their shot!
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    Bamba over SGA or even Wendell Carter was such a misfire by the FO
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    its not just one loss though, its the whole start to the season in general, its the way the roster is put together, its the contracts given. I for one are at my absolute wits end with this organisation.
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    Thank Goodness we've got you to talk us off the ledge! If we weren't here airing our frustrations your Game thread would have 2 pages.
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    Am I serious that he was called for a tech yesterday? Yes. Yes I watched the game. No I do not work for the Magic.
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    The refs aren't gonna fix shooting 4-22 from 3
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    Could be fixed by finding Evan a new home.
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    Why was this downvoted? Its an honest question....Please elaborate? Our upper management track record has been HORRIBLE!
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    That's what I'm talking about Coach! I was calling for this in yesterdays game thread. Most of us knew it should happen however we thought it would take awhile for Coach to adjust. Fultz in the starting lineup makes too much sense 1. Limits the other pgs ability to get in the paint and challenge a helpless Vuch. 2. Gives the bench another threat from deep to help take the pressure of Ross. 3. Takes the ball out of Ross hands as DJ usually initiates the offense giving Ross less of an opportunity to improvise (Chuck up prayers). 4.Puts DJ going head to head with a backup. Maybe this helps him find a groove. His Defense has been beyond Terrible. He can't even use his quickness to stay in front of his man. Last year his defense was suspect this year its just off the charts BAD!
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    It's gonna be a long season if some of you are going to be like this after every loss
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    Just look at our FO's track record of coaches/gm's. How RDV was able to create an insanely successful Pyramid scheme from the ground up but fail so miserably when putting basketball minds in positions of power within the Magic Organization is beyond me. How was Amway ever Successful?