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  1. I’m not going to lie I’m starting to question our training staff cause injury struggles has been a major thing for yrs now
  2. I said it before I’ll say it again I don’t like bamba
  3. This is what we look like without Cole
  4. I’ve never heard that in my life you can’t talk when someone is taking a FT lmao
  5. Just take mo bamba out the game and good things happen
  6. I’m very upset with Mosley decision to not play okeke in the final minutes, Harris taking Hampton minutes in the second half and MO BAMBA I S ON THE FLOOR OVER CARTEr
  7. They’re taking advantage of bamba anyway possible which was key to their comeback. Bamba reaction is so slow on switches and they’re capitalizing on it
  8. Suggs about to make me cry lmao
  9. Hopefully we keep this up cause harden can put it in another gear at any moment
  10. Rotation a lil different tonight
  11. That’s all you can really ask for, when shots not falling impact the game in other ways
  12. This man Cole is 4/20 sheesh
  13. It was 8 months, but yeah I just don’t want to see Issac return with a big knee brace like last time
  14. It’s funny cause similar words were said in the bubble, and we saw what happened
  15. Orlando just don’t want to do the same mistake they did in the bubble
  16. One thing I will give Suggs is his court vision and passing ability. If we had better shooters he would easily lead rookies in assist. I see the Jason Kidd comp and like Suggs Kidds shot wasn’t really there in the beginning of his career
  17. I haven’t done a lot of research on Chet but I do remember videos of him and Suggs working out together so they got history. But yeah I don’t understand the hype too, a seven footer who’s not even 200 pounds
  18. There’s a reason we haven’t resigned him and I’m glad. Anyways it looks like this upcoming draft will be a big man draft and I know it’s early but I have my eyes on Jalen Duran, and it’s also a plus that carter has proven he can play the 4
  19. Bamba is so trash still to this day
  20. I forgot if it was Donovan or O’Neal but whoever it was swiped for the ball and hit Cole’s arm which caused him to loose the ball in the dunk attempt
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    2021-2022 General Game Thread

    Give em an inch they want a mile