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    Have YOU see him play? That is the main reason we need to play him more.. I am looking forward to see him playing next to Isaac and Gordon. See what we have with the trio defensively. Who knows, our transition offense can improve as well. I just want to see that. 2 years ago we had a very similar guy in our roster and we let him go. Birch is till 25 years old and think his potential is even greater. I am not saying he is a starting star quality Center but it is better to play him at this point than continue use Vuch and Biz. I do agree that Vuch is much better than him Offensively. But, again, I am intrigued and looking forward to see what we have in him playing next to Isaac and Gordon. Is that too much to ask? You keep bringing Mario Situation over and keep comparing players. But we were all in the same situation with Mario and his development and playing time. The reason with Mario was not playing was that, according to some, he needed to mature and slow down his game a little. Well, he did that with playing time. Now, he is likely gone next year. Birch is 25 and is mature enough to get some burn. We are failing him by not playing him. If he doesnt play to our expectetion, as long as he get enought consistent playing time, I will be the firs one her to accept his failure and we can move on. I just need to see it.
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    Birch vs Carter at Power Foward hahahahaha what a time to be alive......
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    I dunno. Before the All-Star break, we had Vuch, Gordon, and Isaac all out. We won a number of those games, and in general looked a heck of a lot better than we did last night. I think the detrimental impact of Vuch's return is being substantially underestimated. He's like a giant sponge sucking the energy out of everyone else on the floor.
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    We are a really bad team but the tank in Memphis is way too strong.
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    Worked by Kosta Koufos, Garrett Temple, and the Ghost of Vince Carter
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    1st or 2nd, Doncic or Ayton would drastically change this time in a hurry!
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    Simmons going for a career high
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    I disagree. Look at Mario. He is a good example. He played several years oversea and took him 3 years to really develop. Birch is no different. He needs to have more time in the court to get the experience and see if he develops to more than a end of rotation type of player. This is the perfect timing. Lets truly see what we have ln him.
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    I'm sure that you don't want to see him develop THIS SEASON if it means losing out on one of the top guys in the draft, right? We need Vuc the matador playing as many minutes as possible so that we can discreetly tank.
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    Vuc is still better. You want change for change's sake. But I don't see the logic in playing a worse player. Birch got a lot of burn the last 6 or so weeks when Vuc was out. If he had some huge breakout games than I'd concede but he didn't even do that. In the games he played I think he showed he's a good high energy bench guy. nothing more.